Monday, September 26, 2011

DeSTRESSing Activity: Cameron Highland (>,<)V

After 2 postings in final year, i've found a group of posting mates that we can 'ngam & kamcheng' togather despite our differences. Circumstances had made us housemate for almost 2 weeks at Teluk Intan (during Internal Medicine) and immediately we fall in love with each other..haha. We even throw an Open House at Teluk Intan..

Ok, enough about the gushy-mushy feeling..So, we went to Cameron Highland for a 2 days and a night.I'm willing to sacrifice my Siemens 10 km run for this vacation. yeah..i need some de-Stressing activity. Cameron Highland's weather reminds me a LOT like BAndung and Jatinangor...oh how i miss dat place..hurmm. The food was superb..We go there and eat A LOT.. I hope i don't gain weight..hehe

A picture of us playing bubbles (thanks to Miss Nina Hoklai's influence) on a suspension bridge..oh ya da guys are addition to the Mag7. They are our Pak Supir+Sappam (driver+ guard in indo language)

Time tunnel museum is like a collectors display of things from before independence up till 90's. I just like the desk....

We also went to usual place at cameron like strawberry farm, bee farm,cactus valley and tea plantation. The strawberry + yougurt + honey just made my day more sweet & happy...nyum..nyum..

Fresh salad.........grrr

Boh tea plantation was superb. The road was tricky to. It was there since 1920's (some knowledge gain from the video at the museum). I just fell in love with the cafe which was built at the edge of the hill..Wish i have a villa there...haha. They fertilize the tea with, u can imagine how bis is the place., now back to reality. After 4 hours journey.Thanks to our Pak Supir for his driving skill & effort. We went back home safely,alhamdulillah without injuries or accident. Will start surgical posting the next day...Hepato-billiary team here I come (>,<)

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