Friday, July 24, 2009

STigma on Doctors..


Finally, i manage to import internet connection from KL..long need to elobrate.Now I'm in Malacca.In two days I'll start the O&G posting which is the toughest posting of 3 year..Hopefully I can cope with that.

Today i would like to write about Stigma on doctors..

When you feel something wrong with you straight away seek help from the doctor? decided to wait untill i resolve by itself...
or... you decided to do self-treatment by taking painkillers or do anything that might relief the problem..

well, majority will prefer to choose those two later options than seeing doctors.. So, far non of my family members are doctors yet. Only me and my 2 cousins are still in medical school.Some of my family members are the typical people who are afraid of doctors. For them, doctors are only for severe cases.If possible, they want to avoid seeing one.

This is one the reason why people delay their treatment. When they decided to see doctor their problem has already worsen or only can be relief but not totally cured..

WHY are they afraid to the DOCTORS?? certain people even develop white-coat syndrome where their blood pressure rise up in the presence of the doctor.

Public/Patients' stigma on doctors:1. They like to prescribe patients pain killers, might as well I just take pain killers and save my money, time and energy of going to the clinic.
2. They might ask me to undergo invasive procedure like taking my blood, thus doctors=dracula..hehe
3. the point above can also mean DOCTOR=PAIN4. Doctors are my chance to get extra holidays-Medical certificate (MC)5. When you see them, you can be diagnosed with some serious/chronic illness
6. Doctors are INCONSIDERATE when they ask you to STOP doing things you like.
7. They are harsh when you dissobey them
8. WHen I meet the doctor, he'll be 'the BOSS' point of voicing up my opinion or decision.
9. I will get sick if I see doctors.
10.If you see means something is WRONG with u

So, can we say it is the Public/Patient's fault to have these stigma??

It all come back to us DOCTORS and FUTURE DOCTORS on how we should behave in treating them appopriately and ethically.

However there are other reasons why people didn't want to seek early help from doctors.It doesn't rest on the stigma on doctors alone.. there are other reasons also like patient's education, social life and economical background.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stigma is prejudism!!


What do you think when you see these pictures??

Down syndrome- they don't choose to be like this and it is not a transmitted disease!!

leprosy- it can be cured(if get early treatment),the picture on the right is after the treatment.

obesity-there are many reasons on why they become like this

mental illness and starvation-a boy that was locked in his house and doesn't get proper treatment.

dwarfism-they don't choose to be small, regardless their size,they are like normal people too

You might think of avoiding them...staring at them because they don't look normal or worse tease them.

DOn't you think it is inappopriate?? Aren't they human being too like us??
These people have stigmatized illness who usually gets stigma from the society.

What is stigma? Stigma is a negative impression or prejudism on a certain group of people who have stigmatized illness(eg: mental illness, skin diseases, HIV,Down syndrome).

They tends to get stigmatized and neglected by the society.

Moreover, they receives less social support. In addition to their own problem, they can get depress because of less support. Not many employeers want to employ them. Since they don't have income, the can't afford the medicine or treatment they need.
Due to their limitation, they need special public facilities or consideration that we tends to neglect.

Some of them may not have support by their own family members. The health care system also do have stigma on them.Sadly, some health care workers too doesn't understand their condition and have stigma on them

What we can do???
First, UNDERSTAND their condition and erase the myth you know about them
Next, ACCEPT them as who they are.Let them live with us without feeling inferior
Then, CHANGE and let others change wih you by educating them to UNDERSTAND & ACCEPT

To learn more about STIGMA and STIGMATIZED are invited to attend this forum under Hari KEsihatan Sedunia 2009.The theme this year is STIGMATIZED illness-To Understand, Accept & Change organized by AMSA UKM in conjunction with PERSIAP,PPK & JAKSA.As one of the high committee members, I'll be glad if many people willing to join us.

Title: ''Penyakit Stigma, Masyarakat boleh berubah''
Prof Fuad Ismail- Jabatan Onkologi, PPUKM
Prof Madya Dr. Ruzanna Zamzam-Jab. Psikiatri, PPUKM
Dr Azmi Mohd Tamil-Jab. Kebajikan Masyarakat, PPUKM
Where?? Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, PPUKM
When?? 18/07/2009(Saturday) from 2.00pm till 5.00pm
Fee?? FREE of charge

Contact person:Siti Juliana 017 370 2023, Noradila Salmi 017 953 9608

Publics can also join the blood donation, medical check-up and mini exhibition.
Where?? PPUKM
When?? 17-18/07/2009(friday and saturday) from 10.00am till 5.00pm

Hopefully our small effort will make the making people aware of the stigmatized illness.Hopefully many people will change and make world better place to live.

Poster of HAri kesihatan Dunia 2009-Peringkat PPUKM


P/s: Stigmatized illness patients can be pretty and live happily like, CHANGE to make the world a better place for them to live.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Engaged not yet MARRIED


Yes i'm ENGAGED but not yet married to MEDICINE with white coat as the prove of our agreement . Gotcha...think i'll engaged to someone for real huh??(",)Hopefully i will wear the 'white gown' and get married to medicine in 3 years time. May god forbid any failures that can cause my engagement to be extended(repeat year) or ended(drop out)

This is my 6th week in surgical posting and i followed 5th year senior's long case assessment(thank u abg shah for inviting me and few other 3 years).MIne will be next week(huhu..takut nye). After everything comes towards the end,their supervisor Mr Azizi( a neurosurgeon) share some of his insight on medical life..He said "students,u all are married to medicine. Your future husband or wife will be your second (madu la kot)"

Marriage itself means COMMITMENT to someone else other than yourself.

From my understanding is, once you accept to enroll into Medical school, you have sign an agreement to become a doctor. Being one is not easy..A LOT to cover..memorise..skills to apply..Having a good communication skills is an advantage. We have to put OTHER PEOPLE 1st than your own need.Helping people is your priority.NOT money, power or social status

The MAIN JOB to medical students is STUDY and mastering taking patient's history. History taking is not somthing that you can take light. I use to think that it only need memorization. The truth is, it also needs some intelligence and thinking. It is like a maze that you have to solve.

First of all you have to identify the patients' main problem,ask relevent questions and then try to find other possibilities that might contribute to the problem.

Afterwards, base on your knowledge to differentiate the 1001 diseases manifestation, you have to choose the hypothesis of what might be the disease.At the end, you have to present your finding in the most concise way which may sounds easy. However,it also needs your ability to concise it the right way.Pratice Makes PERFECT!!.

Regardless the reality of the work, it is NOBLE to choose to be in this profession. Lesser burden to whoever think that the knowledge they gain from the patient is intresting and motivating.You'll think your life is more meaningfull to see patients leave you in better condition.

Wasalam (",)

1. feel bad for patients who have bad prognosis...huhu. May they have strength to face it with courage and determination to live their life better.
2. I saw an amputation operation(below-knee) during my on call on kesian that pakcik to have a leg amputated.