Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Passion for sports :)


It's already a year since I lft Bandung. Overthere,i have a routine of spending my evenings or weekend morning doing aerobic, light jog or swimming. Among of those three, I usually go for aerobic the most since the gym is just 15 minutes walk from where I stayed. I even entered the competition twice and attended the gym instructor's parties a few times for birthdays and her engagement. Through sports, I make friends with the local peoples(ibu-ibu), including students from other faculties.

When I came back to Malaysia, I have to find something to substitute my evening aerobics. The hospital is a very strategic place since the swimming pool and stadium is just in front of it. However, no ladies' day for the pool which keeping me from going...huhu. Another alternative is jogging by Taman tasik Permaisuri which something I can do alone when no one can accompany me.

I am not new in jogging. I did jogging since high school.However, I never consider it as something I enjoy the most(especially when u do it alone) until I enter the competition which I upgrade myself as a long distance runner. It feels good when you are able to finish the race. It is definitely a bonus when you are better than others. The next aim is 12.3km run..

It started about a year ago which i only manage to jog half round of the tasik and then gradually upgrading myself until I was able to finish 3 rounds straight without stopping. Later, I entered a 7km run organized by my fellow friends which open for public . I did training twice for it and manage to get 4th place in 43 minutes duration without injuries and to my suprise no tremendous exhaustion. I puasa sunat the next day and did my normal run on the other day. Therefore, i am eager for another run. I guess, I am now infected with running. :) Thus, i bought the Nike shoes specifically for long distance running at a bargain price.

Actually I was aiming for a futsal shoes for a long time. However, after a few considerations, I choose running shoes. Finally, we girls get one day (Thursday) for us to use the court at our 'kolej kediaman'. Thanks to our Jawatankuasa Kolej (JAKSA).However, I wonder will it last? This is because, not many girls are ehtusiastic enough to come down and play. Sooner or later, the guys will claim back the day..huhu.

Sports unites people no matter who they are and brings us closer :)

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

6 June??


Why the date is significant to me??

Its my date of birth! I am officially 22 years old today. Alhamdulillah..Hmm,,Getting older I should be more wiser right?


Thank you for the wishes and prayers that everyone send me via SMS & FB. I was suprised to received 99 new notification after restraining myself from using it from saturday morning till tonight since I'm busy with my cousin's wedding preparation.

Today is the 5th cousin's wedding that I shared the wedding cake with my the newly weds..haha..Thats the truth of 6th June. You can see a lot of people getting married on date. The school holidays usually fall on that day. YDP Agong's birthday also sometimes choosen to be on that date (this year on 5th of June). Some mother even choose to do cesearian section on this date (its a true story I learned from my friend).

Maybe the number is nice to certain people 06..06..?? this date does not signifies any celebration, yet people like to choose it for a wedding date. maybe because it will ususally fall on school holiday.My birthdate falls on 1988.thereore my birthdate is 06.06.88..nice number eh??

As for me..happy getting older..huhu.It's ok..I will be 'Young at heart' as always :).Hopefully I will 'amanah' in what Allah give me to live this life as servant and to serve others.May success be mine and happy life awaits me in future. AMin..

p/s : my only little brother will 'sunat'(circumcision) tomorrow (on 7/6). Therefor, my bodyguard number will increase to 3 now :) ..people says that boys will shoot up and gets taller after cirumcision.Is there any proof?He is excited to get taller than me..(yeah,I agree i'm quite small) 'kecik-kecik cili padi' (",)