Monday, February 28, 2011

FUTSAL...can't get enough of it :)

Yes.. that's right.. i was introduced to futsal during my 1st year at Bandung. My team was the underdog. the only game we won was when my left front teeth broke into half...haha..worth the damage. Lucky the minor recostructive procedure is covered under my medical insurance :) only tell my 2nd brother about it cause i know he won't freak out and prevent me from playing. Mama only knows about it months later..hehe

then..I stop...because the team don't want to continue anymore...lack of players..etc...

when I came back to UKM..jeng..jeng jeng..I was shock..They actually have games for girls it FUTSAL. I was Thrilled...yeay. However, my batch(year 3) don't have a team. The year 4 seniors do play and have their own team. So, I start my search...gather some friends to form a team. The seniors was very encouraging. They let us play to represent our college and university. however, the team is still new, lacking of people and skills.

Because of us, we girls get a turn to play at the only court available in the hospital (next to rumah McD). Every thursday is our day. Occasionally, we rent the futsal court at Challangerz. they have girls night discount..hehe. We usually play at night.

Our enthusiasm and chemistry started to built up.We learn the skills and tactic by ourselves and some help from the seniors and friends.Techically we don't have a coach. We only started to win...and win BIG during the 4 th game at SUKEM in 2010. We got 2nd place in UKM (if we got first we have the chance to represent UKM in MAKSUM-sukan antara universti). Then we got 3rd place during inter varsity game.

Our team had play against each other during futsal 3 by 3 match for our sport's day. My team get the 1st place. we got the big hamper :)

The last game was the BIGGEST win ever. we got GOLD...yeay!

I hope, we don't have to retire from the games in final year. we do give the opportunities to the juniors. however, there's always something that hold them from joining. Therefore,we will be GLAD to play if they can't play for any tournament this year :)

1. Sukan antara kolej UKM (SUKEM) 2009 at UKM,Bangi
2. AMSA Inter-varsity game-medical students 2009 at UKM, Bangi
3. SMMAMS' Inter-varsity game-medical students UPM 2010 at UPM Serdang.
4. Sukan antara kolej UKM (SUKEM) 2010 at UKM, Bangi
5. AMSA Intervarsity game-medical students 2010, at UKM, Bangi
6. Kolej Tun Dr Ismail (KTDI) Sports day 2011
6. Inter-medical varsity Debate & Sports 2011, at UM, Jln Pantai

Good things keeps on coming...


AsSalam (peace be upon you).

Sorry, for a long holiday from blogging.

Updates about me:
1. end my year 4 with psychiatry department. It was very intresting and colourful. i like my supervisor a lot.

2. I PASS my final exam...alhamdulillah...that means 2 months holiday.

3. My futsal team get to win GOLD...yeayeahh :) more about it in the next post...EXCITED ('',)

4. I'm going to UK and Amsterdam....with my cousins :) Finallly my dream comes true

5. My 2nd bro is getting married in cousin is getting married in July...THREE of my Twinning UKM-UNPAD family members are getting married this year(1 of them already married)

6. I'm officially an aunt last year when my nephew was born in september. Now, more babies keeps on coming from my cousins...yeay!! can't get enough with those cute babies