Sunday, January 2, 2011

Palestine, tomorrow you'll be FREE!


I celebrate new year differently this year. The date 01.01.01 brings a significant meaning for me as I participate in supporting campaign to FREE Palestine by Konsert Amal Palestine.It is our college yearly program to collect donation fro Palestine.Last year we did a run.

We are able to get Algebra, NICE and Nowseeheart performing. My team, CIMOLEN(Cimol+Molen-indonesian snacks) also makes our first performance after we won the TAlentime English speaking ZOne,alhamdulillah.

Here are some sneak peak of the event. credits to Aisyah Zakaria, Nina Hoklai and Hanim Nawawi for some pictures in here.

CIMOLEN: frm left Izmeer(solo), Mudin(solo), Syahrul(percusionnist), Hanim (percusionnist) and me(pianist)

You can view CIMOLEN performances here:

1. Open your eyes, Maher Zain

2. Palestine Tomorrow will be free,Maher zain


NOWSEEHEART performing 3 songs: Damai yang hilang& KuHarap Cinta-lagu kenangan zaman sekolah rendah dulu-dulu..lagu terbaru: kerana doa

sila jangan jelous...hehe


CIMOLEN with a fan...cewah..

InsyaAllah PAlestine will be FREE one day!! Allah never let us down, put our trust in HIM. ALlahhuakhbar(Allah is the GReatest)!!

p/s CIMOLEN next performance will be for college dinner at Putrajaya Convention Centre (PICC).We will try to perform song other than Maher Zain..hehe. Then we might enter inter college Nasyeed song in MArch. Pray for us (",)