Friday, October 2, 2009

EXAMS!!..sharing is caring (",)-rewrite version

salam.. recent post was deleted after i edit sad,have to re-write it back..hurmm..

It feels like it was just yesterday i enter UKMMC Cheras for clinical phase of my medical year. Beig the first batch of a new program(twinning UKM-UNPAD) is challenging as we have to face new syllybuse. Here, we have seniors who 'pampered' us with a lot of help in the ward and vice versa.

I would like to give my appreciation on behalf of my firends for those who help us, the newcomers in getting through our clinical phase.Certainly pre-clinical year and clinical year are two different situation. My two previous postings (surgery and o&G) did leaved me some valueble and wonderful experience.

Thank you for the knowledge shared. I think choosing not to share is selfish. You never know the benefit of sharing which bring a lot of good things to you.However, we should share something only when we are knowledgeble on the topic.Help yourself first before you help others.

Sharing with sincerity leave satisfying effect on the giver, Sharing with force leave hatred in you, Sharing for glory won't last forever
Sharing with good intention means you care....However better sharing something than doing nothing.

I hope everyone who reads this will enjoy and start sharing