Monday, September 26, 2011

DeSTRESSing Activity: Cameron Highland (>,<)V

After 2 postings in final year, i've found a group of posting mates that we can 'ngam & kamcheng' togather despite our differences. Circumstances had made us housemate for almost 2 weeks at Teluk Intan (during Internal Medicine) and immediately we fall in love with each other..haha. We even throw an Open House at Teluk Intan..

Ok, enough about the gushy-mushy feeling..So, we went to Cameron Highland for a 2 days and a night.I'm willing to sacrifice my Siemens 10 km run for this vacation. yeah..i need some de-Stressing activity. Cameron Highland's weather reminds me a LOT like BAndung and Jatinangor...oh how i miss dat place..hurmm. The food was superb..We go there and eat A LOT.. I hope i don't gain weight..hehe

A picture of us playing bubbles (thanks to Miss Nina Hoklai's influence) on a suspension bridge..oh ya da guys are addition to the Mag7. They are our Pak Supir+Sappam (driver+ guard in indo language)

Time tunnel museum is like a collectors display of things from before independence up till 90's. I just like the desk....

We also went to usual place at cameron like strawberry farm, bee farm,cactus valley and tea plantation. The strawberry + yougurt + honey just made my day more sweet & happy...nyum..nyum..

Fresh salad.........grrr

Boh tea plantation was superb. The road was tricky to. It was there since 1920's (some knowledge gain from the video at the museum). I just fell in love with the cafe which was built at the edge of the hill..Wish i have a villa there...haha. They fertilize the tea with, u can imagine how bis is the place., now back to reality. After 4 hours journey.Thanks to our Pak Supir for his driving skill & effort. We went back home safely,alhamdulillah without injuries or accident. Will start surgical posting the next day...Hepato-billiary team here I come (>,<)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Misi Jubah Merah 2012: 2nd posting-Internal Medicine

I've reached the end of my 2nd posting which is Internal Medicine. In 7 weeks we were devided into 3 groups and posted to HUKM, Hosp. Teluk Intan (HTI) and KL General Hospital in rotation of 2 weeks each. Every hospital has its own different approach & experience. So, a quick adaptation to the environment is important.

My experience for IM:

1. Hospital UKM (HUKM/PPUKM)
since this is our prime hospital, we were expected to be ready & be the best. So, most of us are more 'rajin' here. I went to the ward morning, evening and night....with breaks in between. We are entrust with 6- 7 patients per person and expected to know the patients condition & daily management. We are expected to help the housemans doing minor procedures. Follow the rounds and present any new case (thats why we need to come every night to cover the beds).. However, it depends on the Medical officer or specialist. Not all of them expect or wants you to present.......

2. Hospital Teluk Intan (HTI)
Shall i say it as a vacation??? haha...I might after 2 weeks of so call 'hardship' at HUKM. We are send to Perak and stays at a terrace house with given a driver to pick us up. Acceptable accomodation & service given by UKM. HTI patients and medical staff are nice...I mean VERY nice. It is obvious especially the nurses if i compare it with PPUKM nurses. They are VERY nice. Now, I've said it twice. Better not to 'mengumpat' here, coz my life will be miserable in HUKM if i wrote it down. The patients respect you and very humble. However, i do notice some language difference. They are not city people. Therefore, the words we choose must not be too formal. Not all, but most of them...

3. General Hospital (HKL)
We were send here to do Dermatology for a week and general medicine for a week. HKL is a very busy hospital. And yes, the nurses are NICE too even they have twice more patients than HUKM....(ok tak nak mengumpat disini pasal nurse HUKM).The general ward gave me a lot of experience with HIV and intravenous drugs users (IVDU) patients. In HUKM i rarely seen them. In HKL they are admitted almost everyday.There are also a lot of TB patients.

Dermatology was also intresting...Get to see various type of psoriasis, Herpes Opthalmicus and Lepramatous Leprae. Others are contact dermatitis and venous stasis..

Thats all for Internal Med....Next stop is SURGERY...The list is out. I'll be in Hepatobilliary team..wish me all da best (>,<)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Best birthday gift ever!!!

For my 23rd birthday, my 1st brother bought me ticket for YUNA's concert at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP). I was soooo thrilled about it. We LOVE music and we spend our teenage life playing trios together during our free time (saxaphone,violin & piano).It turn out to be our siblings night out since both of my brothers decided to come along. SO, their job description that night was driver,photographer,chaperone & bodyguard...hehe

My brothers: Anas, Azhar(excluding Adam cause he got UPSR the next day) and me...

Why I like Yuna?? Simply because of I fall in love with her songs:
1. I can relate with the songs cause some of it related to events in my life.
2. Her music got soul in it..
3. Definitely ORIGINAL!!
4. It is different than other Malaysian artist.
5. The music just suits me..a mixture of everything I like..Just nice.The EP in US is much more better.She has improve a lot.

SO....about the concert. It was brilliant & awesome!! I sat about 10 meters from her.The whole 90 minutes gives me goosebumps.The band was wonderful too. Her music was presented 10 times nicer than the CD. And of course, i'll be biased and say her voice was PERFECT!!

I found out that the concert ticket was sold out and they make another concert the next day. But that additional concert ticket was sold out too...incredible response from her fans!

with some of Yuna's band members Effry(bass), Shafiq (2nd guitar) & Adam (keyboard)...they deserved some compliment too!!

my dream comes true....yeay!!

A 'syok sendiri' poem using some of Yuna song titles:

SHe's just a'GADIS SEMASA'
with 'GREEK GODDESS' aura
who says 'Raya oh Yeah'

She 'DECORATE' her lyrics with musics
they are 'RANDOM AWESOME'!!
'ROCKET' to fame,there she goes..
ain't she just a SUPER SOMETHING?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Raya & my holiday project in the kitchen (>,<)

Happy Eid to muslim bloggers!!

FInally,After 4weeks of hectic life as medical student at Medical department, i get to be a mad scientist in the lab...(meaning the chef in the kitchen) was fun to try out the recipes and experiment on your own cook food.

This year i learned how to make 'ketupat daun palas'. I was suprised that they sell daun palas at Malacca. My mum told me the leave is also used by Malacca people to make desert (kueh)..We made it,Since this food rarely found in Malacca (origin from Kelantan-terengganu).

It takes me quite some time to master this triangle shape casing.

Another food i miss but hard to get in KL is Kerabu Mangga !! The kerabu mangga i found in KL does not have fish in it.Time to make one at home..yippeee

This year is the 3rd eid celebration at my new house in Malacca. This year decided to host a small feast (open house) for our neighbours and extended family around KL, Malacca & Muar. We also celebrate my 1st nephew 1 year old birthday. It was fun. Since our lawn is quite spacious the childrens love to play football and fireworks there.

Birthday boy with his cousin in his Bumblebee (A gift from Mama Tok)

Other projects are some biscuits and my very own bread pudding. Love the oven so much. I wish i can have one at college..with a set of my own kitchen..

Last but not least, I still get 'duit raya'..haha..Even 2 of my cousin (same age as me) who just started working,also gave me their very own duit raya..Oh, i just love being a student. This will be the last year.The privilage will expired & i have to started giving next year (>,<) Insyallah..Misi Jubah Merah 2012!!