Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sound of music.......


Today i would like to share my experience visiting Saung Angklung Udjo(SAU). It is one of tourist attraction in Bandung. I just discover this place last year.Alhamdullilah I finally went there on last Thursday.

The visitors are mostly Caucasian.When i visited SAU, there was about 3 buses of Caucasian that are mostly Dutch. I'm quite suprised with the number of 'Mat Salleh'(Indonesian called them 'Bule') cause i only see them rarely in Bandung or Jatinangor.I guess Caucasian prefer Arts,culture and music compare to us Malaysian who spend their money more on 'appreciating shopping'.

The place was aspired by Pak Udjo and is continue by his son now. For more info you can log on into their official website .The ticket is 50,000 for locals or students(make sure you bring your student cards) and 80,000 for foreigner.

What is angklung? It is a musical instrument that is made from bamboo. The sound is soothing and refreshing. I once watch an Angklung orchestra at Institut Teknologi Bandung(ITB) during 'International Day'.I immediately fall in love with it.

This trip was memorable for us siblings as regardless our differences, we share a common passion on music with our parents too.I can say its a 'Family thing' We like orchestra, life music,traditional performances and also theater.I've been longing to watch this cultural show for a quite some time.

My brothers with Pak Herman, A sundanese family friend that work as Music Officer at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia(that's how my brothers know him)

The cream of the visit is actually the LIVE PERFORMANCES.All performances done by their students age as little as 2years old till late teens. Up till now, there are about 500 students of SAU.At morning they go to school, after school they come with their parents to SAU to learn and perform.

Cirumcision Parade with Kuda kepang dance...

The performance is done daily from 1530-1730.The show is divided into 2 parts with 15 minutes break in between. The performance was started with Kuda Kepang dance.Then there's a cirumcision parade and celebration and proceeded with 'Tarian bertopeng'.
There's also wayang golek and musical instruments performances(Rumba and Angklung).
Musical instrument performance.....

We also gets the opportunity to experience the excitement and togetherness in playing simple songs.Yes,that's right... we get to play Angklung.It was a wonderful experience for us definitely!! hands on angklung(",) Get a little help from Sylvi 11 years old girl next to me.Already learns angklung for 2 years.Notice the Angklung necklace??That's is actually our ticket(nice idea!!)

with Lily, a 2years old girl.She dance during Kuda kepang dance and Circumcision parade.Sooo..CUTE!!

Something interesting at SAU,...SAVE the EARTH..Go..go..GREEN!!

Toilet eh?? Very clean and nice art and design...

I hope this place will continue to grow to maintain the Sundanese Culture in the future.It is great to see the young generation knows their culture and roots. Moreover, they spend their time on something educative while keeping the culture alive.It is better than spending more time on watching television, computer games or Play Station


Friday, April 24, 2009

Bye..bye Mr P


Today I have to say good bye for a while for Mr P. We've been together for almost 2years now(",)

I bought the portable Yamaha piano at Braga Music, Bandung in July 2007.It was quite cheap compare to Malaysian price.It cause me some 4 million rupiah including transportation to Jatinangor(45minutes from Bandung city). Well, even though Mr P isn't cheap, i think he worth every rupiah on him.

Mr P and me have a lots of moments together..We did a few performances together.He ease my mind sometimes especially during exams when my brain is 'jammed'.He listen to my voice while i sing without complain..hehe..he practically obey my fingers on him..Any men can't match him(",)

I and my brothers are passionate on music.At home we play duet and trio numerous of time and we did some performances too..However non of us make it as our major studies.(extra info; Both of my brothers are engineers in communication, working with ASTRO).I miss the moment and since i'm coming home we can meet up and turn the house into a studio..sorry neighbours(",)

For Mr P transportation, i asked my brothers help.Since electronic gadgets are fragile,I'm worried with Mr P safety if i send it by shipping.At the same time, the come here for holiday and mission to find Factory outlet Levi's jeans. They manage to find it but unfortunately their sizes are not available.So, they bought Burberry, Hugo and Pierre Cardin instead... Each cost less than 200,000rp(Rm 80)

Believe it or not..this is my 4th time to Kawah Putih at Ciwide, Bandung

Finally..i get to experience something new...GEOLOGY MUSEUM

Frankly,its quite boring.However, i finally know that 16,000 years ago Bandung is filled with water. See the dotted line area that is filled in water.

Dissapointed!! They are not real T-Rex when i knock the bone i can feel it is actually made from plastic

The CREAM of the whole day Trip...SAUNG ANGKLUNG.It was a WONDERFULL experience.Worth every rupiah we spend on the ticket( 50,000rp for locals, 80,000 for foreigners) I will post a special entry for it tomorrow.

End the day with Java Bean Coffee near our Latte' on left, coffee Mocha on right..nyum..nyum

Alhamdulillah the piano is only 15kg.I called my first brother, and he told me that they manage to transport it without extra charge.I hope Mr P will be transported safetly....AMIN

SEE YOU AGAIN Mr P at Malaysia...i will miss you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

ESQ,a journey to find a meaningful life....


As you can see from my blog address, i think that life should be wonderful. However, i always pray for guidance to have it meaningful. For example, my life as a student at UNPAD becoming more meaningful when i join the extracurricular activities by PKPMI,KUBI,BEM AS-Sifa'and other student organization in UNPAD..especially medical faculty.

It's challenging but a good learning process when enthrust me into several leadership position in the student's organization. Don't i ever feel tired to balance it with studies? Frankly yes, however i will rather choose to have a more meanigful life rather staying put doing nothing except study. I hope it continues when i continue at UKM.

Regardless what I've done till now...Do i ever achieve any truly meaningful life??
I just discover it after i join a motivational program by ESQ( Emotional, Spiritual Quotient).To discover it i choose to join ESQ instead of Sports' Day by PKPMI(which i really want to participate).I'm glad i choose ESQ!!It was founded by Ary Ginanjar Agustian.For more info you can visit the website here

My fellow bloggers who joined...we are the only Malaysians

The ESQ way
use what have been thought by our prophet Muhammad pbuh 1400 years ago which are 165(1 ihsan, 6 pillars of iman, 5 pillars of Islam). Since from primary school we are exposed to intelligent quotient method of learning.Thus our emotional and spiritual quotient are based on the initiative of our parents to guide us, the environment we live in and the will of ourselves to learn it more.

ESQ thought as that Al-Quran is not only for Muslim but Al-Quran and Islam are for humans.So, other religion can also apply this concepts by adjusting them according to their own religion.In fact, there was a Buddhist among the participant. So far, 10% of the alumni is non-Muslim.

The theme song is Demi matahari by Snada(u can find it at u-tube) is based on Ash-Syams,chapter91..verses 1-6..

By the sun and his brightness, (1) And the moon when she followeth him, (2) And the day when it revealeth him, (3) And the night when it enshroudeth him, (4) And the heaven and Him Who built it, (5) And the earth and Him Who spread it, (6) And a soul and Him Who perfected it (7) And inspired it (with conscience of) what is wrong for it and (what is) right for it.

The learning process is very interesting which i haven't found in any program yet. Before we start, we have a few rules to obey.Both of your brains are working because they use audio visual method.Songs are played while the modules are given. We dance or exercise during break in between modules.It makes the learning process FUN and EASY to absorb.The way to learn is 'BERSENANG-SENANG'(relax and fun).

ESQ teach us to integrate our IQ,EQ and SQ by making ALLAH(GOD..the creator)as the center of everything.During ESQ, they taught us more on EQ and SQ by using verses from al-Quran.They lead us to learn 99 names of Allah(asma al- husna) and let us apply it to ourselves.

There is an intresting fact that we learned about Kaizen.It is a concept which helps Japan becoming better, beating the West with Bullet train(fastest in the world) and car industry by turning something bad into a better thing. Actually, we way is in Al-Quran if we understand the true meaning of Al-fatihah..subahannallah.If you want to know more you have to join ESQ.

How to join them?? If you live in Jatinangor,there will be a training near Al-Islam Hospital on early May. I already took information on ESQ at Malaysia and insyaallah,I will join their program there.As Alumni, you can their training and programs for free.

ESQ are well recognize in the world especially at their neighboring countries like Malaysia.

So friends, i would like to suggest you all to join it. Alhamdulillah in my last month at Indonesia, I am able to participate in ESQ at its country of origin.

I hope the effort of ESQ... change Indonesia into a better country with out coruption( Golden country)will be achieved. humans realize the meaningful of life goes on.
3....can make MALAYSIA achived vision 2020..Malaysia Boleh!!


P/s: About my previous entry, there's almost similar true story about it we learned during ESQ about an ESQ alumni. When the loved one died, people expect here to be hysteric. However, she didn't but she says to the lifeless body..Daddy, i know that this will happen someday. We are his humble servant and one day i will meet him too,thus i will always pray for you and prepare myself before i meet HIM...

So friends, the moral of the the story is always believe in Qada' and Qadar Allah(fate by Allah)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Life is as brief as candle


Well finally I've finished packing up my belongings for shipping to Malaysia. The result is almost 1m cubic of spaces used....about 25 A4 boxes..

Quite a lot eh??85% of it are my collections of books..

However today i was informed a SHOCKING & SAD news. One of my first year junior's mother just passed away. A few weeks ago she was hospitalized for stroke and he went back home(Malaysia). They will sit for the final year exam on April 20th(just in a few days ).

Questions suddenly fills in my head... What if something like that happen to me? It is just before a final exam that will decide weather you PASS or FAIL(have to repeat the year).Am i STRONG enough to cope and deal with it??

Then i remember this verses from al-Quran, taken from sura Al-Baqara:

Allah tasketh not a soul beyond its scope. For it (is only) that which it hath earned, and against it (only) that which it hath deserved. Our Lord! Condemn us not if we forget, or miss the mark! Our Lord! Lay not on us such a burden as thou didst lay on those before us! Our Lord! Impose not on us that which we have not the strength to bear! Pardon us, absolve us and have mercy on us, Thou, our Protector, and give us victory over the disbelieving folk. (286)
Things happen and ALLAH knows that we can cope with it!!

O ye who believe! Seek help in steadfastness and prayer. Lo! Allah is with the steadfastn>. (153)

And surely We shall try you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth and lives and crops; but give glad tidings to the steadfast, (155)

So, any unfortunate events or bad things happen just remember this zikr......
'Tiada Kekuatan dan Daya Melainkan dari Allah yang Maha Tinggi lagi Maha Mulia'

why?? because if BAD things happen...always rely on HIM,our creator!!
Then you'll appreciate more things you take for granted.Ada Hikmah disebalik musibah yang melanda..

Simple examples are:
if you sick, you'll taking care of your health more..
if you broke or have no money, you'll plan on saving next time
if you lose someone dear or close to'll appreciate the moment you had with them and lead BETTER life



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm touched...


Becoming one of the member of the first batch of twinning program was historical to me. This program is the first one conducted by Malaysian government university with oversea university on medicine.

As the pioneer, the pressure on us is high. Without seniors to rely on, we march into the battlefield with support from family, friends and among ourselves.That is why we are so close together like family and kompak(always in togather) in everything that we do.

Our Choral speaking performance on Febuary for lecturers (UKM and UNPAD)...about our live in Jatinangor, specially dedicated to our UNPAD dosen).

However the most important supporter is our own lecturers.If we are siblings among ourselves..they are the parents of our family.The first month of our arrival, we were celebrated by our lecturers. We are excited to see them sing karaoke for us. Since that event, it somehow make us closer.Lecturers that have been always with us since the first year are Dr Tri(now Pembantu Dekan2), Dr Betty( Our first coordinator) and Dr Setiawan(Our latest coordinator).There are also Dr Sri, both of Dr Ike (pshiatric and pharmacology), Dr Ghozali, Dr Najua and others that i may forgot to mention.

So, last Sunday, Dr Tri along with other lecturers celebrate our farewell at his house at Moh Toba. He told us that they receive us with a feast and now, they want to let us go also with a feast. I always like Dr Tri for his wise words. He mentioned that we are the child of UNPAD and they will let go us to become a foreigner (merantau) at UKM, Malaysia.As foreigners we will struggle more and try harder to succeed. He hope we will meet again as colleague. I'm touched..

However, our UNPAD lecturer will visit us every semester to see how we 'bloom',like what have been done by our UKM lecturer in visiting us every semester. I guess our performance will always be observed till we graduated..hehe

they gave speech..later, they sang for us...DOSEN IDOL...who do you think gets the best vote??hmmm

The local food was great and our ear also are fed with the live 'keroncong' music by a team of musician. As our appreciation, we sang Kau Ilhamku(song by Mumbai) which was the song we sang for them during the first feast..Luckly i memorised it well to accompany my friends sing with playing the keyboard.

the MAIN DISH...

side dish..bakso..nyum..nyum

side dish.....Sate..sedappppppp

SUnBURNED me, with Dr Najua and friends...after netball game earlier that morning.Yup, we have to rush to this farewell party and didn't attend the prize giving ceremony.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Netball tournament.....


SUNBURN..SUn..BUrn..The heat from yesterday game is still burning my face. Lucky i'm just the reserve player.Never would i have imagine to join a netball team? Even futsal, which i joined during first year. Frankly, back at school i never do any sports..haha..dats rite(",)

I think we the twinning programe batch 2006 are quite fanatic with their batch member's Futsal..badminton..and netball of course. Shows how kompak we are. Besides, we will be separated into 4 different groups back in UKM.

Back, to netball...we send two teams(Netballerz and Gondii) like we did during 1st year. We didn't join during 2nd year because of final exams. So, this year is the last and payback time....

Netballerz hot to go H-O-T-T-O-G-O!!

Gondi..Gondi..Gondi..Meow!! NETBALL, Gondii got 2nd place and we(Netballerz) got 3rd place..The futsal team (Maulana) got 1st place,finally after 3 years trying hard..

Mulana Hot To Go..H-O-T-T-O-G-O!!

i think the organizer should be more careful..the game is in 2009 not 2008 like in the medal..hmmm

So, I'm PROUD & HAPPY that we all finally leave something memorable before we leave UNPAD and other Malaysian STudents here..I'm sure you all will miss us..ehem..hehe(",)

Apa yang penting??? KERJASAMA! (imported from Wonder pet)


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

The picture above taken during last raya..Abg Memen busy teaching Adik to ride bicycle.


Today is my beloved Mama's birthday. Alhmadulillah, i think finally she found more peaceful life after our family decided to move to Malacca from Kuala Lumpur.

The previous school was an all-boys-famous-secondary government school in Kuala Lumpur. It was busy,hectic and full with high expectation. Being the 2nd person in charge with the school she have to deal with both teachers and students...and also parents. The Principal always outstation to meet the course and activities by government for the school principal, leaving my mum in charge. My mom have to adapt to this condition after 21 years happily teaching at an all-girl-school that gave less pressure.

Glad for my mum, she's sound more happy and less irritated. Funny, she event complaint to me she don't know what to do at the school(too relax after the hectic life at KL) because all the teachers are very cooperative and do their job well.The students are well behave and didn't cause much problems.The school was my dad secondary school.Moreover, Malacca is a nice small city compare to the busy KL...Well, i live most of my life in KL.Can't wait to get back to the new home(",)


May you found more happy, less stress and peaceful life.I miss you!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Conquer Cikuda Pool


What do you think about pool party???
Hmmm..the first picture will come out from our mind is bikinis..tropical objects(pineapple,palm tree)...sunburn..

I experienced that except the bikini part okay...Although those with XY chromosome (men)are strictly prohibited, i still feel safer to cover the whole area.

Well..Islam is simple as long as we don't breach ALlah rules. So,last Sunday,girls from my batch(2006) organized POOL PARTY. Strictly for girls only!! . We had a lot of FUN and EXCITEMENT...and also SUNBURN..huhu

You can view a wise opinion about pool part from here

Finally..i get to experience Cikuda pool..usually i go to Al-Masoem pool which quite plain and boring.Here, the pool is surrounded by beautiful scenery from the paddy field

Since this party is for girls only we are free to games..sing the karaoke without embarrassing ourselves in front of the guys.The objective is to make us girls in batch 2006 closer and also as a farewell for us Twinning programe since we are leaving on May 6-7th to Malaysia.

Sadly the girls from dentistry cannot join us since they are having their final exam.I'm not sure about the absent of the pharmacy girls. Anyway, the food was great and A LOT...good job to 'AJK makanan' are some of the food


finger food and fruits


finally..MAIN COURSE

I and Salmi have a special job that day as aerobic instructor..finally my 1st experience. It was quite ok..most of us(who goes to aerobic class) can follow it, while others are enthusiasm first timers..hehe(",)

The games are fun and the prizes are cool(we twinning in charge in prizes and goody bags). What i like the most is the goody back, design by the Dydo the JUNGLE JANE(an award/title given to those who gave the highest participation on that day)...

I always like her drawing which she like to put in her notes for tutorial mates, i call the figure as Memory Lane figure.


Black henna...(in transition of accepting it..feels weird.hmmmmm)

In conclusion,my stomach in FULL load(i didn't take dinner afterwards), i have black henna on my right hand from the henna booth, i got 2 prizes for two games i won and i got SUNBURN!


Islamic Hijri Calendar

Saturday, April 4, 2009



I just want to recall back what I've done after finish my final exam during this pass two weeks.Does it compatible with my post exam plans?

Well alhmdulillah i manage to fulfill most of it.

My first project: the art of embroidery...changing this.....

into this....

On Food,instead of making I've decided to be the eater not the maker.hehe...
I experienced Japanese and Korean delicacy around Bandung. On last Monday, i follow a group of my class mate to Paris Van Java(PVJ) for sushi at Sushi Hana.Compare to Hanamasa,Hanamasa is better in term of food choices and price.

crabmeat salad..nyum..nyum

Sadly i can't go to Jakarta and Malang for a few reasons. However, i get to go Taman Bunga Nusantara(TBN) and Kota Bunga at Bogor.

Yesterday i went to a Waterfall and stream recreational area at Citengah with 17 other girls (classmates). We charted 2 Angkot(Angkutan Kota) which cause us 20,000rp each to get there.
Naik Angkot from our house...

The nearly an hour journey is quite adventurous as we go through curve and zigzag roads.

However, the nausea all fade away as we get to experience the true nature of waterfall stream spa..

I had a WONDERFUL time there to ease my mind, experience and appreciate the beautiful creation of Allah

The latest book i bought is 'Laskar Pelangi'. The author Andrea Hirata is an AMAZING guy to wrote such a beautiful novel. This is my first time to explore this kind of novel.I like the way he describe and develop each paragraph.

He used the common knowledge and integrate it with the novel.For example, he used scientific names to acknowledge the plants and trees. He also makes analogy of what he trying to convey by using common known history and civilization.

Lucky i live in Indonesia for nearly three years because i can appreciate it more since i understand Indonesian language.I'm planning to buy the other three books to complete my cllection of the tetralogy of Andrea Hirata books.

However,I'm sure we Malaysian can understand it also because there's isn't much different between Malaysian and Indonesian language.

picture taken from