Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Travel to UK & Holland during Spring!!

Alhamdulillah, I was able to fulfill my dream to travel to UK. Decision was made 4 months earlier. I manage to get a cheap ticket to Manchester (RM3200 return). Off i go to Manchester, travelling from KLIA alone and get 12 hours transit at Doha (that's why the ticket is cheap...haha). Lucky the return flight only cause me 1 hour transit. Anyway, alhamdulillah, nothing bad happen while i'm travelling alone for the first time in >2hours flight journey.Total flight journey was 14 duration of trip=15days...

Special credit to my cousins Nabila Yusoff, Azmir Hisham Ahmad and Zaid Hakim Iskandar & his fiancee' Jannah Radzif. Thank you for the good care and babysitting me while i'm there. Sorry for any inconvenience (",)

University of manchester

The Old Trafford stadium

Piccadily Train Station

at York (about 1 hour from manchester) day trip

Alton's Tower Theme Park at Staffordshire (2 hours from manchester train+bus) day trip. COooooooL rides :)

3DAYS TRIP TO EDINBURGH (colder than manchester,brilliant architecture,love the buildings,very-Harry Potter-like)

backpacking to edinburgh

The view from Edinburgh castle..

sterling castle..

Firth Forth Bridge,end of our countryside trip at edinburgh ..

3NIGHTS 2 DAYS TRIP TO HOLLAND (Brezzy & cold!!,beautiful,cute buildings,canals-a little bit like venice,full with old bicycles,I LOVE TULIPS!)

Holland city

one of the buildings at Amsterdam city

Keukenhoff Lisse,the Tulip garden..Holland


Clogs revolution...

Subahannallh, i can see a lot of amazing creation of Allah
Masyaallah,a very LOVELY experience,(",)