Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dare to DREAM!!

Salam(peace be upon you),

WARNING:this entry is quite self centered cause i'm talking bout my achievements..hehe :)

October is the month of some of my dreams comes true. It all does not come easily. Practise makes perfect.I did encountered some failures in achieving them.Therefore, when I practise,spend some time & money in preparing myself for it. I was dare to DREAM.

However, the road is not easy and I never thought that god will answers my prayer so soon in giving everything in a month...alhmdulillah(praise Allah).

My dreams that are fulflilled:

1. PAss my Paediatric & Orthopaedic posting (core posting that people can easily get flunk). so far never fail any posting yet even though i'm busy with college activities & student societies..God forbid any of this from happening..Amin :)

2. Get 2nd for Futsal in inter-collage sports game at UKM (SUKEM 2010)-we are competing other non medical colleage in our Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia so far our team never win any game.our greatest achievement was a tie..hehe.On that day we only loss to the winning team.My 'udang terbakar' (burned face) was worth it after all-still have it after 2 weeks. We played 5 games straight that day.

As the Captain, I can never do this alone.Thanks to the dedicated people in the team-Temoh, Farah, Fatin,Farhana,Christina,Afifah & Hanim for the constant practise this year...even during puasa :) also Nana and friends as our additional help! It all started last year but the team expanded middle of this year. Thanks to my futsal ball that become the pacemaker of our team..Just before SUKEM, my futsal shoes came along,and it is PINK!-the only thing I bought for raya :)

3. Get to sing and perform duet piano-guitar at my college during Hari Siswi :) last performance was last year..Me & Farah performed togather last year during our college dinner but we did not sing. This time we sing and we only practise togather the night before and the performance turn out to be just nice as everyone like it :)

4. Able to finish 10km run at get the finishing medal at UPM Wave Run 2010-This is my second attempt on 10km run. My first one was at Putrajaya.unable to get the finishing medal & was quite sad about it(maybe will try again next year). This time I am quite prepared. Thanks to Nadiah my runner buddy for the training togather, Mr KC Lee a.k.a coach for the guide and 'Nike+ band'..not feeling guilty to buy it coz I get it less 50%..hehe

(an insult to Mizuno because regardless the runner tee, I'm wearning Nike+band & Nike shoe with Addidas pants)SORRY!!

I was DARE to DREAM! and NOW i BELIEVE anything is POSSIBLE..insyallah(with Allah's will). Just need to believe and work on it.. everthing starts with the WILL to DO IT!

p/s it is normal to get down sometimes. I do feel it to. Just need to find the way to get your spirit up. What happen this month do lift up my spirit...however you never know what the future holds. May my spirit always lift up high (",)