Monday, May 31, 2010

Extra lesson at Operation Theater (OT)


Entering Operation Theater(OT) room is our routine in certain postings. I had this experience in previous postings ( Surgery and O&G). However, today it is quite different with the rest of my experiences in OT room. We received tazkirah, philosopy insight and teaching by Mr Halim, an Ortho-Paediatric specialist of UKMMC. We cover a lot of topics today and as adult self directed learner, we had to revise Apley's(our ortho book) to learn more rather than spoon feed by our lecturers.
Extra things we learn besides orthopaedic are :

1. We get to use to mp3 player playing music in OT room to make working environment less intense. Sometimes they even put al-Quran recital which make the surrounding calm & soothing. I even encounter an OT room where the registrar from middle east recite alquran that he bought during a sugery of a muslim man during my surgical posting.

Mr Halim inform us that its better to play Al-Quran recital than other songs. It makes people talk less inside the OT (to respect the recital) and less tense. Besides, we don't frequently recite al-Quran therefore, why not we listen more.
2. He did mention about prayers that doctors usually always try to fullfill during their busy day. Never leave your prayers,he said.DUring Friday prayers, he advise us the girls to help the Muslim male doctors in covering them during the prayers. It is a win-win situation coz they have to cover female doctors during maternal leave. Have to agree with that!

3. It is also important for us students to be change our attitude and become adult learner. We all are given the freedom of choice in choosing how we want to learn and become the doctor who saves people. It is quite related to a forum done just a few days ago for our juniors during their orientation before entering clinical world.

Malaysian education system is so used to spoon-feeding in giving education since kindergaten and suddenly, during university they want us to be matured with self-directed learning. The adjustment have to be made and the mind set have to change into a better insight. We are already adults and given the freedom of choice on how to learn without being told. We have to be proactive in the sense of seeking knowledge.
We cannot wait the lecturers to give silver spoon-feeding or attach a ryles tube to channel the knowledge to us. Knowledge is at the tips of your finger. There are internet to be the source of knowledge if books is a burden for you. There are friends that we can form a group and study togather for better understanding.

4. Never talk or give information about something you are not sure. Rather say that you don't know rather than not sure about what you trying to convey. People tends to hold to what we say. For example when we give the possible diagnosis to a patient saying that the patient might has cancer but it can be possible an infection. The patient will prefer to hold to the better progosis one which is cancer as the diagnosis. We are humans. We do prefer the good things rather than the bad one. So, we might give them false hope(s)!
5. Our priority is as a STUDENT! Do not involve with things that can jeoparadise your study and future. Be a student who do his/her part as a student-study adequately and follow the flow. Adjustment to the situation is important!
Actually this is his comment on some issues faced by our medical students' society,PERSIAP(we are a NATURAL organization!!) being the blacksheep of the university family due to student's & university political issues..He gave his point of views base on his exprience as student leader during his time. From his concern of PERSIAP, I think he was probably one of PERSIAP committee...hehe

We have to seek knowledge, don't wait for it to come!

Tips in becoming have to have:
Eyes like an eagle,Heart like a lion, Hands like a lady,


Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Sunshine award to fellow bloggers (",)


"The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world."

This is something nice to do to other people telling how much I appreciate their blog. I was actually given the same award by a Twinning UKM-UNPAD junior(Asmayanti) I met less than an hour during her orientation at UKMMC before going to Bandung in 2009. Giving is rewarding :)

This is what she write about me:

7. LIFE: WONDERFUL AND MEANINGFUL. A blog of Kak Aishah. My super senior, the first generation of TWP UKM-UNPAD. First met her at PPUKM during the registration. A cheerful and cute girl I must say. Love to read her entries about experiences in clicinal year. Thanks akak, you make it sound so fun! Do accept this award from me. :)

I would like to award a few of my blogger friends that most of them I know outside the blogger life. This is not ordinal and hopefully it does makes your life shine as bright as the sun and motivates you to write more (",)

1. aku yang sedang belajar by Madziani aka Ani, my TWP UKM-UNPAD friend and my ex study group mate at UNPAD who always love to write intresting stories about her life. Some may sound sad but at the end you'll find the intresting part of it. Likes to write sajak.

2. Secebis kehidupan by Nur Hanisah, my TWP UKM-UNPAD friend and also my ex study group mate at UNPAD who like to share info about medical,life and some motivation. Like to write sajak too!

3.Coffee-Talk by Lutfi Fadil, my TWP UKM-UNPAD junior(responsible in persuading him to take this program),ex-KMPK 2005/2006 mate(even though i when there for 1 half month)and my friend who never skip his coffee drink since school. Also coffee fanatic & addict(u can relate that to his blog title)haha.Anyway,his writing is intresting that makes you open your eyes and think. Maybe its the effect from the coffee..yeke?? Nice insight too!!

4. A little reminder by Jazli Aziz, my high-school (SMKBB) friend now a final year at UIA Kuantan that likes to write about Islamic views on various things that we youngsters ought to know. He had nice point of views and intresting topic on his post.

5. Ini Amad Pesan by Ahmad Fahmi aka Dr Amad, my batch mate at UNPAD Bandung who likes to share his views on a lot of matters relate to Islam that I consider as my online usrah..Always love the input that also fills with colors. Nice to read eventhough its long.Like to see intresting pictures inside it too!

6. Ana Solehah by Kak Aimi, my senior at UNPAD Bandung who like to write short(less wordy) but meaningful stories about her clinical life at UNPAD Bandung.It gives me some idea about how our seniors encounter clinical years (KOAS) at Bandung since I do my clinical at UKMMC. Anyway, I like her thoughts & pint of view of thins she sees in life.Thanks kak (",)

7. Penjejak FIhyatul Kahfi by Ahmad Zulfahmi, my batch mate at UNPAD Bandung and also my ex-bos when I was Exco of Student society at Bandung.He likes to share some ideas on things happening around us and also his life that have relation to Islamic views on it. Like his insight on his stories.Another online Usrah..hehe

8.Ain Musa by Ain Musa,my batch mate at UKM Malaysia. She is pettite',cute and funny. I will always find her post to be funny and cute. The writing is very creative and this girl really have the talent to make people laugh by reading her entries..keep it up girl (",)

9.Fadhli16288 by Mohd Fadhli, my UKM Malaysia senior, 'cikgu' and friend who helps me fit in into academic system and organisation field in UKM. He was the YDP of our Medical students' society and writes mostly about his opinion on our medical students' society, UKMMC, his life and also some public issues. Suprisingly i found it informative..hehe.

10.Dr Radzi's weblog by Radzi, my batch mate at UNPAD Bandung who likes to write about life and Islam..Indeed another online usrah!! He likes to share his opinions on things happens in life that we can reflect to ourselves and try to be better.

11. Hikmah Kembara by Nur Faiz, a blogger friend from Mut'ah, Jordan.She likes to fills her blog with 'pantun' that I found intresting and creative.

12. Medical PBL UKM by a group of final years (UKM Medical students batch 2006). It is a very informative and usefull blog created by students that is very benificial to us,especially to UKMMC medical students.Lecture notes, list of books, past year questions and informations on medical postings can be found in this blog. Manage to get the idea of clinical year postings of UKM from this blog.I learn about this blog before I winish my pre-clinical at UNPAD,Bandung. FOund it useful.Good job to the admin!

Actually, there are other blogs that I like to 'hop in' and be faithful silent reader. they all are in my blog list..

For these 12 bloggers, please claim your award and...

i. Nominate 12 more bloggers.
ii. Put the logo onto your sidebar or within a post.
iii. Link the nominees within your post.
iv. Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their respective blogs.
v. Share the love and link to the person from whom you have received the award.

I know it's a hassle, but wouldn't it be nice to share this and bring smile to others?

Wasalam (",)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting bussier in Year 4..


My year 4 starts with a lot of activities & commitments as a committee in Student society here (Welfare Exco). I did try to reduced my extra curicular activities by restraining myself from taking responsiblities. The reason is, I don't want to damage myself or breaking people's trust with bad quality of performance.Learning to say NO to certain things you desire but unable to cope is IMPORTANT! However, i can't stop myself from joining activites as participants..hehe

Today, I met my SSM supervisor a cardiothoracic surgeon with my other group members. We discuss on our research topic with literature review we have gathered beforehand. The topic is the relationship of left main stem coronary artery with carotid stenosis.Its gonna be BIG and I like it!

We will have to go to Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) to collect data for 6 months with the manpower of 5 people.I don't mind the extra work because our research will have the significance in managing peolpe with heart disease due to left main stem artery stenosis in Malaysia setting.

We will have SSM scientific presentation of our research next year.It is also a competition as the best presentation will present their research in a conference between 3 countries (Malaysia.Indonesia & Brunei). To gain some experience, I will join the 2nd SSM scientific presentation by our final year(year 5) next week.I did join the 1st Malaysian International Medical Conference(MIMSC) last yr and 2nd MIMS at UM last week and gets an overview of what research & research presentation really is.

With 2nd MIMSC ended, I already end my term as Society of Malaysian Medical Accociation-MedicalStudents (SMMAMS) committee member. However, i did not finish my responsibility for SMMAMS yet. There is CME for Malaysian Medical students, a program under me as Director at UKMMC on July 10th.there will be 30 participant from ten medical schools.Hopefully it will become a success like the 2nd MIMSC last week.

Society of Malaysian Medical Accociation-Medical Students (SMMAMS) committee members,2009/2010 session ( what a great team!)

from left: Melvin(UM),Kar Yee(UM),Justin(IMU),Thanesh(PMC),Aishah(UKM),Syazwani(USIM) & Benjamin (UM).

My cycle of posting in Year 4 is quite similar to Year 3 because the 2 heavy & considered tough postings are in my 1st semester. In year 3 I started my semester I with Surgery and O&G while this year I have Ortho & Paediatric in my 1st semster.LAst yr I also manage a big event in my 1 st semester (World health day as vice-director).

This year,the same cycle goes. I will manage Continuing Medical Education (CME) for Medical Students-national level, as the director.Hopefully with the experience of fortunate survival last year, I can improve myself to be better this year regardless the extra responsibility I willing to take.Insyallah!

Excited faces before entering a posterior instrumentation and fusion on congenital scoliosis arthrogryphosis patient under Spine Team

Year 4 is indeed a busier year compare to year 3. We have extra postings & assignments to be cover despite our four major postings:

1. 4 major postings:Orthopaedic, Paediatric,Triad-Ophtal,ENT,Anaes and Psychiatry.
2. Special Study Modul(SSM): need to do research in a group of 5 ppl.
3. Forensic: need to observed 10 autopsy and assist 2 autopsies

* extra things for us Twinning UKM-UNPAD students is our Pengurusan Masa(TIme management) class (university subject) on saturday. THis class is a compulsory,that we have to take in order to graduate.

Orthopaedic & Traumatology is indeed an intresting field of surgery.Its mainly about muscle & bones of your body.It consist of 8 teams: Athroplasty, Spine, Rehab, Trauma, Oncology-ortho, Paediatric-ortho,Hands & Sports.During waiting for my SPM result to come out (2005), I did an attachment at Gleneagles Hospital.I met a Rehab-Ortho specialist that introduced me to bed sores. Little did i know about bed sores until I enter medical school. However, the exposure that I got from the doctor somehow making me intrested and motivated to be in Medical field. I did consider taking intrest in Rehab.But, I will decide after completing my undergrad.

The good thing in Ortho rotation is we get to experience various teams each week during our 8weeks posting at UKMMC,cheras. There are 4 wards as our 'libraries' and one ward for ortho-paeds, with 26 bed per ward as our 'books'.We learn through understanding the patient's problems.Ortho also means a lot of revision of ANATOMY!! Now i know the importance of unnderstanding anatomy in details.

an x-ray film of Galeazzi fracture...a case for my traumatology case write up(case studies that we have to write from history taking until management including personal thoughts on it)

extra info: According to E-medicine article published in February 11th, 2010: ‘Galeazzi Fracture is an injury pattern involving a radial shaft fracture with associated dislocation of the distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ); the injury disrupts the forearm axis joint’
In laymans' term: its a fracture of bone at your forearm, specifically at lower third of your forearm that also affect your wrist.

with the complex medical term above, I rest my case!

Thanks for reading my CURHAT (Curahan Hati). I don't mind getting busy if its for the benefit of others.

Life is to SHORT to be EASILY taken. Thus,making everyday BENEFICIAL becomes MEANINGFUL!

Wasalam (",)