Saturday, May 30, 2009

1st week of 1st posting

Salam (peace)

So, I'm sure some of you are excited to know what happened to me during my first week of my clinical year.My first posting is SURGERY! it goes:

In summary:

1. The first week always be the blurry one..The method of learning is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from pre-clinical years..NOBODY is there to tell you what to do. Everything comes from your own initiative and intelligence to find the opportunity. You won't know it till you experience it.

2. Regardless all from the above...I ENJOYED my condition right now in the CLINICAL far...WHY??
* You get to see things that you can't get from books
* You apply and refresh what you learn during pre-clinical into 'real thing'
* We get exposure to real patient...real cases..COOL!!
* We get to know the hospital: how it really works with a lot of people working togather to help those in need
* You get to sharpened your communication skill by doing CLERKING( aka amnenesis)..this job is our main job in the ward..investigating the patients..
Sometiomes, i feel like i'm a police officer..hoho

3. I understand now why people says SURGERY is the 'inspirational posting'
* the doctors mostly are COOL...(get to see some Good looking faces to..hehe)
* watching surgery is a WONDERFULL experience
* less tense in this department
* the Operation theatre(OT) is fully air-cond...have to wear scrubs when entering the OT feel mcm surgeon

4. About the posting..there are 3 places you have to go:
* WARD : there are 2 ward 3rd year students are allowed to go to..ward 1 (men) and ward 2(women)
* CLINICS : here, you can learn a lot here..get to participate more in the procesdures
* OPERATION THEATER (OT): You can-see-only learning process but you should apply what you see with what you learn to make the process more benificial.

5. WOn't I get lost??
* Every students get a log book.This log book is fill with requirements that students have to fullfill during each posting and everything must be confirmed with the doctor or nurse signature.
* The seniors are kind and toughtful to organize the buddy system. Each junior have their own buddy(senior) to help out in surviving the clinical life.So, we can ask them about studies, books etc.

So, in conclusion...
to my UNPAD need to motivated to looking forward to your clinical years at PPUKM.
To my self..i'm thinking of becoming a surgeon..hopefully i can succeed in everything I do and always feel motivated to learn.


Wasalam(peace be upon u who read this)

Friday, May 22, 2009

PPD camp


After white coat ceremony at the end of PPD Camp 2...

I just got back from Besut BTN camp after spending 5 days there for Professional Personal Development 2 (PPD)camp.Medical students of UKM have to attend this camp during 1st(starting pre-clinical),3rd(starting clinical) and 5th year(final year).

PPD is a modul that will be assessed throughout the year and this camp is the beginning of the modul. This modul is intergrated into each posting.However, I'm not really sure yet how they evaluate us yet.If you fail PPD it equal to failing a posting.If you fail 3 or more posting after re-sit, you have to repeat the year..huhu..May Allah forbid that happening to me..

The moduls are mainly by Assoc. Prof Dr Harlina with the help of other PPD department members.This time the Camp comandent is Assoc. Prof Dr Zulkifli who is also our Pengetua KTDI

The objective of PPD camp are different for each year.For PPD 2 it is more to developing medical professionalism and preparing us to the clinical world.The moduls are related to managing diversity, honesty, assesscibality as a medical students and medical ethics. We are also given a lecture by Prof. Dr Rohaizak about etiquettes of doctors on our behavior,manner and appearence.

I am glad to have such a GREAT team members regardless our diversity..hehe.We all share the same spirit and had a good bonding during the activities. I am in Kumpulan 10 and there was 24 groups for 272 students.Quite a big number eh??

In summary:

1.The camp is at Besut, 5minutes walk to the beach.

2.My bus sesat during our journey to Besut and we arrived after 12 hours on road..huhu
Excited faces when we just started our journey

3.The condition was VERY HOT!!I nearly melted...hoho..

4.WE are well fed as we get to eat 6 times per day(ruining my diet plan..huhu)

5.I LIKE my Kumpulan 10 members...they are wonderful

6.I get rashes and gatal2 on 4th day till now..huhu.Some of my friends get similar problems.

7.The Kembara(which is the cream of PPD) had to be cancelled due to the heavy rain but, good thing is we get to mandi hujan..hehe
after the Kembara was cancelled..we heal our dissapointment by taking photos by the beach..

8.On 4th day, we get to do Subuh prayer by the beach however the sunrise wasn't visible due to cloudy condtion(later it rained and we have to cancel Kembara..huhu)

9.The schedule are very thight...slept during ceramah BTN..can't help it..(",)

10.We have to write a letter to ourselves about what we want to achieve during clinical years and our feeling at the moment.These letters are kept and will be given to us on the day before our graduation in 2012 insyaAllah.I just can't wait to read my letter again on 2012.
with Dr Irwan Januarsih & Dr Uni who are from UNPAD..we will miss you!!

I would like to thank all who make this PPD camp2 happen especially to Dr Harlina & PPD unit, Dr. Zul, Dr SHahrir, Dr Setiawan & Dr Irwan Januarsih from UNPAD and all fascilitators.Special thanks to my fascilitator Dr Azaman(Pharmacology) and Dr Suzaily(Psychiatry).Both of you have been a wonderful fascilitator to us, Kumpulan 10.

I really enjoyed this PPD camp.I hope to experience more excitement and enjoyful moments during PPD3 camp during my 5th year..With this I rest my case


Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm Home


Alhamdulillah..I'm already home for two days. It's steamy here..I keep changing my clothes because I always drain in my sweat.Thank you to the GLOBAL WARMING, my home is getting warmer compare to 3 years ago.

What happen in this 2 days:
1. I become a 'puteri lilin' and keep on staying at home with the fan or air-cond on.So friends if you want to ask me out bring me to a close area with air-cond or fan..hehe.

2. My family is busy with my brother's wedding preparation(about a month away). Thank you Abg yayai, I become your 'buruh kerahan tenaga' managing the bunga telur and wedding invitation cards.My mum decided to make the 'hantaran' and 'bunga telur' by herself with the help of other creative family members. Well, it can cut the cost and you' ll feel more satisfied with the end product if you make everything by yourself. Moreover, my family members are creative with these 'wedding thing'..hehe..Definitely will get their help when it comes to my turn.

3. Another tradition is we usually send the invitation card by hand..Yes, I repeat BY HAND!!...but only to certain people like family and close friend.SO, today they will go out and send the cards whlie visiting people they invite, while I have to stay home managing the other cards to be post and babysit my little brother(which i'm glad to stay in the air-cond home)...(",)

4. My family is also in transition of moving to Malacca(but we still keep the house at KL).The house is still in renovation, so still can't move in yet.

5. My 7 boxes of cargo shipping also arrived safely in the evening on the day i arrived.. Still thinking how to manage all the boxes...huhu.

6. Like to tease my little brother in my free time and swim almost everyday(",)

7. Pasar malam...yeah.And delicious Malaysian food..I'm in food HEAVEN.

8. Busy with preparation on registration at UKM on 13/5...have to pack my stuf from the 7 boxes and try to find some clothes from the boxes for my orientation and 5days camp..hoho

That's all for now.Sorry for babbling too much..Just bear with me (",)


p/s: pictures will be uploaded later.I'm borrowing my bro laptop for this..hehe

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Farewell Jatinangor.......

WE are ELIGIBLE to continue at UKM MALAYSIA!!


Today will be the last time i write my blog at Indonesia. I lead this last days with some unforgettable memories..Receiving a lot of GOOD LUCK wishes and prayers and also farewells. People throw us 3 farewell parties..I'm touched.

My heart ache to leave here and start a new chapter of my life as a clinical student at Pusat Perubatan UKM. It is sad to leave all the friends i made and the life i lead for three years. Even three years feels too short..Definitely I feel sad but I keep my self optimist.This goodbye doesn't mean forever.Everyone have to move on...huhuhu

BBQ at Caringin(where i live for 2 years) with other twinning friends..

Farewell party with PADMA, an organization that manage international students

perform song by Mambai titled Kau Ilhamku with other twinning friends as a gift for PADMA

Farewell by Batchmates(2006 FANTASTIC) from Regular and International program.

With Indonesian friends..will miss u all.

Farewell with my close international program friends..we were housemate for a year during foundation.So many memories i have with you all..Miss you..huhu. Nad the peacock(peace no war..hehe) and AJ the rabbit(hehe).I will remember last night always.Thank you(",)

My last experiment at Jatinangor..CHOCOLATE CAKE.. Thanks to the teacher(Salmi).
I made two for my floor mates, junior and aerobic instructor.

Another important part of my life at JAtinangor is AEROBIC. I go there every week and become part of Arena Senam Jatinangor family members.There i get know lots of ibu who likes to aerobic and make friends with students from other faculty..It was an intresting experience and memorable to mingled with them. I also attended birthday parties and engagement by them.Yesterday was my the last time I go there. Thank you teh(aerobic instructor) for the baju aerobic you gave me.

With Arena Senam Jatinangor members..

Farewell my friends....
Thank you for everything
the memories I had with you
will be kept always in my heart

Dear friend,
just remember
We only part to meet again
Reunited in future i pray
INSYALLAH(with ALLah's will)


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friendly comperative religion(FCR).......

Salam(Peace be upon you)

I nearly decided to absent from this short seminar because of the long journey i had earlier of the day (Bali-Jakarta-Jatinangor,Bandung).What can i last days at Indonesia are full with activities.

However, since the seminar is about comparing religions(which is something i never attend before), I finally choose to go. Alhamdulillah(TQ ALLah).. I made the right choice.It opened my mind into something new.

This is the first time the event is done at Universitas Padjadjaran.Thus,I would like to THANK the organizer(Biro Agama Islam Kelab Umno Bandung-B.A.I.K) to organize this wonderful event.However i would be more merrier and exciting if you all can invite the representative of other religion also..not only our other brother and sister in other religion.What's the use of comparison without them rite!Moreover, due to lack of time, FCR modules have to be compressed(tak cukup puas la..).Maybe next time rite(",).Definitely, I will join FCR in in Malaysia.

The presenter is Shah Kirit or well known as Bro Shah. He also bring his younger brother, Dinesh along.Both are Indians and still are.They didn't become Malay(RACE,cause you have to be born into it) but they become Muslim(RELIGION).Alhamdulillah(Thank u to Allah),they converted to Muslim for more than a decade already.

What is ISLAM?? Islam means total OBEDIENT and SURRENDER ,to get PEACE and BELIEVED in AUTHENTIC way to GOD(ALLAH). The similarity among other religion Christian, Hindu, Sikh is we believe GOD is ONE.The prove is stated in the source of the religion which is the Book of each religion(eg:Al-Quran in Islam, Bible in Christian).

Then, why not we just accept all religion since we all believe in ONE GOD??
The answer is worship GOD as how GOD wants us to worship GOD, not as how we think we want to worship GOD.

The source of Islam is Al-Quran and Hadiths. Al-Quran is the word of GOD given to us through the messenger,Muhammad(peace be upon him).Hadiths is whatever Muhammad do, give speech about or whatever happen in front of him that he leave a comment on.

If you compare Al-QUran(exist 1400 years ago)with modern sience, you will astonished to find the similarities. So how could it be the word of devil since Muhammad cannot write nor read.Moreover, modern technology doesn't exist 1400 years ago.

Muhammad also was awarded the title of Al-Amin by the Arabic Quraisy before he become a messenger because of his sincerity and never tell lies since he was a child.He was a very trusted man in Mecca. He is a PERFECT man for us human to follow as an example.You will say nobody is perfect.But,believe it or not, Muhammad(pbuh) was someone that was born with PERFECT qualities.

Thus, what ever that is not stated in the Al-Quran and Hadiths is NOT ISLAM!! Don't judge Islam by the act of their believers,but judge it by the two sources i mentioned above.Even muslims also get confuse!! I hope everyone will go back and use their given INTELLIGENCE to find what is ISLAM from this two sources.

We may born as MUSLIM but we are not sure we can die as MUSLIM. The most important in ISLAM is we die as MUSLIM.Thus, regardless you born as Muslim or non-Muslim, we are the same..Islam believe two phase in life before and after puberty.We all born as Islam,innocent and with no sin.After puberty you will be judge and your sins will be count. GOD gives us the intuition to find him.Let us use the INTELLIGENCE to find the truth.


WAsalam(may peace be upon you)

P/s: Islam comes from word Salam meaning PEACE

Saturday, May 2, 2009



I just got back from BALI..Yes..BALI! I would like to describe Bali as a tropical paradise with fusion between west and east. There's A LOT of tourist that you can meet everywhere.

Finally i get to go there.Alhamdulillah! It was a challenge as a Muslim because of the food(the famous food is Babi guling)and there are full of half naked people.Thus,we got extra lesson on ANATOMY of human body.The funny thing is,we became the center of attraction there instead of girls in bikini..hehe.Because its quite hard to find tourist we head scarf on with fully clothes on.

Regardless all of it I'm PROUD to practice Islam in this condition. I also experienced praying inside the car.

Why i want to got there? the first and foremost is i want to experience the beauty of Bali.Next i want to see the culture of Balinese people that have close relation with Hinduism. Third, i want to make my last 10 days in Indonesia more memorable..huhu.

Is Bali suitable for us Muslims to spend their holidays?? Yes, there are a lot of interesting places you can go besides the beach that are full with half naked people or pubs and night clubs..Just ignore those places and spend your quality time on nature and cultural activities like what I've done with my friends. Totally NO drug, NO alcohol and NO sex...

The most memorable thing is scuba diving. This is my 2nd time as explorer diver(without license).My first time was at Perhentian Island,Malaysia with my brothers and we immediately fell in love with it.We planned to make it a family thing as we all will take the course at UKM and get the scuba diving license. Its not cheap but it's worth it.

My total expenses through out the Bali trip is only 3.2 million rupiah for 6 days.if including plane ticket is about 4.2 million( about RM 1,500). We traveled to almost all the tourist spot with 4 days of charted car with driver. We also get to buy a lot of souvenirs at the factory with grocer price( thanks to Agus our driver who bring us there).

So, here is the summary of my trip...

Day 1,Sunday, 26/4- we just walk around Kuta beach

There's no Angkot but they use this colorful mini bus instead for short distance transportation along the beach.

(Charted car with driver from day 2-5)

Day 2,Monday, 27/4
* Water sports: Para sailing,flying fish,banana boat and scuba diving( we did some negotiation on the price and manage to get acceptable price for these 4 activities)

* Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park(GWK)- Watched very big statues here!
* Ulu Watu, watch Kecak dance here!
* Seafood dinner at Jinbara under the star and moon light by the beach, we can see the airplane landing area from Jinbara beach.
(manage to get the cheapest restaurant)
Kecak dance

Day 3,Tuesday, 28/4
* Watched dolphins at Lovina beach have to cross Bali from south(Kuta beach-where we stay) to North.Took us 3 hours journey.Get to watch sunrise here.
* Kintamani and Batur Mountain - still active volcano
* Batik factory,get to take home some specially requested batik painting as souvenirs with cheap price.

At Lovina Beach where the sun started to come out......I'm speechless

Day 4,Wednesday, 29/4
* Taman Ayun- the nicest temple we visited so far

* Alas keraton- monkeys all over the place...scares me..huhu
* Bedugul-nice highland at Bali, a little bit cool like Bandung
* Tanah Lot- a temple on a big rock that looks as if its floating at the sea.

Day 5,Thursday,30/4
* Watched Barongan and keris dance

* Shopping at Bali Creative-factory that produce souvenirs.we shop at grocer price (",)
* Visited Medical faculty of Universitas Udayana

* Watched sunset by the beach..Subahannallah,very beautiful

Day 6,Friday,1/5

*Back to Jakarta..then Bandung by road.

I'm tired but very happy.The moments i had there was unforgettable.Insyaallah I will visit Bali again to experience the beauty of Allah's creation.