Monday, March 21, 2011

To my juniors : 3rd year books at UKM

Salam my dear Juniors TWP'08...

Congratulation in advanced for able to be back home. I am looking forward to meet you all at UKMMC.

Ok..about Year3 UKM books, you can buy it once you entered UKM. So, you can save your energy.There will be a book sale at our college by PERSIAP. They get the books from Kamal bookstore.

There are 4 postings and departments in year 3.therefore i list out the books based on that. However i recommend you to see the books first and also ask you other seniors' opinion about it.

Internal Medicine:

1. Oxford handbook of clinical medicine

2. X'press revision in short case, aids to undergraduate medicine,UM

3. sarawak emergency medicine


1. Browse's Introduction to the symptoms and signs of surgical disease

2. principle & practice of surgery

3. In a page surgery-just photocopy this one

4. Churchill's pocketbook of surgery

Obstetric & gynecology:

1.labour room protocol HUKM-buy this at O&G department

2.obstetric UM- original version is cheaper than photocopy version

3.gynecology UM- original version is cheaper than photocopy version

Medicine & society:

It is UNPAD version of PHOP &, you can photocopy the lecture notes from your UKM friends. for this posting,you will have to stay at Tanjung karang for 7 weeks.

For more info, please visit this blog created by the current final year.

Let me five you some brief sharing of experience on what happen to me fro the past 2 years.Basically, being the first batch, I don't know what to expect from my new collegues and lecturers. My self esteem is slightly low than it was in UNPAD. I was involved with a LOT of activities and had a GREAT life at UNPAD. Being in UKM, i thought i had to say GOODBYE to all the student activities i enjoyed and focus on my study alone.

haha...NOT> is soo not true :)

We are well accepted in the community of UKM. However, there are certain things that never will be same. Just want to say DO NOT WORRY, rest assured...insyaallah you will have a great time here. However, BEAR IN MIND...please do not carried away with the activities and neglect your studies..try not to fail any of your postings (",)

as for student can join a lot of them and gain merit for you to stay in the college. There are 3 student bodies : JAKSA (manage all about our college-KTDI), PERSIAP (all about academics, management,schedule) and AMSA.

As for me, i think the student activities here are broader...I hold a position at PERSIAP for a term(2010), i join & handle a lot of student programmes inside UKM and outside UKM.

with PERSIAP 2010 committee members..during our outing..

with my nasyeed band..CIMOLEN( can watch our performance in utube,posted by Izmeer..

For guys who LOVE Sports..there are 4 games that you can join each year

1. Sukan antara kolej UKM (SUKEM)

2. Intervarsity Sports Game by AMSA-an inter medic school game

3. Liga Antara Tahun by PERSIAP-an inter batch game among UKM medic

4. KTDI Sports day by JAKSA-our college sports day

there are also games organized by other universities that we sometimes received by invitation.

(yeay...i join them too...FUTSAL WOMEN's team )

for those who like long distance run or marathon...u can join KTDI runners club...hehe..speaking of 5km,10km,15km,20+ run.u can personally contact me for this :) there is tasik permaisuri in front of the hospital for you to jog every sunny morning or evening. Free public aerobic every sunday. For those who likes to swim, u can go to Pusat renang cheras (also in front of HUKM).personally, i never go there because there is no womens' day..huhu.

some of the medals gained during year 3 and 4...there are 3 others not included in the photo :)

Again BEAR in not neglect your studies. you will find a lot of distrations advice to you is form a study group, makes discussions. read the gudiebook and identified the important topics. learn how to answer the exam questions. Go to the library, there are a lot of books you can borrow (5 books for 2 weeks).

verily,along with every hardship is relief
verily,along with hardship is relief
so when you finished(your occupation),devote yorself to Allah's worship
and to you lord(alone) turn (all your) intentions and hopes

verses 5-8, Al-Inshirah

That's all for now... All the best my dear Juniors :) see ya at HUKM