Friday, December 25, 2009

Internal Medicene....Wait & See


CUT & SEE : Surgery
WAIT & SEE : Internal Medicene

SImple & short words to describe 3 postings I faced quoted from Prof. Zainul, HUKM O&G specialist during Zero repeaters campaign talk..

You can read that the actions that's appear in each discipline is SEE!!

Seeing is believing..How could a doctor treat appopritely wihtout meeting the patient? (except for Dr House!!)

There are 6 wards of internal medicene in HUKM with 2 CCU. That means A LOT of opportunities to learn..My advice is get a comfortable shoes cause your feet are precious for this posting for a lot of walking and standing.

A lot of procedure can be appreciated in the ward, so you have to be opportunistic organism. Put away your inferiority and shyness..Ask Medical officers, housemen and nurses questions and permission to observe or do the procedures. Final year seniors can be helpful also.

Having Internal Medicene as my last posting of the year gives me some advantage. In this posting a lot of things to be covered. Some knowledge gathered during previous posting does help in facing this posting.

Hopefully i will survive (",)


Saturday, December 5, 2009

My third posting :Medicine & society


This posting was considered as a vacation posting. I found out it is totally a big fat liar..hehe. A LOT of report have to be submitted..A LOT of travelling along tanjung karang or sabak bernam district. Have to visit da same ppl's house in kampong at least 3 times for the 3 different survey we have to conduct..

However, I do learn a lot of intresting knowledge. I can say that this posting is a 'Lawatan sambil belajar' posting. It's not too bad after all. However, i easily feel bored there.

For this posting, we are attached to 3 different places:

1. District health office aka Pejabat kesihatan daerah (PKD)

there R 8 units under pembantu pegawai kesihatan persekitaran (PPKP) which are:
1. unit pentadbiran
2. unit kualiti makanan
3. unit bekalan air & kebersihan alam sekitar (BAKAS)
4. unit kualiti air minuman (KMAM)
5. unit pendidikan
6. unit kawalan penyakit berjangkit
7. unit kawalan vektor
8. unit kesihatan sekolah

each day we go to different places. It is amazing to know the power that PKD have in managing & controlling the health of ppl in the district and its relation with the state and national level.

hunting for mosquito larvae for vector control sample...beware Mr. & Mrs aedes aegypti or aedes albopictus . we gonna kidnapped ur larvae.heheheh..

fogging time..beware Mr. & Mrs aedes aegypti or aedes albopictus . you gonna suffocated to death..heheheh...

our ketua posting showing his exophthalmos eye with the water station( where we get the sample to test it for quality control)

pH test(one of the physical test)..there are physical,chemical & microbiological test done by KMAM unit to the water.

lets go back to school..reminds me a lot of my chilhood memory of my health check up at school

vaccination time!!a lots of emotions going on here..

showing our excited faces..haha

2. Klinik kesihatan(KK)aka Health clinic and klinik desa (KD) aka District clinic.

KK is devided into two department which are outpatient department and Maternal & Child Healthcare clinic(MCHC) department.

PKD will monitor everything regarding health in the district including the KK.Every KK will take care a few KD. So, KD are like their child, KK is the mother and PKD is like the grandfatehr.KD will only manage antenatal check up, vaccination, routine physical check up for Hypertension patient.

my group at KD

with special children under PDK care( it is another unit under KK for special child)

3. Tanjung Karang District Hospital

This posting does give memorable and meaningful memories...Objective achieved (",)