Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coffee: Lift up your mood

During our last Community Research Program Discussion(CRP), we were asked to present a dummy research problem for our latest topic: Identify Research Problem.Most of my friends choose a bombastic topics like Down Syndrome, Kidney stone & Hypertension. However,I choose a simple topic of interest : COFFEE.

My tutor likes my idea and proudly to say,I receives his attention on it(he is a coffee consumer too). Why i choose this topic? It is because I always wonder why i easily get high (become extra happy, excited & more active) when i have only a cup of 3 in 1 coffee for breakfast.In the dummy research, i want to know about the amount of coffee that can contribute to anxiety and sleeping disturbance.

Isn't curiosity is the best policy in research??

In my family, coffee is always for the adults...tea will be served for all including us the kids. Moreover,i only prefer to drink plain water. So, i became the real consumer when i enter the medical school.It is for staying up at night..Sometimes,I take it in the morning for breakfast to prevent me from sleeping during the lecture or tutorial. Although, sometimes i do sleep with or without coffee.LOL (",)

What makes the coffee special??
1. caffeine ( a psychoactive drug)
2. the delicious aroma
3. there are many ways to have them with: chocolate, marshmallow, milk, caramel..etc
4. it is a social drink...during meetings,hangout(lepak) with friends, serving the guest of your house.. are 10 facts that i found out while reading on about it for my dummy research;

1. Coffee is the most widely used psychoactive substance(mild antidepressant) that lift up your mood, alleviate depression and may cause euphoria.

2. People can get hooked to coffee and craved for it- coffee addiction

3. Morning cup of coffee often bring the smile to our face(happen to me all the time)

4.You'll get the same kick(effect) from the day after day if you took coffee every morning, no matter how addicted you need to increase the dose to get the same resistance effect eh??Cool...

5. People who were given caffeinated coffee performed better in IQ test and less stressed.However...after your brain is forced to work,when the effect ware off it will get tired and you'll feel weak

6.Depending on your tolerance to coffee, excessive drink can cause anxiety,disturb your sleep and wreck your mood

7.If you get headache after suddenly stop consuming coffee(if you are a daily consumer) you may get headache as the withdrawal effect.Thus, we have to stop it little by little. How? decreasing the amount gradually before stopping.

8.Stomach problem people( having gastritis,peptic ulcer) should decrease their coffee intake.Make it as little as possible.

9.Coffee can interfere with some drugs interaction, so if you are a frequent coffee consumer,ask your doctor about it.

10.Smokers need to increase their intake to get the same effect as the non smokers

The key of coffee magical effect is CAFFEINE. In small amount, it improve your mood and performance but heavy intake can disturb your sleep and decrease your mood.

Thus, life is about balance. TAKE IT MODERATELY, DRINK IT HEARTILY!

Hmm...which one i should choose, Carrebian nut or Choccocinno 3 in 1 coffee...

Food your Miracle Medicine: Preventing and curing common health problems the natural way. Author:Jean Carper.Publisher: Harper

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Malaysia health care service is it true??

I came across an intresting topic when i read Berita harian online today which make my hand 'gatal' to write an post today.(taken from berita harian...)

Kementerian wajibkan kakitangan hospital hadiri kursus komunikasi

PUTRAJAYA: Semua kakitangan hospital, khususnya doktor dan jururawat diwajibkan menghadiri kursus komunikasi bagi mengurangkan jumlah aduan terhadap mutu perkhidmatan kesihatan.

Menteri Kesihatan, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, berkata ia juga kerana sebahagian besar aduan yang sering diterima kementerian berpunca daripada masalah kurang komunikasi kakitangan hospital dengan pesakit serta keluarga mereka.

Katanya, sepanjang tahun lalu kementerian menerima lebih 1,000, aduan manakala 34 diterima sepanjang Januari lalu.

Is that true?? I think it is in the government hospitals.There are reasons why these happen(which i can think of):

1. The medical health care personnel have heavy workloads,increasing work time and patients.Thus, they easily gets irritated and 'Malas' to listen to the patient

2. They didn't develop good people skill...A skill is something you master with experience, practice and will power.You won't become a friendly person in a day.

3. They are not ready to work with people.People who choose this career should be someone who are ready to work a lot in caring of people...their altruism must be high

4. They are not taught how to handle the patient in non medical aspect.

5. Being friendly and good in communication skills is not the main priority of the hospital policy.

Thus, i think what the government intend to do right now with the communication skills campaign.It is a good approach.
As a medical student, when we reach the practical phase, we should make the patient as our book.At the same time, learn to communicate with them.

Actually it is not that hard, you can try to talk or 'borak' with any person that you feel comfortable with(people around your circle) like the mak cik who sells nasi campur,bapak who sells gorengan, the tailor who sew your clothes or alter your
jeans or mak cik at kedai runcit (you get the picture)..
Topics?? family...

A smile can create warmth situation...a 5 minutes chat can make a difference.

The key is, when you open to them, they will open themselves to you.
Thus, if you apply it to your patient under your care, you will easily identify their problems and can give good service to them.

With my favorite lecturers during Neuro-behaviour system(NBSS)which i like their thinking and communication skills approach:

The question now is...will i be a competent doctor in the future...i'll faced the clinical phase starting this May..

Can i keep up..can i meet the expectation???

Sunday, February 22, 2009

ATTENTION it a crime??

To all bloggers:
Have you wonder....when you make notes using other people idea(from books,internet) ,it is actually a crime?What about misquoting a data?Copy others answer in exam? Passed up someone's assignment that you improvise as yours to your lecturer.


The definition: Copy other people statement without adequate acknowledgment of the source/writer

even you do it unintentionally, it is still consider as a crime

It is when you do it in a wrong way because there are ways to do it actually.
I learned about it during one of Community research Program (CRP) lecture.Since I learned by Problem Based Learning (PBL),I have to make notes and distribute it to my friends.Thus, i am prone to this crime. Moreover, i will conduct a research in my 4th year at UKM.

Blogger is also prone to plagiarism.So, if you use others idea, don't forget to mention the source and inform them.

1.Fail your exam
2.Drop out
3.Lost your job
4.Getting sued.
5.Make people angry??


According to John A. Ferguson Sr. High
1.Proper time organization(avoid last minute panic) & notes(have list of resources)
2.Proper use of quotes,paraphrase & summaries(writing it in your own words but didn't lose the original meaning,thus interpret your source well)
3.Proper use of citation

Plagiarism is about moral,ethics,norms and knowledge.
It is an academic criminality!
It breach morality!

with my blogmates at Masjid Agung Semarang during ANTIBIOTIC 4 (Annual Training for Better Organization & Islamic Health Conference)attended by medical students around Indonesia.

CRP Lecture slide notes,TWP Semester6 by:
Yulia Sofiatin
Department of Epidemiology And Biostatistic
Universitas Padjadjaran

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ethical issues in clinical trial

This picture taken during our laboratory during learning about diuresis (drugs that helps in urination).We pitied the rabbits of course.We only administered some drugs to it and it still live after the experiment(",)

What do you think of using animals as an experimental subject??
This question arise many arguments and debate on weather it is prohibited or not.

In clinical trial aspect, using animals as a subject is one of the way for evaluating many important aspect for medicine for example:

1. new drugs and treatment
2. new medical/health care technology
3. new methods of prevention
4. new program of screening and diagnosis

Humans are also used as the clinical trial subjects.They are paid volunteers or patience who agrees with participating int the experiment.

This are the volunteer subjects, the gentlemen from group 3 who drank 1 Liter of plain water and salt water during the experiment on diuretic effect on human

Don't you ever wonder how a certain drugs or treatment was approved by an institution like FDA??

There are 2 stages in the clinical trial procedure.They are:
STAGE 1: Study in Animals
STAGE 2: Study in human subject.This stage further divided into 4 phases
1. for safety and tolerence in 20-100 subjects
2. to evaluate effective system & dosage of treatment in 100-200 subjects
3. compare the new treatment with an available treatment
4. evalutate the new treatment in the society for a few years time
Also include POST MARKETING CLINICL TRIAL:to study the side effect of the new treatment.

Don't you see how a certain drugs or treatment is approved takes tedious work and consume time, effort and money? We should give our credit to the researchers.

It is important to use a few life as the benefit of others. In this condition, we should think about risk versus benefit.

Source: Community Research Program (CRP) notes during 1st semester in Padjadjaran University medical school.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Embryo diatas bukan bermaksud dari segi saintifik....ia adalah sebuah program yang dianjurkan oleh DKM As-syifa' Fk UNPAD(persatuan agama islam fak.perubatan UNPAD)

Pada entri kali ini, saya ingin menggunakan Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa penghantar. Selama ini saya menggunakan bahas inggeris(BI) di dalam semua enteri demi memantapkan lagi penggunaan bahasa kedua saya itu(BI).Bukan niat diriku untuk meletakkan bahasa Melayu di bawah Bahasa Inggeris..(",)

Adik-adik di dalam gambar ini berani membenarkan kami mencucuk jari mereka demi mendapatkan sampel darah mereka untuk memeriksa kumpulan darah mereka.Semestinya mereka diupah dengan permen(gula-gula)..hehe

Alhamdulillah, cita-citaku untuk menyertai program seumpama ini tercapai.Kesempatan menyertainya pada tahun yang lalu terlepas kerana masa tidak mengizinkan (sibuk dengan kelas & ujiian).Tahun ini saya berkesempatan menyertainya bersama adik-adik angkatan 2008 & 2007. Kebanyakkan panitia merupakan teman-teman seperjuangan angkatan 2006 dan juga adik 2007 yang dikenali ketika bersama mengendalikan Ospek Fakulti (orientasi)dan Antibiotik.

EMBRYO membawa erti Englithen Your Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul.Suatu pencantuman ayat yang menarik yang merupakan seni bahasa yang indah di bumi Indonesia..teringatku kepada sebuah pantun yang ada di buku teks bahasa melayu sekolah dahulu:
yang kurik itu kundi, yang merah itu saga,
yang baik itu budi, yang indah itu bahasa.


Demi menyertai program ini setelah azan dan solat subuh, saya dan teman2(Hayat dan Alia) berangkat ke UNPAD utk menaiki bas ke Rumah Sakit Hassan Sadikin(45minit perjalanan).Dari sana kami disertai Tim Medis As-Syifaa yg tersiri daripada para dokter muda dan mahasiswa KOAS (pelajar praktikal).Saya dan teman berangkat lewat sehari kerana pada malam sebelumnya kami menghadiri Majlis Makan Malam antara Pelajar Twinning Programme bersama dosen(pensyarah)UNPAD dan UKM(datang dari Malaysia)

Tempat tujuan kami adalah sebuah sekolah pesantren di Subang.Tidak pernah terlintas di fikiran pada suatu hari saya akan menginap di pesantren. Perjalanan sejauh 40 KM dari bandar bandung mengambil masa hampir 2jam untuk tiba.Suasan perjalanan begitu indah yang di hiasi bukit bukau dan ladang teh di kiri kanan perjalanan..

Setibanya kami disana kami menyertai kelompok masing-masing. Aktiviti pertama adalah penyebab utama saya menyertai EMBRYO iaitu Balai Pengobatan(BP),Bakti Sosial(BAKSOS) dan Khitan

1) BP: Aktiviti ini membenarkan saya mempraktikkan ilmu history taking/amnenesis( mendapatkan maklumat masalah pesakit) serta general physical examination iaitu blood pressure, respiratory rate dan pulse rate.

Malangnya pesakit saya hanya dapat berbahasa Sunda,maka saya terpaksa meminta bantuan teman seangkatan,Deti sebagai jurubahasa.Setelah melakukan General physical examination saya membawa pesakit tersebut ke dokter bertugas untuk diberi perskripsi ubat.

Kemudian saya dikehendaki mengambil ubat di meja farmasi.Di situ saya perlu tahu membaca perskripsi ubat(dlm bahasa latin)serta mengambil,mengisi dan melabel ubat di dalam kantung untuk diberikan kepada pesakit.Pengalaman yang menyeronokkan (",)

2)BAKSOS...menjadi penjual barangan terpakai.Seperti jumble sale di Malaysia

3)Menyaksikan Khitan(circumcision) secara langsung yang di lakukan dokter dan KOAS..
Ada yang ko-operatif, tetapi majoritinya kurang memberikan kerjasama.Ada juga yang meronta-ronta.Ada juga yang 'give up' terus 'surrender' tidak mahu menjalani khitan. Saya agak terkejut kerana rata-rata yang menjalani khitan disitu dibawah umur 7tahun.Ini kerana di malaysia majoritinya di atas 7 tahun sampai 12tahun.Justeru itu,mereka kurang memberikan kerjasama kerana munkin mereka masih naif & kurang tahan pada kesakitan khitan.

Kesimpulan aktiviti pada hari tersebut:
Mengasah diri untuk menegur orang lain yang melakukan sesuatu yang dimurkai Allah swt.Memerlukan skil memujuk,menggunakan bahasa yang sepatutnya dan bijak mengajak orang kembali ke pangkal jalan. Amal Ma'ruf Nahi mungkar.

Wawancara bersama hafizah Pesantren
Menyelami kehidupan hafizah di pesantren dan mendengar pengalaman hidup mereka.Mereka turut berkongsi cara mencapai kejayaan menghafaz al-Quran dan tips2 cara menghafal. Cara yang terbaik adalah anda memahami apa yang dihafalkan dan mempunyai target untuk lama tempoh untuk berjaya menghafalnya.

makan malam pada hari itu.....1st time makan ramai2 dlm dulang...sedap.alhamdulillah


Pada 2.30 pagi kami menjalani aktiviti Zikrulmaut yang mengingatkan saya mengenai kematian yang boleh hadir pada bila-bila masa sahaja.
Saya terkesan dengan penerangan konsep surah al-ikhlas oleh moderator.Walaupun pendek ayatnya tapi cukup bermakna meningatkan manusia akan pentingnya MASA.

ayat pertama bermaksud Demi masa...mengapa Allah swt meletakkan demi masa?? Kita kalau berjanji untuk sesuatu yang penting akan berkata demi Allah...demi negara..demi...

maka,ini menunjukkan pentingnya masa
Apa yang telah saya lakukan selama 20 tahun hidup di dunia ini? Jangka hayat manusia sekarang kurang lebih 70-80 tahun.Jadi saya ada sisa 40-50 tahun lagi.Itupun tidak tentu kerana boleh jadi umur saya tidak panjang??
Insafnya saya mengenai penggunaan masa saya selama ini.kadang-kadang alpa dengan dunia.Semoga saya sentiasa mendapat hidayah-Nya..Amin!!

Aktiviti pagi itu diperindahkan lagi dengan Qiamullail, bacaan al-matsurat, tadarus & tazkirah.
Usrah pagi bersama KOAS
Di dalam kelompok kecil,kami diberikan mentoring(usrah) oleh seorang kakak KOAS,Te Fifi. Dia mencadangkan kami semua tetap aktif di dalam persatuan dan organisasi.Ini kerana,
1.apabila kita aktif, kita akan belajar menjadi sibuk dan ini menyebabkan kita pandai menyesuaikan diri di dalam situasi sibuk kelak.Memang lumrah kehidupan seorang dokter sememangnya sibuk, ditambah dengan kehidupan berkeluarga kelak dengan suami dan anak-anak.

2. Mengajar skil komunikasi yang baik dengan semua jenis orang serta bersabar menghadapi mereka yang agak sulit difahami.Manusia sememangnya mempunyai ragam yang pelbagai dan tidak semua orang serasi antara satu sama lain.
Oleh itu, Te Fifi menganjurkan kami keluar dari SAFE ZONE dan MENGAKTIFKAN DIRI!

Aktiviti terakhir EMBRYO adalah 'the cream of the cake' iaitu OUTBOUND!!
Kami ke Copolaga(30 minit dari pesantren) dengan lori..ya,ulang suara..dengan lori.
Teringat akan seorang adik angkatan08 mengembek comel(anda tahu siapa anda)dan mengatakan kita ibarat seekor kambing kena masuk dlm lori ni ramai-ramai.Lembu atau kambing pun naik lori tersebut tidak sepadat kami.Ditambah dengan hujan yang menimpa kami yang alhamdulillah lebatnya sebentar sahaja.Selebihnya hanya gerimis lembut mendinginkan suasana.Sesungguhnya ini pengalaman yang menarik! Pernah lihat situasi tersebut di jatinangor,tidak pernah terlintas difikiran saya akan merasainya juga..

Yell(cheer) kelompok kami: Firqun wahid, kompak mantap,keren habis,Allahuakbar!:

Sekilas OUTBOUND yang banyak mengajar erti perpaduan,saling bantu membantu dan bersatu padu:

Kami di Copolagar sehingga Asar.Program diakhiri dengan pelantikan peserta sebagai Learner Biro kaderisasi As-syifaa.Peserta dipakaikan slayer(Ki) berwarna hijau dan badge EMBRYOII oleh panitia menandakan selesainya kami menyertai program ini.Kemudian kami kembali ke pesantren dengan lori untuk membersihkan diri serta solat maghrib.

Kami kembali ke jatinagor dengan truk askar yang sememangnya tidak selesa tetapi bagi diriku ianya pengalaman yang adventur dan berharga.Sempat saya mengabdikannya dalam gambar bersama Hayat.Alhamdulillah,Kami tiba di UNPAD pada pukul 10malam.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What can i do with banana?

I would like to give a credit to Salmi(my housemate to kindly teach me how to make it happen & Alhammdullih my latest experiment was a success.

Since i don't have an oven(definitely will buy one once i get back to Malaysia),i never tought i could make a cake without one.So, another method is by stimming...This is the first time i make a cake And i would like to share in my blog.It is very easy!!

Banana Stim Cake

100g Margarine
150g sugar(add in more if you like it sweeter)
150g wheat flour(about 3/4 of the mug)
4 eggs( Gred B/medium size)
1 spoon baking powder
1/2 spoon bicarbonate soda
Banana(use 2 if big, 4 if small)
A few drops of Vanilla (optional)

3.Periuk pengukus
4.Mixer(since i don't have one, I'd be creative to use a Blender)

How to make it?
1. Blend all the ingredients except the banana and wheat flour
2. Cut the banana into small pieces into the blander
3. Blend it again
3. Insert the wheat flour and blend the ingredients.You'll get a mixture that's a little bit stick.
4. Smudge some margarine inside the 'loyang'.
5. Put in the blended ingredients into the 'loyang'
6. Let it stemmed inside the 'periuk pengukus' for 1 hour 15 minutes till the color is light brown..if the color doesn't change to brownish continue to stim it.

Gratitude to my study group members who became my trial participants.. We all have been studying together almost every week..sharing,supporting,advising each other since 1st year...I love you guys..Wait for my coming next trial.
What is it??Biarla rahsia...xbestla korg tau awl2..hehe

This entry is dedicated to my study group members...izmeer isn't in the picture..tengah fotokopi

Extra info:
Good thing about banana...
It provides energy and a good source of potassium.
Potassium is one of the electrolytes that is important in our body for metabolite balance.

Good health is about balance. Thus, Eat moderately!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cirumcision: A journey to maturity

A few weeks back, before my mum visited me at Bandung, i SMS her for the things that i want her to bring from Malaysia...however i got a different reply...

Me: Salam Ma, Aisha nak...(things i need)..Pesan pada adam,Kakak akan belaja sunatkan org 2minggu lg..hehe.
Adam reply with Mama's Hp:
APa? kakak nak belanja donut( i can't help laughing when i got the reply..i can tell its my lil bro)
Me: Tak,kakak nak praktis sunatkan Adam bila kakak balik nanti boleh??
Adam: Ini tidak adil
Me: Nak besar kenala sunat dulu.(i coaxed him)
Adam: Apa-apa je la...(he surrendered at last) i would like to discuss about circumcision..
Circumcision comes from latin word: circum means 'around' while caedere means 'to cut'.From the word itself, medically, it is a minor surgical procedure to remove the foreskin(perpuce) from the penis.

In Islam,women only have to cut small part of the clitoris.Not the whole clitoris like the supermodel Iman(current wife of David Bowie) have undergo.Google t to find more about it.For muslim, it is a religion practice. Islam is not only a religion, it is a way of life. I think, every man should undergo circumcision( in my opinion as a medical student) .

There are 3 religions that have circumcision as a must for their follower:Islam, Juidism & Christian(some of it).In Islam, it is called 'khitan' in Arabic language terms,it means to cut. There are a few opinions on weather cicumcision or 'khitan' is Wajib or sunat for men And women.In conclusion, it is Wajib in men and Harus in women.Harus means you have to do it if it brings benifit to you(not Wajib or sunat).

In Islamic perspective,
Men: To promote hygiene
Women: To reduce the very high sex drive in women and at the same time prevent fornication & sins

Isn't Islam is Syumul(complete)?? and the way women is protected is beautiful!!

The most important thing is, it promotes hygiene. It is also indicated in certain condition like Phymosis : adherent of the foreskin to the gland.

1. Fewer infection:Uncircumcised male can easily gets infection because after they urinate, the urine can easily deposit under the foreskin leaving smegma(urine that eventually become crystallized) Urinary tract infection is 5 times more in uncircumcised men.
2.Protects against HIV infection:The foreskin is a high target for HIV virus
3.Cut rates of Cervical cancer(in female):Circumcised men are 3 times less likely to carry the virus .
4.Lower risk in prostate cancer
5.Less penile cancer

When is the best time to have circumcision?
I think it is before a boy reach puberty. In Islam, Nabi Muhammad was circumcised by his grandfather(Abu Mutalib) when he was 7 days old.It was a common act during that time in Arab-Quraisy society.
The hukum is
Sunat: before the boy reach puberty(in Malaysia:9-11yrs old).
Wajib: in those who already reached puberty.

There are a few risk & side effect in circumcision.However, it is a fact that every surgery have their own risk.Thus, it should be conducted by a skilled And competent person.

This entry is dedicated to my brothers:

Additional Sources;
2.Reader's Digest,

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Latest adventure........

DAY 1(31/2/2009,SATURDAY)
The first morning at Pagandaran..playing by the beach:

After becoming a tour guide for the fourth time and have 2 bookings in the future(kak huda next week & mama's friend in may)..i have to rush back to Jatinangor to catch 10.30pm bus to Pagandaran Beach.It is located at sukabumi..east to bandung,about 5-6 hours by road. There are 75 Malaysian students participated in this trip who were either the committee members or performer of Sireh Bayu (a 'big' program we did in june 2008).

The trip is a treat for all of us and we were sponsored..Yes..dats true.
How couldn't i refuse it..However, this will be the second time i visit the place.
The 1st time was during my 1st year with my classmates (about one year after tsunami event at Aceh).Pagandaran beach was affected.This time, a lot of changes i've seen & i get to go to places i didn't go before.Definitely this trip is different and bring more fun & adventure.

A trip to Cagar Alam..

entering one of the 3rd and last cave we entered:

after the cave....boat ride..subahannallh.Nice view!!end the ride with a rojak in banana leaf.sedapppp!!delicious

shopping time....seafood Dinner sampai tak ingat dunia..hehe. me & kak Ain ate 1kg oyster sauce prawn, 2 deep fried squid & one sweet&sour fish looks like ikan rice needed
bon appetite'..sedapppp..after dinner because guilt in eating too much we walk back home to hotel instead of taking a becha ride..hehe

DAY 2(1/2/2009,SUNDAY)

After a sleeping with a satisfied & full stomach,we woke up with a very good mood.I had breakfast by the beach with kak Ain.I ate wholemeal bread and nescafe 3 in 1 imported from malaysia given bay cik Mah..TQ Cik Mah(",)..not to forget to become model of the day & took some pictures too!

Next destination: Grand Canyon....boat ride,flora& rocks!Wonderfull

Batu karas...found a swing by the beach...became a 5year old girl again..hehe

Last Spot: Batu Hiu..The name is given because from the sea, we can see the beach looks like 'ikan Yu'.The best view i get in pagandaran is this spot..Subahannllh..cantikk..Magnificent!

Participants from my batch...

We started our journey back home around 3pm.However, our bus broke down at 10pm and we have to wait for an hour by the road which was quite dangerous..Alhammdulillh we reach Jatinangor aroun 1.30am.Thank you for a friend who escourted me back home safely..I really enjoyed this trip.I get to experience Allah's magnificent creation..The scenery was beautifull..Subahannallh. Hopefullly i get to experience more in the future..

My family at Bandung

My mama & first brother came to Bandung for the wedding card. My aunt(my mum's sis) & her family also come along.I becomes their tour guide for two days.
The first day, i brought them shopping at Pasar Baru. It is a 8 storey building selling wide range of goods. Popular items are: telekung, clothes, indonesian head scarft..etc.Most women can consider this place as their favorite place at Bandung..hehe.
However, if u never or rarely shop there, u'll easily lost because the escalator to go up & go down is seperated and complicated.Lucky they have me as the tour guide..hehe
My brother manage to get his wedding invitation card. Each cost him 2,500rp...about 80sen kot..very cheap.My mum wins against me in choosing the card..huhu..Maybe mom knows the best..Definitely i'll have her as my wedding consultant.Love you mama!

The next day(friday) i bring my family to Kawah Putih at Ciwide about 2 hours from Bandung city.It was so cold..about less than 10 degree Celsius.Lucky i brought along my shawl.The place is actually a sulfuric lake which is an active volcano site( considered as Grade A).It is a must-to-go-place if u visit Bandung.I prefer to go there than Tangkuban perahu(another volcano site). This is the third time i visit the place.Once during first year with my classsmate and 2nd time in 2nd year with my family in 2007.My family love the place.
Happy to make my family happy (",).That night, i rush back to Jatinangor for a trip to Pagandaran Beach with other Malaysian students by bus at 2230.What a busy but happy weekend..hmmm