Saturday, November 27, 2010

TRIAD (ENT,OPthal,Anaesth) Posting!


Yesterday, I officially ended this three minor postings group all togather and called TRIAD posting. It was definitely tiring with so many things to catch up in such a little time. We also log book to fill in and case reports(case write up) to be made for each minor posting. Regardless all, it is indeed an intresting posting as I won't encounter it as houseman (HO) again.

We get 3 weeks for Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) posting, 3 weeks for ophthalmology and 2 weeks for Anaesthesiology. So total duration like a major posting = 8 weeks !! oh ya, for this posting we need to have an otoscope and opthalmoscope that cost about RM600 altogather. The advantage is you can practice it at people anytime you want.

This is the last minor posting of triad which I am most intrested on. Anaesthetist are also known as perioperative doctor. They manage patient whenever a surgery is involved and will see the patient before. during and after surgery (during recovery). The triad of anesthesiology on the effect aimed during surgery is: anesthesia (unconscious), muscle relaxant and analgesia (no pain).

In this posting, knowledge about drugs & medication is vital. We need to know the types of drug, mechanism of action, effects, indication...all the pharmacology parts. I used to dislike memorizing pharmacology. However, since the posting teaches us the relation and importance of these drugs, it makes pharmacology interesting!

Anesthetist need to be skilled in inserting needles to patient and life saving procedures. We need to do 5 intravenous cannulation at Accident & emergency(OT)within 2 weeks for this posting and see general and regional anaesthesia procedures at Operation Theater(OT). We also took Basic Life course(BLS), learn about defibrillator and type of mask use during the last week(2nd week).
Source of picture :

Yup,maybe I want to be an anaesthetist...put people to sleep..and wake them up after the surgery..hehe :)

Ear,nose & throat (ENT)-Otolaryngology

From the name itself, you can guess which area it involves. It is the first minor posting frm TRIAD. SInce my supervisor is specialize in nose, i see a lot of cases related to nose. In this posting, we need to know how to use the otoscope to see the eardrum clearly. The most intresting thing I was able to see is the presence of Aspergillus Nigra inside the ear (looks like fungi at the bread). The doctor later clean it with the ear toilet (suction of the fungi out from the ear).

normal eardrum that can be viewed via otoscope

Source of picture :

An ear infected with Aspergillus Niger. Diagnosis : otomycosis

Source of picture:

Some common cases seen are allergic rhinitis. They have special clinic day called allergic clinic. Another intresting thing to see is the needle prick test. There will be about 20 antigens of common triggers of allergic like dust mite, prawn an nuts that will be tested. The staff will make a small pricked on the patient's forearm(palmar side) with a blunt pin without bleeding. It is painless. Although, it may cause anxiety to certain people...hehe

Your eyes do not see what your mind does not know!! It is all about eyes and everything related to it. So, the basic science of eyes needed to be revised. I am amzed to know that we can suspect a systemic disease by looking at the eyes. The eyes will effected in most systemic disease know especially diabetes mellitus. We have to learn to use opthalmoscope to see the retina (an area further behind, inside your eyeball) with the help of pupil dilator. We need to draw 20 significant findings of retinal disorder in our log book that needed doctor's sign.

It needs a lot of practice to get the skill of using a direct opthalmoscope. It can be tiring to us as we need to strain our eyes to see the area of retina and find if there's anye significant finding.

However, regardless all, i like the picture of retina..its' beautiful (subahanallah!)

Source of picture:

Next posting will be PSYCHIATRY(my LAST posting for year 4) and then I'll be a FINAL YEAR student after the final exam... (",)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sexually Healthy Youths!


What happen if you talk about sexuality issues?? Variety of respond will come out.The respond will range from openly discuss about it to stigmatized the topic and refuse to discuss it. It is not only about sex.It is about the relationship between men and women,XY with XX,mars & venus (you get the picture).

Islam is syumul(complete) that have guidelines in sexuality issues and on how we should behave among different genders. A sexually healty youth should feel safe with those who are known to be safe.

from An-Nur (24:30-31)
Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be modest. That is purer for them. Lo! Allah is aware of what they do. (30)
And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest, and to display of their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils over their bosoms, and not to reveal their adornment save to their own husbands or fathers or husbands' fathers, or their sons or their husbands' sons, or their brothers or their brothers' sons or sisters' sons, or their women, or their slaves, or male attendants who lack vigour, or children who know naught of women's nakedness. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. And turn unto Allah together, O believers, in order that ye may succeed. (31)

Who are the one who are known to be safe?? They are those who obeys these to verses in Al-Quran.. men who protect his and the womens' modesty..women who protects her modesty and cover her aurat (body)..Its all there in AL-quran the book of guidence for Muslims.

According to Mary Buxton,a certified sex therapist, A sexually healthy teen are those who appreciates their BODIES (even a non-muslim agrees on this). Appreciating your body in Islam is covering our body and also keep our modesty.

Sexually healthy teens are:

* those who take RESPONSIBILITY for their own BEHAVIOURS
-so,please be wise in any decision and do not blame others on your action because you are the one who is responsible for your own choice.
* COMMUNICATE effective and respectfully
-learn to say NO,protect and prevent yourself from being used.
* express love and intimacy in a way that is appropriate to their AGE
-choose SAVE sex instead of safe sex...SAVE it for the only one who already commit to you (husband/wife). Say NO to pre-marital sex!

remember this from An-Nur,24: 26...
Vile women are for vile men, and vile men for vile women. Good women are for good men, and good men for good women; such are innocent of that which people say: For them is pardon and a bountiful provision. (26)

Another issue related to medical profession...

you are a muslim doctor at a general private clinic. One day a Muslim colleage girl came and admit to you that she is sexually active and need you to prescribe her contraception pill. What will you do?

Some may say, I am a muslim, I am against this behaviour and I want to refer her to a colleague who agrees to do it.

However...what if she neglects it and take some other harmful medication or methods for her contraception needs? Who will be responsible if anything goes wrong?

The best thing to do is...

First, make a good rapport with her. Explain the consequences and advice her to get back to the right path. After that, give her the contraception as ethically it may prevent harm and provide beneficience to the patient. Pray that one day she will realize her mistakes and seek forgiveness form HIM (taubah)

Note: This issue was dicussed by Prof Harlina during her talk on Let's become sexually healthy youths! I just share what I got from her intresting talk.May it benefit me and you..Ameen :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Revised topic:Muslim Government Doctors Criteria

Salam...this is an entry written by a friend (also my batch mate) as a feedback on Malaysian GOvernment Doctors Criteria. It is something we all medical students should read and think of!!

1. There is life outside medicine. Who said so you can't have life outside medicine. That's ridiculous. Think! There is doctor who is married with doctor in the same hospital. Also, there is doctor who is dating with staff in the hospital, including nurses! Well, that's what I call dating. Sport? Walking, running in the hospital isn't that call sport? Don't be "closed-minded" Think! There is doctor who joins the Fitness First. Clubbing? A muslim should avoid this. You know that. Think! Can't do chores for your parents? Of course you can’t if you are not living with them in the same house. But wait, praying Dua’ for your parents isn’t that one’s must do? That’s one simple chore you can do for your parents. Think! Even, there are doctors who become a member of NGO of Islamic Society eg. IKRAM, KARISMA, JIM, others as to dakwah. Think! The is life outside medicine. It’s just you who make your life in such a cocoon. Think!

2. When you are in the working profession, you earn your own money. You have your own life. Still living with parents under one roof and being pampered by them? Of course not. And of course you can, if you want to. Well, not only doctors who are not living with their parents! Don't you think so? Think! Move out of the house ASAP because your parents wouldn’t understand your job? Please don’t follow this advice. Don’t run away from your parents. They wouldn’t understand your job? They’ve raised you up until you are able to stand on your own feet. They know you. They will know. They never come to hospital watching how a doctor working? I bet your mom had admitted to any Gynecology ward before this. Think!

3. Bila jodoh dah sampai seru dan berkemampuan, berkahwinlah. Sememangnya fitrah manusia ingin saling mencintai dan dikasihi. No need to wait until you have complete for the Govt compulsory services. There is medical student who married during study. There is houseman who married her registra. Think! There is life outside medicine.

4. Get baby as soon as possible after getting married. Well, depend on your luck. Rezeki Allah bg lain-lain. Fikir balik. Apekah tujuan berkahwin? Tak mau anak? Panjangkanlah zuriatmu yang baik-baik sementara nyawa masih ada. Think!

5. Follow the work protocols in your hospital. That what keeps you safe. Think!

6. 36 hours working non stop? Trust me, you can sleep in between. Yes, I’ve seen doctors doing it. Are you really sure non stop? Muslim has break for prayers. Isn’t that enough? How many doctors have died because of this? None. Think! Everybody can do it. Allah akan bagi ujian yang hanye setimpal dengan kemampuanmu.

7. Don’t drive if you know that you are drowsy or disoriented. Don’t be stupid. Get a taxi. Be smart, be safe. Think!

8. Coffee contain caffeine, and some how it can cause tolerance. If you are a coffee lover, of course you need constant supply of it. For coffee hater like me, better to avoid it. Find a better way to keep you fresh. Think!

9. Managing stress is very important. I’m sure you have had experienced any stressful event in your life. But yet, you managed to get over it. How? Nicotine patch? Definitely not. You are doctor. Don’t abuse drug. That’s why you learn psychiatry aren’t you? Think!

10. Don’t get over influenced by the media. That’s are all movies to be watched by the people all over the world. Of course the story line are all made up and making its much interesting. Don’t you think so? Do you think that the doctors’ life in the movies (House, Scrubs, Grey Anatomy) resembles its own doctors’ life in its country? Do you think so? Think! Do you think that you can get better life in other hospital than in Malaysia? How better is better? Think!

11. There are doctors who have gardens at their houses. Yes, they have maid. So?

12. Try to walk around with houseman in the hospital during your practical year. Don’t forget to smell them. Do they smelly? Never in my experience! They have time to take a break, and have bath. Think!

13. Fasting. Islam has trained you to stay empty stomach, right? Sacrificing yourself to save someone’s life isn’t that beautiful? Think!

14. Doctors do deserve MCs. Who says so that they’re not deserve to get one?! Remember, we are all human being and human gets sick when they get sick. Don’t you think so? Nobody is perfect. My supervisor had MC because she had sore throat. What?! Sore throat? Think!

15. Scolding, destructive criticism, racial bias, finger pointing from your supervisors are nothing. I am very sure you have trained to become resistant with all of these negative tortures during your practical years. Think! Why they do that? They love you. They want to make you a better doctor. They don’t want you to make mistakes. This profession involving lives. This is not a playground. Think! You want being pampered by them? Being nicely treated by them? This is not kindergarten anymore. Think! I love being scolded. That what keeps me moving on.

16. You think your life will be just confined to the hospital only? How many doctors having fun with families, travelling around the world, win noble prizes, etc, etc, etc………..? Think!

Never regret of what you are doing now, Medical Students…
Isn’t this your school-age AMBITION?Yer cikgu, saye nak jadi dokter. Saye nak bantu orang sakit.
Wasn’t that your kiddy answer?
Yes, you wanted to be here. Yes you are.Think! Think back.

Its not easy to get you here. Yes, here. How many years had you struggled to get you in this profession. You are now half-step distance to become a doctor. Never turn back.

I do believe that my life has been planned by Allah. Why am I here? Because Allah had planned for me to be here. Ouh, I need to find the hikmah behinds these. Allah knows what is the best for His servants.

Never let negative thought under estimate yourself, your capability. If other doctors who can do it, why not you? WHY NOT YOU? Of course there is NO SHORTCUT to be one. A consultant. You think it is easy to become one? They also had struggled through tough years to be one. Yes.

Every king was once a weak baby, and every awesome building was once just a drawing on a piece of paper. And you? THINK!

Jadi dokter, satu pekerjaan yang mulia. Yes, doctors playing God. But yet, everything happen dengan IzinNya. Saving lives, isn’t that mulia? Imagine you save someone’s life or making someone to have a better quality of life. And that person able to beribadat and do good things because you’ve helped that person. Don’t you think “saham pahala” gets to you? Allah knows.
What other profession yang the customer really trust the person? None can beat doctor profession. So, use this opportunity to dakwah as well.

Positive mind set will definitely deliver Positive attitude!

written by Muhd Izmeer

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dare to DREAM!!

Salam(peace be upon you),

WARNING:this entry is quite self centered cause i'm talking bout my achievements..hehe :)

October is the month of some of my dreams comes true. It all does not come easily. Practise makes perfect.I did encountered some failures in achieving them.Therefore, when I practise,spend some time & money in preparing myself for it. I was dare to DREAM.

However, the road is not easy and I never thought that god will answers my prayer so soon in giving everything in a month...alhmdulillah(praise Allah).

My dreams that are fulflilled:

1. PAss my Paediatric & Orthopaedic posting (core posting that people can easily get flunk). so far never fail any posting yet even though i'm busy with college activities & student societies..God forbid any of this from happening..Amin :)

2. Get 2nd for Futsal in inter-collage sports game at UKM (SUKEM 2010)-we are competing other non medical colleage in our Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia so far our team never win any game.our greatest achievement was a tie..hehe.On that day we only loss to the winning team.My 'udang terbakar' (burned face) was worth it after all-still have it after 2 weeks. We played 5 games straight that day.

As the Captain, I can never do this alone.Thanks to the dedicated people in the team-Temoh, Farah, Fatin,Farhana,Christina,Afifah & Hanim for the constant practise this year...even during puasa :) also Nana and friends as our additional help! It all started last year but the team expanded middle of this year. Thanks to my futsal ball that become the pacemaker of our team..Just before SUKEM, my futsal shoes came along,and it is PINK!-the only thing I bought for raya :)

3. Get to sing and perform duet piano-guitar at my college during Hari Siswi :) last performance was last year..Me & Farah performed togather last year during our college dinner but we did not sing. This time we sing and we only practise togather the night before and the performance turn out to be just nice as everyone like it :)

4. Able to finish 10km run at get the finishing medal at UPM Wave Run 2010-This is my second attempt on 10km run. My first one was at Putrajaya.unable to get the finishing medal & was quite sad about it(maybe will try again next year). This time I am quite prepared. Thanks to Nadiah my runner buddy for the training togather, Mr KC Lee a.k.a coach for the guide and 'Nike+ band'..not feeling guilty to buy it coz I get it less 50%..hehe

(an insult to Mizuno because regardless the runner tee, I'm wearning Nike+band & Nike shoe with Addidas pants)SORRY!!

I was DARE to DREAM! and NOW i BELIEVE anything is POSSIBLE..insyallah(with Allah's will). Just need to believe and work on it.. everthing starts with the WILL to DO IT!

p/s it is normal to get down sometimes. I do feel it to. Just need to find the way to get your spirit up. What happen this month do lift up my spirit...however you never know what the future holds. May my spirit always lift up high (",)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dealing with cute beings..


Hi. Finally I can relax a bit as my study week just started. The term ends with Paediatric posting. It's not just dealing with cute beings(children). We have to win their hearts and modified certain techniques in dealing with our small patients.

During this posting, i am officially an aunt as my nephew was born on August member of the family : Umar Khalish (haven't meet him in person yet..busy playing with other children in Paediatric posting..huhu)

I was susprised that i am more mentally exhausted for this posting (I rather be exhausted due to physical stress).I was quite depressed towards the end of it as I had to faced the small practical exam called short-case and also other factors that is to private to be mentioned here. Its funny cause I think, I am more stress in this posting compared to Obs& Gyne. Lucky, it happen in Ramadhan,where we will find back the ease of mind during this holy month.

The most enjoyable part of this posting is playing with the small children and determine their age based on their performance. We call it Developmental Assessment! So, now i have the skill of guessing the age of small kids..yeay! We also have to be competent in neonatal screening where we check any abnormalities in babies less than 24 hour of life. Now i can hold babies less than one day without fear of breaking their delicate bodies.

Doctors in paediatrics are considered as those who wants to produce a perfect & safe doctors out of the students. Their intention is good! The process of making us realizing how we should work hard is quite eye-opening. Medicine is not just is more to understanding!

In paediatric, we have to understand the impact of the problem towards the social factor of the child. I encounter a lot of patinents under 'Orang Kurang Upaya' (OKU) and go to special class. It's a bonus for me as I did my elective posting there last semester.Moreover, the effect towards the family economical status is tremendous in chronically ill patients. Belive me, medical treatment& management is not cheap!

I also also discover that even a few months old child can have a lots of problem more or equal to patients we see in the adult medical ward. It is intresting to see how critically ill babies were managed with my posting at neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Paediatrics and obstetric & gynecology(O&G) are siblings. I understand more about the hazards and risk for the babies that can effect their future. We are exposed to so many hazards and yet we are able to be normal...hehe.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Our beloved teacher..


Wow, Paediatric posting does have its impact on me. I have 'puasa' from updating my blog for a month. And yes Ramadhan is coming up starting 11/8..but that won't keep me from having small jogs by tasik in the evening or futsal next to rumah Mc D every Thursday(strictly..the court is ours on men are allowed.sorry to disapointed you guys last week.hehe)

With PERSIAP 2010 COmmittee..goodbye MU..welcome Arsenal

No one can replace his dedication towards us the students. Not all teachers are the same. Some are garang(stirct..and even give you palpitation), some are very friendly(making you smile up to your ear) and there's even certain lecturers are sarcastic (making you Insaf for a certain period). There's even lecturer who ignores you that you have to make certain effort for them to aknowledge you (if you are proactive enough).

All the differences colors up our life as astudent. I could not agree more with Prof Norzi, another respectable lecturer from O&G. The diversity makes life intresting and NOT BORING. Therefore,its up to us students to take it positively or negatively.

I'm glad to know that if you did something wrong, all the anger and dissapointment won't be remembered(unless it is significant). So, its ok to make mistake, but improve not to make it next time. Don't make the bad scene affects you so much causing you traumatized when you see the lecturer.

From a story by one of our lecturer(cannot tell who),it happened to one of our senior during professional exam(for final years). She was sooo traumatized by this one lecturer causing her to faint during the exam..the power of FOBIA..hehe

Buddies United at Prof's house

Personal birthday gift..sorry for the 'bunyi sumbang'..haven't play my 2nd instrument for quite sometime..

So, lecturers. I am glad for your help and touched by your dedication. To Prof Madya Shahrir Mohammad: Thank you for everything. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad we did suprised you with the help of your beloved wife & daughters :) I'm glad to be apart of the 5th year suprised party plan


P/s : Glad that Prof 'tak jadi' transfer to USIM totally :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Passion for sports :)


It's already a year since I lft Bandung. Overthere,i have a routine of spending my evenings or weekend morning doing aerobic, light jog or swimming. Among of those three, I usually go for aerobic the most since the gym is just 15 minutes walk from where I stayed. I even entered the competition twice and attended the gym instructor's parties a few times for birthdays and her engagement. Through sports, I make friends with the local peoples(ibu-ibu), including students from other faculties.

When I came back to Malaysia, I have to find something to substitute my evening aerobics. The hospital is a very strategic place since the swimming pool and stadium is just in front of it. However, no ladies' day for the pool which keeping me from going...huhu. Another alternative is jogging by Taman tasik Permaisuri which something I can do alone when no one can accompany me.

I am not new in jogging. I did jogging since high school.However, I never consider it as something I enjoy the most(especially when u do it alone) until I enter the competition which I upgrade myself as a long distance runner. It feels good when you are able to finish the race. It is definitely a bonus when you are better than others. The next aim is 12.3km run..

It started about a year ago which i only manage to jog half round of the tasik and then gradually upgrading myself until I was able to finish 3 rounds straight without stopping. Later, I entered a 7km run organized by my fellow friends which open for public . I did training twice for it and manage to get 4th place in 43 minutes duration without injuries and to my suprise no tremendous exhaustion. I puasa sunat the next day and did my normal run on the other day. Therefore, i am eager for another run. I guess, I am now infected with running. :) Thus, i bought the Nike shoes specifically for long distance running at a bargain price.

Actually I was aiming for a futsal shoes for a long time. However, after a few considerations, I choose running shoes. Finally, we girls get one day (Thursday) for us to use the court at our 'kolej kediaman'. Thanks to our Jawatankuasa Kolej (JAKSA).However, I wonder will it last? This is because, not many girls are ehtusiastic enough to come down and play. Sooner or later, the guys will claim back the day..huhu.

Sports unites people no matter who they are and brings us closer :)

Wasalam (",)

Justify Full

Sunday, June 6, 2010

6 June??


Why the date is significant to me??

Its my date of birth! I am officially 22 years old today. Alhamdulillah..Hmm,,Getting older I should be more wiser right?


Thank you for the wishes and prayers that everyone send me via SMS & FB. I was suprised to received 99 new notification after restraining myself from using it from saturday morning till tonight since I'm busy with my cousin's wedding preparation.

Today is the 5th cousin's wedding that I shared the wedding cake with my the newly weds..haha..Thats the truth of 6th June. You can see a lot of people getting married on date. The school holidays usually fall on that day. YDP Agong's birthday also sometimes choosen to be on that date (this year on 5th of June). Some mother even choose to do cesearian section on this date (its a true story I learned from my friend).

Maybe the number is nice to certain people 06..06..?? this date does not signifies any celebration, yet people like to choose it for a wedding date. maybe because it will ususally fall on school holiday.My birthdate falls on 1988.thereore my birthdate is 06.06.88..nice number eh??

As for me..happy getting older..huhu.It's ok..I will be 'Young at heart' as always :).Hopefully I will 'amanah' in what Allah give me to live this life as servant and to serve others.May success be mine and happy life awaits me in future. AMin..

p/s : my only little brother will 'sunat'(circumcision) tomorrow (on 7/6). Therefor, my bodyguard number will increase to 3 now :) ..people says that boys will shoot up and gets taller after cirumcision.Is there any proof?He is excited to get taller than me..(yeah,I agree i'm quite small) 'kecik-kecik cili padi' (",)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Extra lesson at Operation Theater (OT)


Entering Operation Theater(OT) room is our routine in certain postings. I had this experience in previous postings ( Surgery and O&G). However, today it is quite different with the rest of my experiences in OT room. We received tazkirah, philosopy insight and teaching by Mr Halim, an Ortho-Paediatric specialist of UKMMC. We cover a lot of topics today and as adult self directed learner, we had to revise Apley's(our ortho book) to learn more rather than spoon feed by our lecturers.
Extra things we learn besides orthopaedic are :

1. We get to use to mp3 player playing music in OT room to make working environment less intense. Sometimes they even put al-Quran recital which make the surrounding calm & soothing. I even encounter an OT room where the registrar from middle east recite alquran that he bought during a sugery of a muslim man during my surgical posting.

Mr Halim inform us that its better to play Al-Quran recital than other songs. It makes people talk less inside the OT (to respect the recital) and less tense. Besides, we don't frequently recite al-Quran therefore, why not we listen more.
2. He did mention about prayers that doctors usually always try to fullfill during their busy day. Never leave your prayers,he said.DUring Friday prayers, he advise us the girls to help the Muslim male doctors in covering them during the prayers. It is a win-win situation coz they have to cover female doctors during maternal leave. Have to agree with that!

3. It is also important for us students to be change our attitude and become adult learner. We all are given the freedom of choice in choosing how we want to learn and become the doctor who saves people. It is quite related to a forum done just a few days ago for our juniors during their orientation before entering clinical world.

Malaysian education system is so used to spoon-feeding in giving education since kindergaten and suddenly, during university they want us to be matured with self-directed learning. The adjustment have to be made and the mind set have to change into a better insight. We are already adults and given the freedom of choice on how to learn without being told. We have to be proactive in the sense of seeking knowledge.
We cannot wait the lecturers to give silver spoon-feeding or attach a ryles tube to channel the knowledge to us. Knowledge is at the tips of your finger. There are internet to be the source of knowledge if books is a burden for you. There are friends that we can form a group and study togather for better understanding.

4. Never talk or give information about something you are not sure. Rather say that you don't know rather than not sure about what you trying to convey. People tends to hold to what we say. For example when we give the possible diagnosis to a patient saying that the patient might has cancer but it can be possible an infection. The patient will prefer to hold to the better progosis one which is cancer as the diagnosis. We are humans. We do prefer the good things rather than the bad one. So, we might give them false hope(s)!
5. Our priority is as a STUDENT! Do not involve with things that can jeoparadise your study and future. Be a student who do his/her part as a student-study adequately and follow the flow. Adjustment to the situation is important!
Actually this is his comment on some issues faced by our medical students' society,PERSIAP(we are a NATURAL organization!!) being the blacksheep of the university family due to student's & university political issues..He gave his point of views base on his exprience as student leader during his time. From his concern of PERSIAP, I think he was probably one of PERSIAP committee...hehe

We have to seek knowledge, don't wait for it to come!

Tips in becoming have to have:
Eyes like an eagle,Heart like a lion, Hands like a lady,


Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Sunshine award to fellow bloggers (",)


"The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world."

This is something nice to do to other people telling how much I appreciate their blog. I was actually given the same award by a Twinning UKM-UNPAD junior(Asmayanti) I met less than an hour during her orientation at UKMMC before going to Bandung in 2009. Giving is rewarding :)

This is what she write about me:

7. LIFE: WONDERFUL AND MEANINGFUL. A blog of Kak Aishah. My super senior, the first generation of TWP UKM-UNPAD. First met her at PPUKM during the registration. A cheerful and cute girl I must say. Love to read her entries about experiences in clicinal year. Thanks akak, you make it sound so fun! Do accept this award from me. :)

I would like to award a few of my blogger friends that most of them I know outside the blogger life. This is not ordinal and hopefully it does makes your life shine as bright as the sun and motivates you to write more (",)

1. aku yang sedang belajar by Madziani aka Ani, my TWP UKM-UNPAD friend and my ex study group mate at UNPAD who always love to write intresting stories about her life. Some may sound sad but at the end you'll find the intresting part of it. Likes to write sajak.

2. Secebis kehidupan by Nur Hanisah, my TWP UKM-UNPAD friend and also my ex study group mate at UNPAD who like to share info about medical,life and some motivation. Like to write sajak too!

3.Coffee-Talk by Lutfi Fadil, my TWP UKM-UNPAD junior(responsible in persuading him to take this program),ex-KMPK 2005/2006 mate(even though i when there for 1 half month)and my friend who never skip his coffee drink since school. Also coffee fanatic & addict(u can relate that to his blog title)haha.Anyway,his writing is intresting that makes you open your eyes and think. Maybe its the effect from the coffee..yeke?? Nice insight too!!

4. A little reminder by Jazli Aziz, my high-school (SMKBB) friend now a final year at UIA Kuantan that likes to write about Islamic views on various things that we youngsters ought to know. He had nice point of views and intresting topic on his post.

5. Ini Amad Pesan by Ahmad Fahmi aka Dr Amad, my batch mate at UNPAD Bandung who likes to share his views on a lot of matters relate to Islam that I consider as my online usrah..Always love the input that also fills with colors. Nice to read eventhough its long.Like to see intresting pictures inside it too!

6. Ana Solehah by Kak Aimi, my senior at UNPAD Bandung who like to write short(less wordy) but meaningful stories about her clinical life at UNPAD Bandung.It gives me some idea about how our seniors encounter clinical years (KOAS) at Bandung since I do my clinical at UKMMC. Anyway, I like her thoughts & pint of view of thins she sees in life.Thanks kak (",)

7. Penjejak FIhyatul Kahfi by Ahmad Zulfahmi, my batch mate at UNPAD Bandung and also my ex-bos when I was Exco of Student society at Bandung.He likes to share some ideas on things happening around us and also his life that have relation to Islamic views on it. Like his insight on his stories.Another online Usrah..hehe

8.Ain Musa by Ain Musa,my batch mate at UKM Malaysia. She is pettite',cute and funny. I will always find her post to be funny and cute. The writing is very creative and this girl really have the talent to make people laugh by reading her entries..keep it up girl (",)

9.Fadhli16288 by Mohd Fadhli, my UKM Malaysia senior, 'cikgu' and friend who helps me fit in into academic system and organisation field in UKM. He was the YDP of our Medical students' society and writes mostly about his opinion on our medical students' society, UKMMC, his life and also some public issues. Suprisingly i found it informative..hehe.

10.Dr Radzi's weblog by Radzi, my batch mate at UNPAD Bandung who likes to write about life and Islam..Indeed another online usrah!! He likes to share his opinions on things happens in life that we can reflect to ourselves and try to be better.

11. Hikmah Kembara by Nur Faiz, a blogger friend from Mut'ah, Jordan.She likes to fills her blog with 'pantun' that I found intresting and creative.

12. Medical PBL UKM by a group of final years (UKM Medical students batch 2006). It is a very informative and usefull blog created by students that is very benificial to us,especially to UKMMC medical students.Lecture notes, list of books, past year questions and informations on medical postings can be found in this blog. Manage to get the idea of clinical year postings of UKM from this blog.I learn about this blog before I winish my pre-clinical at UNPAD,Bandung. FOund it useful.Good job to the admin!

Actually, there are other blogs that I like to 'hop in' and be faithful silent reader. they all are in my blog list..

For these 12 bloggers, please claim your award and...

i. Nominate 12 more bloggers.
ii. Put the logo onto your sidebar or within a post.
iii. Link the nominees within your post.
iv. Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their respective blogs.
v. Share the love and link to the person from whom you have received the award.

I know it's a hassle, but wouldn't it be nice to share this and bring smile to others?

Wasalam (",)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting bussier in Year 4..


My year 4 starts with a lot of activities & commitments as a committee in Student society here (Welfare Exco). I did try to reduced my extra curicular activities by restraining myself from taking responsiblities. The reason is, I don't want to damage myself or breaking people's trust with bad quality of performance.Learning to say NO to certain things you desire but unable to cope is IMPORTANT! However, i can't stop myself from joining activites as participants..hehe

Today, I met my SSM supervisor a cardiothoracic surgeon with my other group members. We discuss on our research topic with literature review we have gathered beforehand. The topic is the relationship of left main stem coronary artery with carotid stenosis.Its gonna be BIG and I like it!

We will have to go to Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) to collect data for 6 months with the manpower of 5 people.I don't mind the extra work because our research will have the significance in managing peolpe with heart disease due to left main stem artery stenosis in Malaysia setting.

We will have SSM scientific presentation of our research next year.It is also a competition as the best presentation will present their research in a conference between 3 countries (Malaysia.Indonesia & Brunei). To gain some experience, I will join the 2nd SSM scientific presentation by our final year(year 5) next week.I did join the 1st Malaysian International Medical Conference(MIMSC) last yr and 2nd MIMS at UM last week and gets an overview of what research & research presentation really is.

With 2nd MIMSC ended, I already end my term as Society of Malaysian Medical Accociation-MedicalStudents (SMMAMS) committee member. However, i did not finish my responsibility for SMMAMS yet. There is CME for Malaysian Medical students, a program under me as Director at UKMMC on July 10th.there will be 30 participant from ten medical schools.Hopefully it will become a success like the 2nd MIMSC last week.

Society of Malaysian Medical Accociation-Medical Students (SMMAMS) committee members,2009/2010 session ( what a great team!)

from left: Melvin(UM),Kar Yee(UM),Justin(IMU),Thanesh(PMC),Aishah(UKM),Syazwani(USIM) & Benjamin (UM).

My cycle of posting in Year 4 is quite similar to Year 3 because the 2 heavy & considered tough postings are in my 1st semester. In year 3 I started my semester I with Surgery and O&G while this year I have Ortho & Paediatric in my 1st semster.LAst yr I also manage a big event in my 1 st semester (World health day as vice-director).

This year,the same cycle goes. I will manage Continuing Medical Education (CME) for Medical Students-national level, as the director.Hopefully with the experience of fortunate survival last year, I can improve myself to be better this year regardless the extra responsibility I willing to take.Insyallah!

Excited faces before entering a posterior instrumentation and fusion on congenital scoliosis arthrogryphosis patient under Spine Team

Year 4 is indeed a busier year compare to year 3. We have extra postings & assignments to be cover despite our four major postings:

1. 4 major postings:Orthopaedic, Paediatric,Triad-Ophtal,ENT,Anaes and Psychiatry.
2. Special Study Modul(SSM): need to do research in a group of 5 ppl.
3. Forensic: need to observed 10 autopsy and assist 2 autopsies

* extra things for us Twinning UKM-UNPAD students is our Pengurusan Masa(TIme management) class (university subject) on saturday. THis class is a compulsory,that we have to take in order to graduate.

Orthopaedic & Traumatology is indeed an intresting field of surgery.Its mainly about muscle & bones of your body.It consist of 8 teams: Athroplasty, Spine, Rehab, Trauma, Oncology-ortho, Paediatric-ortho,Hands & Sports.During waiting for my SPM result to come out (2005), I did an attachment at Gleneagles Hospital.I met a Rehab-Ortho specialist that introduced me to bed sores. Little did i know about bed sores until I enter medical school. However, the exposure that I got from the doctor somehow making me intrested and motivated to be in Medical field. I did consider taking intrest in Rehab.But, I will decide after completing my undergrad.

The good thing in Ortho rotation is we get to experience various teams each week during our 8weeks posting at UKMMC,cheras. There are 4 wards as our 'libraries' and one ward for ortho-paeds, with 26 bed per ward as our 'books'.We learn through understanding the patient's problems.Ortho also means a lot of revision of ANATOMY!! Now i know the importance of unnderstanding anatomy in details.

an x-ray film of Galeazzi fracture...a case for my traumatology case write up(case studies that we have to write from history taking until management including personal thoughts on it)

extra info: According to E-medicine article published in February 11th, 2010: ‘Galeazzi Fracture is an injury pattern involving a radial shaft fracture with associated dislocation of the distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ); the injury disrupts the forearm axis joint’
In laymans' term: its a fracture of bone at your forearm, specifically at lower third of your forearm that also affect your wrist.

with the complex medical term above, I rest my case!

Thanks for reading my CURHAT (Curahan Hati). I don't mind getting busy if its for the benefit of others.

Life is to SHORT to be EASILY taken. Thus,making everyday BENEFICIAL becomes MEANINGFUL!

Wasalam (",)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Elective Posting with special kids (",)


During end of year 3 holiday, I am required to do an elective posting that is preferably more to community work rather than anything to do with medical. It is a must for medical students of UKM to fulfill this requirement before graduate.

My mum prefers me to spend most of my holidays at home.Therefore, I choose a place near my house & only do a half day work.Therefore, I choose volunteering at Kelas khas(Special need class). In Malaysia, we have 'Kelas Khas' at normal government schools to let them be in the society and not feel left out. I'm fortunate to have Puan Azizah,Penolong Kanan 1 of SK Bukit Beruang,Melaka as my neighbour who kindly give me the ride to school every morning.

At first, Puan Aishah the coordinator(yes, we share the same name..hehe) doesn't know what kind of work to give me. They never receive medical student for an attacthment before. The pogram just entering it's 2nd year at the school. They only receives their first elective teacher a week earlier than my application. I did variety of things : entering students data,entertain them, decorating the class, teaching & managing the childrens(including make them wash their hands before they eat).

Bulliying the kids or being bullied by the kids..huhu..


The 'Kelas Khas' consists of 20 children devided into 3 classes based on their IQ : Pintar(low), Bestari(moderate) and Arif(good). They have four teachers with one coordinator. They are having shortage of teachers since I was told that the teacher to student's ratio should be 1:4.

How the children was detected and advised to enter the school??
Some of them was detected by parents earlier who later seek advice from the doctor. However most of them gets recomendation from their teacher/school to do check up at the nearest Policlinic. They will be screened by the doctor that decides weather the child have learning disorder or not.If they have certain disorder, they will be advised for further management and registered under OKU (orang kurang upaya-disable people). These children will recives RM3OO per month(if i'm not mistaken) from government.

Not all children with learning difficulties are considered as OKU and send to 'Kelas khas'.Every primary school in Malaysia have to make sure that their students can fulfill 3M (Membaca,menulis,mengira-reading,writing,counting) by standard 3 (9 years old).Teachers who detect their students cannot read or count by that time will be send to 'Kelas Pemulihan' under qualified teachers.This program is under LINUS. Teachers at 'Kelas Pemulihan' will detect weather the child can be considered as OKU or not and make referal letter for check-up with the doctor.

I had a GREAT time there and the childrens are cute & adorale(naughty at the same time..hehe). I experienced variety of disorders: DOwn syndrome,autistic,mild conductive hearing loss with with isolated speech delay,slow learner. Most of them have Attention deficit hypertensive disorder(ADHD).

{DOwn syndrome:extra genetic material at chromosome 21 causing Trisomy 21 developemntal delays and abnormalities mentally & physically, Autism:neural development disorder that impaired social interaction & communication, COnductive hearing loss: hearing loss due to defect on conducting sound to the inner ear,Isolated speech delay: speech disorder limited to language expression or production,Slow learner a.k.a Lembam(in Malay language), ADHD: either attentional problem is greater than hyperactivity or vice versa or both in a child which is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder)

During my elective posting there,I am fortunate to have opportunity to join Hari OKU Peringkat Negeri Melaka 2010 as the 'Guru Pengiring' as the class sends some children for drawing contest.I also join their Bowling therapy (held once a month) and gardening with them to upgrade their class backyard. The school also receives a visit from Thailand teachers during my 2nd week of posting.

Hari OKU Peringkat Negeri Melaka 2010

Bowling therapy

Gardening day

Visit form Thailand teachers..

The best thing of all, i was adressed as CIKGU when i was there. The kids know me as their teacher .I used to have the ambition to become a teacher until I develop more passion towards medical world. Most of my families(mom,aunt,uncles & cousins) are teachers. Therefore, this opportunity fulfill a part of me. Indeed "Giving is Rewarding"

Thank you to all the teachers and supporting staff of Kelas Khas,SKBB including 2 practical teachers in the picture and 2 male teachers not in the picture..

Everyday fills with colors of life and I learned to cope with it. Emotionally win the childs’ heart and trust is a reward for me. Receiving hug and kisses or able to make them fulfill small task is a huge success for me.


P/s: DO correct me if there is any correction one the facts of special class and special children.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Health screening at SMK Teknik Sepang.


Alhmdulillah, I've passed my year 3 without problems & happilly appreciating my 2 months break. The 1st month of my break fills with a few activities spend at KL,Kelantan & Malacca.

The lastest activity done is becoming a volunteer for health screening booth set up by our UKM Medical Society (PERSIAP). We received the invitation from Science & Social Faculty of UKM for their event Hari Jantung Sedunia at that school on 27/04/2010.

The girls setting up the banner

What we did there? Basic health check up: Height,weight,body fat measurement,Blood pressure(BP) and blood type. At the end of session, everyone will be given counselling on their health check-up result.

For the first hour, I have to manage the counselling booth.I always wonder, what kind of problem they want to know? Porblems faced by these form 4 students(16 years old)
1. Most of them have low blood pressure.
2. Some are overweight or have low/normoweight but with high fat index.

Blood Pressure is tension exerted on walls of arteries(a type of blood vessel that brings blood from heart to body cells) by the strength of contraction of the the heart.

Masitah with her favourite elctronical BP set

Example of the normal reading 120/90. 120 is called the Systolic BP while 90 is the Diastolic BP. Systolic BP indicates the blood flow into your heart while Diastolic BP indicates the blood flow from heart to body.

Therefore, low blood pressure indicates low flow of blood to your body & other vital organs. It is normal to have low BP if you are atheletes & people who exercise regularly.They also have low risk for stroke,kidney disease and heart disease. Thus, low BP is acceptable as long as it is not low enough to cause symptoms(dizziness,fainting) and problems to the body(chest pain/heart attack when insufficient blood supply to heart).

Me & the adik-adik

Weight issues & high fat index can be manage with eating in a small amount 5 times per day and choose the food according to the food pyramid. Excercise is very important.For those who doesn't involve with sports, brisk walking for more than 45 minutes,3 times per week is good for health. However, for weight reduction, for effort in cutting the calories & increasing fequency of excercise should be done.

guy's booth

girl's booth

Wasalam (",)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MEr..De...Ka??not really..

picture taken during exam week...distracted for a while ;P

"start a day with thinking of serving instead of being served!"


Finally,I am able to continue wiritng after restraining myself from writing my blog due to final exam..Alhamdulillah.Waiting for the result to come out next week.

From Facebook & yahoo messanger.I can see a lot of comments from my batchmates,especially posting-mates expressing their feelings toward the questions. Mostly, they are an expression of hatred, frustration and anxious. The positive thinking ones saying how relief they are from the obtacles they face.

Life is what you see and interprate the things happen to you. How you respond will determine how you will see things in live. Either positive or negative. Positive thoughts attracts the positive things to your life. You don't belive it eh?? You can read 'The Secret' by RHonda Byrne and learn to believe & think positive. You will also find out about the power of law of attraction when you started to belief.

Ash-Sharh 94:1-8
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Have We not caused thy bosom to dilate(melapangkan dadamu), (1) And eased thee of the burden (2) Which weighed down thy back; (3) And exalted thy fame? (4) But lo! with hardship goeth ease, (5) Lo! with hardship goeth ease; (6) So when thou art relieved, still toil (7) And strive to please thy Lord. (8)

GOd have send us reminders & words of comfort in the al-Quran. Look at verse 4 & 5. The verse repeats showing the strong reminder Allah wants us to be reminded.

"every negative things happen there always positive things behind it!"

Applying to our post exam emo..why not we think of the positive side of it.We should recall mistakes we done,find the answer for questions we don't know,recorrected our wrong and memorize the right answer.Therefore, if we are asked the same question, we already know the answer or easily recall the correct answer.

verse 6 means even after what happen, occupied your time with something that brings benefit.For me any good things can be choosen since the key to pleased God is amal ma'ruf nahi mungkar (do the good things, leave the bad things behind)

If you are not a muslim, i think you'll also agree about my point above..beacause humans are created of the instict of wanting good things in life and being good is apart of it.For example is the concept of 'Karma' in eastern religion (Hindu,Jain, Sikh & buddhist philosophies).Bottom line is,every religion teach us to do good deeds.

So, time occupying activites during my break wil be:
1.spring cleaning my room (mcm tongkang peacah due to exam week)-step by step :p
2.managing students society resposibilities as Exco Kebajikan 2- a lot of things to settle. elective posting at kelas khas at a primary school at Malacca-have to do background reading about special kids
4.duty as a Allah's servant,daughter to my parents & sister to my brothers.
5.have fun in vacation with family & friends.
6.Read a lot of non medical books.
7.Sports activities to get high & also secondary prevention of gaining weight..hehe

P/s:I always like the surah Ash-Sharh 94:1-8.I get the idea to put it in my blog
after reading '5 Tahun 5 bulan' written by Hlovate (finish reading in one day-just after exam yesterday..hehe).More books are asking to be read (",)

What is written down is a reminder to you and to myself who is still learning to be a better person.

Wasalam (",)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Live to serve..


We live to serve or being served?

This entry is based on a motivational talk given by my beloved role model Prof. Dr Muhaya Haji Mohamad,titled: Doctors Extraordinaire at PPUKM Auditorium last night (18/02/2010)

still in a procees in finishing her book...

This talk was organised by our final year seniors. Unfortunately it was done during our study week (3rd yr final exam started on 22/2) and during 4th years final year break( they finished their final exam about 2 weeks ago). Therefore not many choose to attend the talk. Credit to Alia who become the precipitating factor of my attendence (",)

Here are some of the notes I took that can be shared.Hopefully the recording by our university will be made into CD and distributed widely among us (as what Prof wish).

1. Life is about controlling your mind. We have to live the life by design not by default.

2. Regarding my question earlier. We should live to serve not live to served!! Every doctors should have this thoughts when they wake up in the morning. We should be the person who patients feel betters when they see us not vice versa.

3.Dare to dream!! Scientifically,there is neurolinguistic programming inside our body making our thoughts influnce our body.Therefore dream of what you want(with all your heart), you will get it one day. Not 'angan-angan Mat Jenin' - In my opinion, It is proven by the birth of 'The Secret'-a worldwide bestselling motivational book by Rhonda Byrne.Therefore, picture yourself of the future you want,and insyaallah(with the will of ALlah/God) it will happen.

4.To dream you must have roadmap in life: What you achieve is based on:
definitions of your vision
firmness of your purpose
steadiness of your faith
depth of our gratitude

5.Just do it!! Don't think. I really like this idea.Thinking before doing something is good,however it usually becomes too much preventing you of doing something good. Believe in yourself when your intention is for the good. I applied this right after the talk by initiating the taking picture session with Prof..causing others to take picture with her too (",)

6.Power of word is tremendous. When you tell a lie you will become weak. In my opinion, it is human's nature because we are created to do good as chaliph of the world.Therefore, don't cheat/lie in life,especially exam!!

7.Create a very good cirlce of influence by people you meet and books you read. I would like to suggest a few which influnce the talk also.I guess Prof also read these books. She did mention The 7th Habit of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Another book I would like to suggest is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Credit to Lutfi for introducing me to these two books and Prof 2years ago (",) To be in circle of winners we should have this 3 focus in life : Health,wealth & wisdom.

8.Life is a MISSION.Keep on asking yourself how can I serve instead of ho can I bes served.How??
*help people as much to get God's help
*do things to best of your ability
*becoming the reason for people excelent
*forgive people

9.Before healing others heal yourself physically,spiritually,emotionally and socially.

What your thoughts, they lead to attitude
what your attitudes, they lead to words
what your words, they lead to actions
what your actions ,they lead to habits
what your habits ,they determine your character
what your character, it determine your destiny.

11. Lets become host to God by
* be creative instead of competitive
* be kind instead of being 'right'wannabe
* be beauty
* be LOVE : Listen,overlook people mistake,Voice out good things,make Effort for it to work)
* be expansive
* be abundance
* be receptive-accept people(appreciate,acknowledge and Do NOT criticise them)

12. THe Magic 3-doing that we should have:
* Think of good thoughts
* Speak kind words
* Take good actions

These are all I can share. I hope I can do more than just that. The best always come from Prof Muhaya herself.
My dream & wishes:
1. able to have her as one of the speaker for National Medical Student CME(continuous Medical education) done at UKM in July by PERSIAP with SMMAMS(society of Malaysia Medical Association Medical Student) this year.
2. Get Prof's signature for her book: How to become a good & successful medical student, A holistic approach ( forgot to bring her book last night)

'change is permanent, personal development is a choice'

take one step at a time for change(s)..It takes 3 weeks to establised new habit(",)

May readers have benefit from this post..
For my medical student friends:May we become Extraordinary Doctors!!

Wasalam (",)

Friday, February 12, 2010

L.O.V.E is....??


Love is a state of feeling that can do tremendous things, either postive or negative. Because of love human can make the world a better place or destroy it.

There are two kinds of love: love between human and God(ALlah) and between human and god's creation(human,animals,nature,things)

We are blessed with 'unconditional love' that makes a family close to each other: Husband and wife tolerating each other, mothers' sacrifice for the child,father's hard work as breadwinner of the family, children obeying their parents.

Unconditional love is a love given without condition or wanting anything in return.It is a natural reaction of feeling that god creates for us humans to make a world a better place. For example, mothers are the best teacher of all since nothing can beat her influence of the child. Anything that she taught her children since young will be easily digested & followed.Isn't the reason behind this is the unconditional love??

I went to a talk organized by Malaysian Student's organization at Bandung on love between men & women(between Mars&Venus,two different creature sharing same genus & species-homo sapiens). What's the cronology of LOVE that brings two different hearts togather?
2.AMAZED-positive quality shown by the person that make you like him/her
3.FEARED-fearing of losing of having to share the special place in the person's heart.
4.ACCEPTANCE-accept the person's personality positve & negative
5.SACRIFICE-willing to do anything for that person
6.HOPE-hoping that the person will love you as much as you love him/her
7.LOYALTY-loyal to the person you love.

The best way to deal with it is by coupling reaction=MARRIAGE.Which is Nikah connecting people..NOT pre-marriage coupling reaction.

The world view premarriage couple as normal thing and chosing to only couple after marriage as a weird thing. I experienced that and I'm considered as one of the weird one. I choose to 'be weird' as I think premarriage coupling only brings more bad than good. Marriage means able to give commitment to another person, therefore no harm to wait for the right moment.

DOn't be like this cat who is trapped in love...

Today, during one of our common lecture, we learned about 'Dealing with uncertainties & death' for Personal & Professional Development (PPD) course . The doctor point out that besides the patient's condition, Love is a also another example of uncertainty...Doug Hubbard define Uncertainty as the lack of certainty, A state of having limited knowledge where it is impossibleto exactly describe existing state or future outcome, more than one possible outcome.

It is true love among humans, animals and all the creation of god is in a state of uncertainty. We always forget that there is a love that is 'certain' which is love to God (Allah). We experienced the love everyday and yet we always forget where the source comes from.The air we breathe,the delicious food that we eat, the beautiful creation of god that we able to appreciate are all the prove of love that god gives us.

No matter how much we adore,look up to or hope for a person there always be the uncertainty of the state of love.It might be 'crushed' anytime.The person or animal may died,the things that you like may destroyed or stollen.The Love of god is lasting,forever and never ends unless we choosen not to believe.

I think what i like to convey about ALlah's love is well written and sing in a song 'Open your eyes' by Maher ZAIn-which is another Maher Zain song i'll learn to play with my piano right after final exam as requested by my beloved twinning UKM-UNPAD friends.

May this post brings benefit to you and me (",)


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Unity & 1 Malaysia in Interfaith discussion..


Yesterday, clinical medical students (especially 3rd years) were invited to attend an interfaith forum regarding medical proffesion. It was arranged by our Personal & Professional Develepment Modul Coordinator-Assctd Prof Harlina Siraj. It was very interesting, interactive and motivating.

SInce it was done on friday evening (where the mind of most of us towards weekends activities & going home), the attendence was between poor to satisfactory. Well, its everybody choice. ATTITUDE problem is one of the main reason. However, there are some who have teachings & long case(practical assessment) during that time.

SO, in summary here are some of things that were discussed. I only point out things that i'm confident of to share with some addition of my opinion.

In Islam, The prophet reminded us to remember about 5 things before 5 things like in Surah Al-Asr(Time) :

1.Health before ill
2.youth before old
3.wealth before poor before busy before death

WHY?? Life for Muslim is the intermediate phase as we belive in afterlife. The 5 things are the motivation for us to amal ma'aruf, nahi mungkar(do good and leave the bad things)as the preparation for afterlife later. In life we receives challanges to strenghten our faith to Allah (god).One of the challange is ILLNESS. A good believer will accept his fate but never stop losing hope to cure him/herself. Therefore, it does not mean that if you are extremely ill, you can kill yourself.

The Speaker from Buddhism(Dr Phang, a Psyhciatrist from UPM) mentioned about Karma. Karma is a concept of action or deed that causing the cycle of causes and effects.It was originating in India and applied in Eastern religions : Hinduism, Jain, Sikh and Buddhist. Basically Karma relates more to the power of your mind control.

Quoted from Wikipedia :Buddhism links karma directly to the motives behind an action. Motivation usually makes the difference between "good" and "bad" actions, but included in the motivation is also the aspect of ignorance such that a well-intended action from an ignorant mind can subsequently be interpreted as a "bad" action in the sense that it creates unpleasant results for the "actor".

There are mental and physical health.The mind can effect the health and vice versa.In medical we call the condition psychosomatic when someone thinks that he is sick but actually nothing wrong with him (physically).However, eventually he will get the physical problems also, as his minds make hime thinks he is sick.

Speaker from Christianity, Dr Lopez(Oncology Specialist) focused his presentation on abortion and ethuanasia. In Malaysia, 50 million abortions done yearly. A suprising fact indeed because Malaysia population is about 22-25 millions. Only the minority of the whole are due to medical reasons. Sad fact isn't it?/

Euthanasia..Eu means good, Thanasia means death..GOOD DEATH??Is there such thing? Ethuanasia is a mercy killing; the delibrate ending of a life of a person suffering from an incurable disease(Dorland's dictionary).However, all religion against it. Dr Lopez mentioned that Christians believed that life is sacred and humans was given the right to lead the world. In Islam, life is a GIFT from Allah(god)that we have to accept and makes good things out of it.It is not our decision to take our own life,and not even others.So far, only Netherlands legally allowed euthanasia.

Sadly, I was half awake during the 4th & last presentation from Dr Bala, Hinduism representative due to lack of sleep for long case assesment preparation (I had my long case assessment earlier on that day). Therefore, I googled and found an intresting article about Hinduism & Medical care. The basic concepts in Hinduism are Ahimsa (non-violence) and Karma. Ahisma is cause no harm either by action, word or thought(one of the reason why Hidus are vegetarian).

in Hinduism is quite similar to Budddhism about good and bad that helps balance the person's soul. The Karma lets their believer ACCEPT challenges in life (eg: illness,death,fate)by thinking of the positive things out of the bad things that happens. Can read more about it from here

In Islam we believed in 'Qada' & 'Qadar' which is fate & Allah's will that we have to learn to accept and go through because in everything that happens there's always the 'hikmah'(good & benificial things) behind it.Only those who make an effort to find it,will able to feel it.This is because humans created with 'fitrah'(human nature) of finding goodness in life no matter how bad he was before.

During the Question & Answer(Q&A) session, a friend ask about what if the patient wants something (eg : sperm donation) that against the doctors' religion??
ANswer: Assctd Prof Harlina says, according to International Federation of Gynecology & Obstetrics (FIGO)on FIGO committee for study of ehtical aspects of Human reproductive and Women's Health published November 2006: If a physician is either unable or unwilling to provide a desired medical service for nonmedical reasons, he or she should make every effort to achieve appopriate refferel.

in simple word: if you decided that what patient wants is against your religion, you should respect them and reffered to a colleague that share the patient's belief.

In conclusion of the forum, i would like to quote the points by Dr Munnawar Hatta,the Islamic speaker in encouraging us to learn more about other religions for better understanding and respect among each other.

We live in the world of diversity.DOn't make the interfaith discussion as a battlefield to damage the relationship among us. Isn't the reason why Allah creates us in diversity is for us to learn to accept,learn about each other and be friends??

1. lets join interfaith forum in future
2. Learn about the similarity and differences
3. Respect other's belief
4. Don't be afraid or have stigma in interfaith discussion if the purpose to find an agreement instead of argument.

May readers have benefit from this post.


Wasalam (",)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A series of poking...


I volunteered to be one of the 'victim'(research subject) for my 4th year seniors SSM(research) under Surgical Department. I have to give them my precious blood twice (at least). One taken without any compression on your arm(in normal blood taking a light pressure have to be appiled to make the blood vessel vissible), another one with a compression of 10 mmHg less than your systolic BP within 3minutes.

When i surrender my arm to the staff nurse( because the doctor room are full with students), they says my vein is quite fine & not really visible...and that means...there is a possiblity of a few series of attempts to get my precious blood.

The prediction becomes a reality..

1st poke by staff nurse...usng 23G needle(blue) small size,butterfly type..(they have smaller size, for peadiatric patient),unfortunately, not successful.

the butterfly needle (it looks like butterfly, easier to use,less pain, more hygenic & cost more too)-my favourite type of needle (",)

I was reffered to a doctor next door...2nd poke by green(medium size) needle..not successful, he insert it to another site & make it is much more painfull than the blue needle

Still...NO success

the classic needle & syringe..

He move to my other arm, put on the cuff and did the 3rd poke...with the green needle..finally, the red blood appears....I'm the happiest person in the room of course (",)..

Reminder, blood taking with the pressure on(due to the research objective) was the most painful of all- A VERY SHARP PAIN

Last, for the control blood, he have to poke me again(the 4th poke) to get my blood without any pressure on. This time the doctor have to choose the vein from on my hand. I never let anyone practise taking blood on my hand before (logically because it is more painful than the arm). I persuade the doctor to use the smaller needle instead..the blue needle.

Finally, it was a success. However, the blood comes out only drop by drop..It tooks us sometime to get about 1 ml of my blood from that..It was the least painful of all
(isn't it a good way to end the misery..hehe)

At the end, I was rewarded with a bottle of mineral water & a delicious packed nasi lemak ayam.

Regardless all, if i was needed again, i won't hesistate to help. Hopefully, their research found some good & benificial findings. Therefore, all the pain is worth it.

Looking from the positive angle, I learn to experience the feeling of pain by different size of needle on different sites of my arm.EMPHATY!! It is important to at least know how it feel because poking people is doctors job everyday a ward. I myself did this procedure to patients during my practical at wards. SOmetimes i did more than one attempt to a patient. And so now I know the feeling. Thus, I won't attempt more than twice as long as i'm a medical student. Unless, i really have to do it more than that...

Lesson of the day which i can think of...
1. Don't stop volunteering as long as you are sincere with it...
2. Be emphaty but not symphaty
3. NO pain NO gain!!
4. Patience is the key to success.
5. Don't give up and try again...

In conclusion,the results is 4 pokes on my hand & arm.
(what an exaggeration?? Patients have to deal with their blood taken everyday..but i'm making it a big deal after a series of blood taking in a day..hehe..)


Monday, January 11, 2010

Music & lyrics works togather...


Anugerah Juara Lagu fever just cured... I'm glad that all my favourite songs win the prizes.I love music...Maybe its the influence from my passion on playing instruments (piano & violin).

Whenever i hear a song i will concentrate on the music more and ignore the lyrics. Not until a couple years ago, a friend changed me to appreciate the lyrics also.

At the same time, the movie 'Music & lyric' came out played by Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. It makes me changed my perception on songs. To give a good impact to the listener, both music & lyrics have to be good. This is because, it have to be appreciated and understand altogather.

After i did that i realise that not all songs with good musics have nice lyrics. Some even have some bad and indecent meaning.

Last weekend during UKM Medical Student Society aka PERSIAP 35 years celebration Dinner, i played piano as a backup for my friend who sang solo. Eventhough its a nasyeed (islamic song), i think the song can be applied to anyone who's in sadness and feel loss. It is suitable for anyone who believes and put trust in god.

I was given the task a week earlier, within the day, i manage to play the whole song. It have a beautiful music & lyrics..

Insyaallah ( With god's willing)
by Maher ZAin

Everytime you feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost
That your so alone
All you is see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless
You can`t see which way to go
Don`t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side

Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way

Everytime you can make one more mistake
You feel you can`t repent
And that its way too late
Your`re so confused,wrong decisions you have made
Haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame

Don`t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side
Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way
Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way

Turn to Allah
He`s never far away
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hands and pray
OOO Ya Allah
Guide my steps don`t let me go astray
You`re the only one that showed me the way,
Showed me the way 2x
Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah we`ll find the way


Candid picture at dinner...

Another favourite song of my is a theme song of a box office Indonesian Movie, Laskar Pelangi. It's about someone trying to persue his dream with enthusiasm and high spirit believing that one day he /she will prevail.

At the same time, the song keep reminding the listener to appreciate life eventhough life is hard. Lif is indeed WONDERFUL & MEANINGFUL Isn't it a good motivational song??

LASKAR PELANGI (soldier of the rainbow)by Nidji (an indonesian band)

Mimpi adalah kunci
Untuk kita menaklukkan dunia

Berlarilah tanpa lelah
Sampai engkau meraihnya

Laskar pelangi
Takkan terikat waktu
Bebaskan mimpimu di angkasa
Warnai bintang di jiwa

Menarilah dan terus tertawa
Walau dunia tak seindah surga
Bersyukurlah pada yang kuasa
Cinta kita di dunia


Cinta kepada hidup
Memberikan senyuman abadi
Walau hidup kadang tak adil
Tapi cinta lengkapi kita

Laskar pelangi
Takkan terikat waktu
Jangan berhenti mewarnai
Jutaan mimpi di bumi

Menarilah dan terus tertawa
Walau dunia tak seindah surga
Bersyukurlah pada yang kuasa
Cinta kita di dunia

Menarilah dan terus tertawa
Walau dunia tak seindah surga
Bersukurlah pada yang kuasa
Cinta kita di dunia



Laskar pelangi
Takkan terikat waktu...


Becoming a part of PERSIAP committee family..This picture was taken after the voting & announcement with the previous committee during the PERSIAP 35th Annual Grand Meeting.Thanks for the vote and trust on me. An extra task and responsibility that will be handle with effort and diligence(A promise to myself..hehe)

WAsalam (",)