Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dealing with cute beings..


Hi. Finally I can relax a bit as my study week just started. The term ends with Paediatric posting. It's not just dealing with cute beings(children). We have to win their hearts and modified certain techniques in dealing with our small patients.

During this posting, i am officially an aunt as my nephew was born on August member of the family : Umar Khalish (haven't meet him in person yet..busy playing with other children in Paediatric posting..huhu)

I was susprised that i am more mentally exhausted for this posting (I rather be exhausted due to physical stress).I was quite depressed towards the end of it as I had to faced the small practical exam called short-case and also other factors that is to private to be mentioned here. Its funny cause I think, I am more stress in this posting compared to Obs& Gyne. Lucky, it happen in Ramadhan,where we will find back the ease of mind during this holy month.

The most enjoyable part of this posting is playing with the small children and determine their age based on their performance. We call it Developmental Assessment! So, now i have the skill of guessing the age of small kids..yeay! We also have to be competent in neonatal screening where we check any abnormalities in babies less than 24 hour of life. Now i can hold babies less than one day without fear of breaking their delicate bodies.

Doctors in paediatrics are considered as those who wants to produce a perfect & safe doctors out of the students. Their intention is good! The process of making us realizing how we should work hard is quite eye-opening. Medicine is not just is more to understanding!

In paediatric, we have to understand the impact of the problem towards the social factor of the child. I encounter a lot of patinents under 'Orang Kurang Upaya' (OKU) and go to special class. It's a bonus for me as I did my elective posting there last semester.Moreover, the effect towards the family economical status is tremendous in chronically ill patients. Belive me, medical treatment& management is not cheap!

I also also discover that even a few months old child can have a lots of problem more or equal to patients we see in the adult medical ward. It is intresting to see how critically ill babies were managed with my posting at neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Paediatrics and obstetric & gynecology(O&G) are siblings. I understand more about the hazards and risk for the babies that can effect their future. We are exposed to so many hazards and yet we are able to be normal...hehe.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Our beloved teacher..


Wow, Paediatric posting does have its impact on me. I have 'puasa' from updating my blog for a month. And yes Ramadhan is coming up starting 11/8..but that won't keep me from having small jogs by tasik in the evening or futsal next to rumah Mc D every Thursday(strictly..the court is ours on men are allowed.sorry to disapointed you guys last week.hehe)

With PERSIAP 2010 COmmittee..goodbye MU..welcome Arsenal

No one can replace his dedication towards us the students. Not all teachers are the same. Some are garang(stirct..and even give you palpitation), some are very friendly(making you smile up to your ear) and there's even certain lecturers are sarcastic (making you Insaf for a certain period). There's even lecturer who ignores you that you have to make certain effort for them to aknowledge you (if you are proactive enough).

All the differences colors up our life as astudent. I could not agree more with Prof Norzi, another respectable lecturer from O&G. The diversity makes life intresting and NOT BORING. Therefore,its up to us students to take it positively or negatively.

I'm glad to know that if you did something wrong, all the anger and dissapointment won't be remembered(unless it is significant). So, its ok to make mistake, but improve not to make it next time. Don't make the bad scene affects you so much causing you traumatized when you see the lecturer.

From a story by one of our lecturer(cannot tell who),it happened to one of our senior during professional exam(for final years). She was sooo traumatized by this one lecturer causing her to faint during the exam..the power of FOBIA..hehe

Buddies United at Prof's house

Personal birthday gift..sorry for the 'bunyi sumbang'..haven't play my 2nd instrument for quite sometime..

So, lecturers. I am glad for your help and touched by your dedication. To Prof Madya Shahrir Mohammad: Thank you for everything. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad we did suprised you with the help of your beloved wife & daughters :) I'm glad to be apart of the 5th year suprised party plan


P/s : Glad that Prof 'tak jadi' transfer to USIM totally :)