Sunday, August 9, 2009

On call & Delivery..


I just got back from my 3rd on call (7pm-7am). The delivery ward was cold and I was hypothermic.Better remind myself to bring sweater next time. The intake last night was little compare to my previous two on calls.The whole on-call group was quite dissapointed.

I was fortunate to be able to conduct one delivery today without have to wait more than half an hour. Yeah..we all are trying to fill up our log book. We are required to conduct 5 normal deliveries(after observed at least 3 deliveries)and watch 5 abnormal deliveries.

I only get to observed one normal delivery and one cesearian section(abnormal)during my first on call. My luck was better during my second one since I get to observed 2 normal deliveries, 1 twin delivery(abnormal)and did a few small procedures. My 11 hours wait for the primigravida(1st pregnancy mom)pays off as I get to do my first conduct.

The intake of patients during 2nd on call was high and patient keep on coming for labour. You can guess who are the most happy person in the ward...the father and us who are on-call of course.

11 hours wait was worth it....with baby Reneu..The 1st experience of conducting delivery.

Delivery is painful, yet it is a wonderful thing that women have to experince. I think, every mother is a winner. It is not easy to give a life born to this world. When you see the baby come out healthy to this world you will feel very happy for the family. Watching these adorable babies make you forget about your tiredness and exhaustion.

That's what I like about O&G posting which is the most heavy and 'feared' posting of 3 rd year.Students call it Orang-orang Garang posting as the lecturers are strict. is tiring,demanding and you get high expectations from the lecturers and yet it is an intresting posting since you get involved with a lot of procedures and can apply what you learn from book to the real situation. Watching cute babies in between does give the some flavor to it..hehe (",)

Thats all for now.Will have a day trip to Batu Pahat for 2nd brother convocation..


Saturday, August 1, 2009

BUbye surgery..Welcome O&G


It's already been a week i've started O&G and i've already miss surgery.However, my journey has to go on.

O&G is much more strict and sturctured compare to surgery. If the lecturer promise something they will do it. If they said the lecture is at 8am u have to be there at least 5 minutes before.To be safe at least 10minutes because i've been to a lecture where the lecturer close and lock the door 5 minutes before the lecture.

If they ask you to read on certain topic you better do if not you will 'kena' when you cannot answer your question. When you taking history(clerking) patient you have to know all about them. Make sure you find out terms that you are not sure inside the ticket(patient's record).By the way, you have to cover the beds in the ward(team leader have to divide the beds). Labour room gave me intesting experience.We can only be there during on calls.wE get 1O on calls per posting to satisfied the need of 5 conduct of normal deliveries per student.My first on call was on wednesday 7pm till 7am.We have to observe at least 3 deliveries before we can conduct with the help of the midwive and doctors

Alhamdullillah i manage to observed 1 normal delivery and 1 abnormal delivery(cesearian section).The story of my experience can be quite cut it short: for the abnormal delivery..i& my partner(Mas) hav to wait for 6hours befor we go to Operation theatera(OT) Got back home at 5.30am and manage to get 1 hour sleep before Grand ward round(where we have to present case at 8am. The funny thing is..i only feel sleepy& tired on the next day..hehe

What i like about O&G is there are a lot of things that students are allowed to do or directed to do(log book).The feeling of involvement is there which surgery posting lack of. Next is the CUTE BABIES of course!!..really release ur tension when you see them.

LOVE to see couples who get their first born baby. I can feel their 'aura' of excitement and joy. SO...SWEET.It touch my heart till it tears(in joy) me a bit(nasib baik org tak perasan).hehe(",)

SO...far, adala a few unpleasent moments..however i have to take it positively because mostly it comes from my own mistake. Time management is very important. Managing stress also become a crucial factor of survival in medicine world. Recently, i heard 3 of my coursemate decided to change their coure. However, better back off if you feel medicine doesn/t suits you. Because medicine is about a lot SACRIFICE!!


Gratitudes & THANK YOU to my supervisors in vascular team during Surgery posting
1. Prof Dr Hanafiah Harunarahid (vascular surgeon consultant)
2. Asstd Prof Zulkifli (urology surgeon)
3. Mr Toh Chang Jern(neurology surgeon)
4. Mr Jeevan(neurology surgeon)
5. Mr Azim (vascular surgeon)

and also registrars(Dr Johann,Dr Azlan & Dr Sadana), MO, HO and nurses in surgical department.not to friends and 5th years that i met during the posting(",)