Friday, February 19, 2010

Live to serve..


We live to serve or being served?

This entry is based on a motivational talk given by my beloved role model Prof. Dr Muhaya Haji Mohamad,titled: Doctors Extraordinaire at PPUKM Auditorium last night (18/02/2010)

still in a procees in finishing her book...

This talk was organised by our final year seniors. Unfortunately it was done during our study week (3rd yr final exam started on 22/2) and during 4th years final year break( they finished their final exam about 2 weeks ago). Therefore not many choose to attend the talk. Credit to Alia who become the precipitating factor of my attendence (",)

Here are some of the notes I took that can be shared.Hopefully the recording by our university will be made into CD and distributed widely among us (as what Prof wish).

1. Life is about controlling your mind. We have to live the life by design not by default.

2. Regarding my question earlier. We should live to serve not live to served!! Every doctors should have this thoughts when they wake up in the morning. We should be the person who patients feel betters when they see us not vice versa.

3.Dare to dream!! Scientifically,there is neurolinguistic programming inside our body making our thoughts influnce our body.Therefore dream of what you want(with all your heart), you will get it one day. Not 'angan-angan Mat Jenin' - In my opinion, It is proven by the birth of 'The Secret'-a worldwide bestselling motivational book by Rhonda Byrne.Therefore, picture yourself of the future you want,and insyaallah(with the will of ALlah/God) it will happen.

4.To dream you must have roadmap in life: What you achieve is based on:
definitions of your vision
firmness of your purpose
steadiness of your faith
depth of our gratitude

5.Just do it!! Don't think. I really like this idea.Thinking before doing something is good,however it usually becomes too much preventing you of doing something good. Believe in yourself when your intention is for the good. I applied this right after the talk by initiating the taking picture session with Prof..causing others to take picture with her too (",)

6.Power of word is tremendous. When you tell a lie you will become weak. In my opinion, it is human's nature because we are created to do good as chaliph of the world.Therefore, don't cheat/lie in life,especially exam!!

7.Create a very good cirlce of influence by people you meet and books you read. I would like to suggest a few which influnce the talk also.I guess Prof also read these books. She did mention The 7th Habit of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Another book I would like to suggest is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Credit to Lutfi for introducing me to these two books and Prof 2years ago (",) To be in circle of winners we should have this 3 focus in life : Health,wealth & wisdom.

8.Life is a MISSION.Keep on asking yourself how can I serve instead of ho can I bes served.How??
*help people as much to get God's help
*do things to best of your ability
*becoming the reason for people excelent
*forgive people

9.Before healing others heal yourself physically,spiritually,emotionally and socially.

What your thoughts, they lead to attitude
what your attitudes, they lead to words
what your words, they lead to actions
what your actions ,they lead to habits
what your habits ,they determine your character
what your character, it determine your destiny.

11. Lets become host to God by
* be creative instead of competitive
* be kind instead of being 'right'wannabe
* be beauty
* be LOVE : Listen,overlook people mistake,Voice out good things,make Effort for it to work)
* be expansive
* be abundance
* be receptive-accept people(appreciate,acknowledge and Do NOT criticise them)

12. THe Magic 3-doing that we should have:
* Think of good thoughts
* Speak kind words
* Take good actions

These are all I can share. I hope I can do more than just that. The best always come from Prof Muhaya herself.
My dream & wishes:
1. able to have her as one of the speaker for National Medical Student CME(continuous Medical education) done at UKM in July by PERSIAP with SMMAMS(society of Malaysia Medical Association Medical Student) this year.
2. Get Prof's signature for her book: How to become a good & successful medical student, A holistic approach ( forgot to bring her book last night)

'change is permanent, personal development is a choice'

take one step at a time for change(s)..It takes 3 weeks to establised new habit(",)

May readers have benefit from this post..
For my medical student friends:May we become Extraordinary Doctors!!

Wasalam (",)

Friday, February 12, 2010

L.O.V.E is....??


Love is a state of feeling that can do tremendous things, either postive or negative. Because of love human can make the world a better place or destroy it.

There are two kinds of love: love between human and God(ALlah) and between human and god's creation(human,animals,nature,things)

We are blessed with 'unconditional love' that makes a family close to each other: Husband and wife tolerating each other, mothers' sacrifice for the child,father's hard work as breadwinner of the family, children obeying their parents.

Unconditional love is a love given without condition or wanting anything in return.It is a natural reaction of feeling that god creates for us humans to make a world a better place. For example, mothers are the best teacher of all since nothing can beat her influence of the child. Anything that she taught her children since young will be easily digested & followed.Isn't the reason behind this is the unconditional love??

I went to a talk organized by Malaysian Student's organization at Bandung on love between men & women(between Mars&Venus,two different creature sharing same genus & species-homo sapiens). What's the cronology of LOVE that brings two different hearts togather?
2.AMAZED-positive quality shown by the person that make you like him/her
3.FEARED-fearing of losing of having to share the special place in the person's heart.
4.ACCEPTANCE-accept the person's personality positve & negative
5.SACRIFICE-willing to do anything for that person
6.HOPE-hoping that the person will love you as much as you love him/her
7.LOYALTY-loyal to the person you love.

The best way to deal with it is by coupling reaction=MARRIAGE.Which is Nikah connecting people..NOT pre-marriage coupling reaction.

The world view premarriage couple as normal thing and chosing to only couple after marriage as a weird thing. I experienced that and I'm considered as one of the weird one. I choose to 'be weird' as I think premarriage coupling only brings more bad than good. Marriage means able to give commitment to another person, therefore no harm to wait for the right moment.

DOn't be like this cat who is trapped in love...

Today, during one of our common lecture, we learned about 'Dealing with uncertainties & death' for Personal & Professional Development (PPD) course . The doctor point out that besides the patient's condition, Love is a also another example of uncertainty...Doug Hubbard define Uncertainty as the lack of certainty, A state of having limited knowledge where it is impossibleto exactly describe existing state or future outcome, more than one possible outcome.

It is true love among humans, animals and all the creation of god is in a state of uncertainty. We always forget that there is a love that is 'certain' which is love to God (Allah). We experienced the love everyday and yet we always forget where the source comes from.The air we breathe,the delicious food that we eat, the beautiful creation of god that we able to appreciate are all the prove of love that god gives us.

No matter how much we adore,look up to or hope for a person there always be the uncertainty of the state of love.It might be 'crushed' anytime.The person or animal may died,the things that you like may destroyed or stollen.The Love of god is lasting,forever and never ends unless we choosen not to believe.

I think what i like to convey about ALlah's love is well written and sing in a song 'Open your eyes' by Maher ZAIn-which is another Maher Zain song i'll learn to play with my piano right after final exam as requested by my beloved twinning UKM-UNPAD friends.

May this post brings benefit to you and me (",)


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Unity & 1 Malaysia in Interfaith discussion..


Yesterday, clinical medical students (especially 3rd years) were invited to attend an interfaith forum regarding medical proffesion. It was arranged by our Personal & Professional Develepment Modul Coordinator-Assctd Prof Harlina Siraj. It was very interesting, interactive and motivating.

SInce it was done on friday evening (where the mind of most of us towards weekends activities & going home), the attendence was between poor to satisfactory. Well, its everybody choice. ATTITUDE problem is one of the main reason. However, there are some who have teachings & long case(practical assessment) during that time.

SO, in summary here are some of things that were discussed. I only point out things that i'm confident of to share with some addition of my opinion.

In Islam, The prophet reminded us to remember about 5 things before 5 things like in Surah Al-Asr(Time) :

1.Health before ill
2.youth before old
3.wealth before poor before busy before death

WHY?? Life for Muslim is the intermediate phase as we belive in afterlife. The 5 things are the motivation for us to amal ma'aruf, nahi mungkar(do good and leave the bad things)as the preparation for afterlife later. In life we receives challanges to strenghten our faith to Allah (god).One of the challange is ILLNESS. A good believer will accept his fate but never stop losing hope to cure him/herself. Therefore, it does not mean that if you are extremely ill, you can kill yourself.

The Speaker from Buddhism(Dr Phang, a Psyhciatrist from UPM) mentioned about Karma. Karma is a concept of action or deed that causing the cycle of causes and effects.It was originating in India and applied in Eastern religions : Hinduism, Jain, Sikh and Buddhist. Basically Karma relates more to the power of your mind control.

Quoted from Wikipedia :Buddhism links karma directly to the motives behind an action. Motivation usually makes the difference between "good" and "bad" actions, but included in the motivation is also the aspect of ignorance such that a well-intended action from an ignorant mind can subsequently be interpreted as a "bad" action in the sense that it creates unpleasant results for the "actor".

There are mental and physical health.The mind can effect the health and vice versa.In medical we call the condition psychosomatic when someone thinks that he is sick but actually nothing wrong with him (physically).However, eventually he will get the physical problems also, as his minds make hime thinks he is sick.

Speaker from Christianity, Dr Lopez(Oncology Specialist) focused his presentation on abortion and ethuanasia. In Malaysia, 50 million abortions done yearly. A suprising fact indeed because Malaysia population is about 22-25 millions. Only the minority of the whole are due to medical reasons. Sad fact isn't it?/

Euthanasia..Eu means good, Thanasia means death..GOOD DEATH??Is there such thing? Ethuanasia is a mercy killing; the delibrate ending of a life of a person suffering from an incurable disease(Dorland's dictionary).However, all religion against it. Dr Lopez mentioned that Christians believed that life is sacred and humans was given the right to lead the world. In Islam, life is a GIFT from Allah(god)that we have to accept and makes good things out of it.It is not our decision to take our own life,and not even others.So far, only Netherlands legally allowed euthanasia.

Sadly, I was half awake during the 4th & last presentation from Dr Bala, Hinduism representative due to lack of sleep for long case assesment preparation (I had my long case assessment earlier on that day). Therefore, I googled and found an intresting article about Hinduism & Medical care. The basic concepts in Hinduism are Ahimsa (non-violence) and Karma. Ahisma is cause no harm either by action, word or thought(one of the reason why Hidus are vegetarian).

in Hinduism is quite similar to Budddhism about good and bad that helps balance the person's soul. The Karma lets their believer ACCEPT challenges in life (eg: illness,death,fate)by thinking of the positive things out of the bad things that happens. Can read more about it from here

In Islam we believed in 'Qada' & 'Qadar' which is fate & Allah's will that we have to learn to accept and go through because in everything that happens there's always the 'hikmah'(good & benificial things) behind it.Only those who make an effort to find it,will able to feel it.This is because humans created with 'fitrah'(human nature) of finding goodness in life no matter how bad he was before.

During the Question & Answer(Q&A) session, a friend ask about what if the patient wants something (eg : sperm donation) that against the doctors' religion??
ANswer: Assctd Prof Harlina says, according to International Federation of Gynecology & Obstetrics (FIGO)on FIGO committee for study of ehtical aspects of Human reproductive and Women's Health published November 2006: If a physician is either unable or unwilling to provide a desired medical service for nonmedical reasons, he or she should make every effort to achieve appopriate refferel.

in simple word: if you decided that what patient wants is against your religion, you should respect them and reffered to a colleague that share the patient's belief.

In conclusion of the forum, i would like to quote the points by Dr Munnawar Hatta,the Islamic speaker in encouraging us to learn more about other religions for better understanding and respect among each other.

We live in the world of diversity.DOn't make the interfaith discussion as a battlefield to damage the relationship among us. Isn't the reason why Allah creates us in diversity is for us to learn to accept,learn about each other and be friends??

1. lets join interfaith forum in future
2. Learn about the similarity and differences
3. Respect other's belief
4. Don't be afraid or have stigma in interfaith discussion if the purpose to find an agreement instead of argument.

May readers have benefit from this post.


Wasalam (",)