Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Best birthday gift ever!!!

For my 23rd birthday, my 1st brother bought me ticket for YUNA's concert at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP). I was soooo thrilled about it. We LOVE music and we spend our teenage life playing trios together during our free time (saxaphone,violin & piano).It turn out to be our siblings night out since both of my brothers decided to come along. SO, their job description that night was driver,photographer,chaperone & bodyguard...hehe

My brothers: Anas, Azhar(excluding Adam cause he got UPSR the next day) and me...

Why I like Yuna?? Simply because of I fall in love with her songs:
1. I can relate with the songs cause some of it related to events in my life.
2. Her music got soul in it..
3. Definitely ORIGINAL!!
4. It is different than other Malaysian artist.
5. The music just suits me..a mixture of everything I like..Just nice.The EP in US is much more better.She has improve a lot.

SO....about the concert. It was brilliant & awesome!! I sat about 10 meters from her.The whole 90 minutes gives me goosebumps.The band was wonderful too. Her music was presented 10 times nicer than the CD. And of course, i'll be biased and say her voice was PERFECT!!

I found out that the concert ticket was sold out and they make another concert the next day. But that additional concert ticket was sold out too...incredible response from her fans!

with some of Yuna's band members Effry(bass), Shafiq (2nd guitar) & Adam (keyboard)...they deserved some compliment too!!

my dream comes true....yeay!!

A 'syok sendiri' poem using some of Yuna song titles:

SHe's just a'GADIS SEMASA'
with 'GREEK GODDESS' aura
who says 'Raya oh Yeah'

She 'DECORATE' her lyrics with musics
they are 'RANDOM AWESOME'!!
'ROCKET' to fame,there she goes..
ain't she just a SUPER SOMETHING?


ummujannah said...

Happy bestday!

what a wonderful gift to have.

Love super something too!

nur_aishah said...

Tq very much kak.it is actually a belated birthday gift.all da best in serving & treating ur patients (>,<)