Saturday, June 11, 2011

Final year at last...


I just got back from 5days 3rd Professional & Personal Development (PPD)camp and BTN at Kem Bina Negara at Ulu Sepri, Rembau. I won't comment on the place or cetain issues as we are forbidden to do that. However, i would like to share about what I learned during PPD session.

First of all PPD is the only subject that is compulsory for medical students of UKM. They are starting to implement this program in other faculties in UKM. The 3rd PPD camp is made to prepare us for House officer(HO) life.

The reality of HO life is not short and sweet. I like to quote what was told by a houseman during the video session:" You choose to be a doctor, so do not complaint". She is totally right! We were told about the reality which is not pretty at all. We have to sacrifice a lot of things: missing family functions, no sports,lack of sleep & rest etc..this will continue for 2 years.

Photo of my group members for the LDK session with our facilitator..Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us.

A few lessons learned from my fasilitator who is a professor (peadiatric):
*the most dangerous thing is yourself...(EGO)..
* doctors should realize that they are only the INSTRUMENT OF GOD...
* every success they made is from god...your effort contributes to it
* every mistake you make is from yourself because you don't try hard enough to be competent.
* therefore, do not be cocky, think yourself are great because you are the healer!
* treat your parents, siblings,relatives,colleagues, friends and patients right.

2. Be HONEST!!
* do not lie to yourself or others.
* be frank and tell the truth in a nice way. Do not give political correct answer.

3. Cry for HELP!
* being a doctor is not an easy job...ventilate your problems(without mentioning names) to your trusted person (spouse,family,friends)

4. AVOID using CREDIT CARD! * don't event use credit card because you will fall into the financial trap easily.
* our pay won't make us rich but it is adequate for a secure life if we manage it wisely.

5. Treat your patients like your own mother, father and siblings...

To all my batchmates. Hopefully 256 of us will graduate next year...MISI JUBAH MERAH 2012!! Just remember:that a HERO lies in (each of) you!-from our PPD theme song(HERO by Mariah Carey)...

P/S: I was included in mass celebration for people born in June. Thank you to all. It was very special as we get to celebrate it with the whole batch (>,<)V

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