Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sound of music.......


Today i would like to share my experience visiting Saung Angklung Udjo(SAU). It is one of tourist attraction in Bandung. I just discover this place last year.Alhamdullilah I finally went there on last Thursday.

The visitors are mostly Caucasian.When i visited SAU, there was about 3 buses of Caucasian that are mostly Dutch. I'm quite suprised with the number of 'Mat Salleh'(Indonesian called them 'Bule') cause i only see them rarely in Bandung or Jatinangor.I guess Caucasian prefer Arts,culture and music compare to us Malaysian who spend their money more on 'appreciating shopping'.

The place was aspired by Pak Udjo and is continue by his son now. For more info you can log on into their official website .The ticket is 50,000 for locals or students(make sure you bring your student cards) and 80,000 for foreigner.

What is angklung? It is a musical instrument that is made from bamboo. The sound is soothing and refreshing. I once watch an Angklung orchestra at Institut Teknologi Bandung(ITB) during 'International Day'.I immediately fall in love with it.

This trip was memorable for us siblings as regardless our differences, we share a common passion on music with our parents too.I can say its a 'Family thing' We like orchestra, life music,traditional performances and also theater.I've been longing to watch this cultural show for a quite some time.

My brothers with Pak Herman, A sundanese family friend that work as Music Officer at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia(that's how my brothers know him)

The cream of the visit is actually the LIVE PERFORMANCES.All performances done by their students age as little as 2years old till late teens. Up till now, there are about 500 students of SAU.At morning they go to school, after school they come with their parents to SAU to learn and perform.

Cirumcision Parade with Kuda kepang dance...

The performance is done daily from 1530-1730.The show is divided into 2 parts with 15 minutes break in between. The performance was started with Kuda Kepang dance.Then there's a cirumcision parade and celebration and proceeded with 'Tarian bertopeng'.
There's also wayang golek and musical instruments performances(Rumba and Angklung).
Musical instrument performance.....

We also gets the opportunity to experience the excitement and togetherness in playing simple songs.Yes,that's right... we get to play Angklung.It was a wonderful experience for us definitely!! hands on angklung(",) Get a little help from Sylvi 11 years old girl next to me.Already learns angklung for 2 years.Notice the Angklung necklace??That's is actually our ticket(nice idea!!)

with Lily, a 2years old girl.She dance during Kuda kepang dance and Circumcision parade.Sooo..CUTE!!

Something interesting at SAU,...SAVE the EARTH..Go..go..GREEN!!

Toilet eh?? Very clean and nice art and design...

I hope this place will continue to grow to maintain the Sundanese Culture in the future.It is great to see the young generation knows their culture and roots. Moreover, they spend their time on something educative while keeping the culture alive.It is better than spending more time on watching television, computer games or Play Station



She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named said...

Aslm kak aishah,

Waah, alhamdulillah, you really enjoyed urself in indonesia, i can see that very clearly. a life-changing experience for you, dear cuzzin. you and indonesia, made for one another.

i spelled out my name in cross stitch!

nur_aishah said...


Hehe..yes, enjoying by last month here..

Congrats on your needle work. Maybe you also inherited nenek's talents too..Do you know she also likes to make embroidery and cross stitch??