Sunday, April 12, 2009

Netball tournament.....


SUNBURN..SUn..BUrn..The heat from yesterday game is still burning my face. Lucky i'm just the reserve player.Never would i have imagine to join a netball team? Even futsal, which i joined during first year. Frankly, back at school i never do any sports..haha..dats rite(",)

I think we the twinning programe batch 2006 are quite fanatic with their batch member's Futsal..badminton..and netball of course. Shows how kompak we are. Besides, we will be separated into 4 different groups back in UKM.

Back, to netball...we send two teams(Netballerz and Gondii) like we did during 1st year. We didn't join during 2nd year because of final exams. So, this year is the last and payback time....

Netballerz hot to go H-O-T-T-O-G-O!!

Gondi..Gondi..Gondi..Meow!! NETBALL, Gondii got 2nd place and we(Netballerz) got 3rd place..The futsal team (Maulana) got 1st place,finally after 3 years trying hard..

Mulana Hot To Go..H-O-T-T-O-G-O!!

i think the organizer should be more careful..the game is in 2009 not 2008 like in the medal..hmmm

So, I'm PROUD & HAPPY that we all finally leave something memorable before we leave UNPAD and other Malaysian STudents here..I'm sure you all will miss us..ehem..hehe(",)

Apa yang penting??? KERJASAMA! (imported from Wonder pet)



Dr Amad said...

salam...selamat pulang ke Msia.Jika jumpa,jgn segan2 tegur naa

nur_aishah said...

To Dr Amad:

SAlam Amad...insyallh..takkan tak tegur.Melainkan kalu tak cam..jemputla dtg mlwt di UKM naa..

Kami twinning pulang dulu ye..korg sume ada 3 thn lg disini..(",)
All the best in studies..GOOD LUCK

duha said...

gondii miow~ :D

nur_aishah said...

To Duha:
hehe..comey la Duha ni.

tau tak nape gondii kitaorg kaitkan dg kucing??
Sbb Toxoplasma Gondii adalah sejeis parasit yg jd kan Kucing as HOST dorg..mode of's feces.Discusting rite??

pastu ada sorg batchmate kiatorg kucingnye nama Gondii..itula sejarah name kumpulan tersebut.kitaorg choose sbb nama tu CUTE..hehe

duha said...

haha..tu ah..time ktrg dga gondii..mmg da tringat kat toxoplasmosis..tetibe denga pulak akak2 sume jerit MIOW~ so konfem ah..parasit yang baru je habes kes toxoplasmosis..hehhe..

p/s:kami sngaje bagi gondii menang sbb takut nak berinteraksi lame2 dengan parasite :p hehhe..

nur_aishah said...

To Duha:

Alahai..ada sape2 ter'infected ' tak..hehe

Toxoplasmosis eh..hmm..MeOW!
Good luck eh dik.akak doakan awk berjaya melepasi 1st year ni..Insyallah OK (",)