Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm touched...


Becoming one of the member of the first batch of twinning program was historical to me. This program is the first one conducted by Malaysian government university with oversea university on medicine.

As the pioneer, the pressure on us is high. Without seniors to rely on, we march into the battlefield with support from family, friends and among ourselves.That is why we are so close together like family and kompak(always in togather) in everything that we do.

Our Choral speaking performance on Febuary for lecturers (UKM and UNPAD)...about our live in Jatinangor, specially dedicated to our UNPAD dosen).

However the most important supporter is our own lecturers.If we are siblings among ourselves..they are the parents of our family.The first month of our arrival, we were celebrated by our lecturers. We are excited to see them sing karaoke for us. Since that event, it somehow make us closer.Lecturers that have been always with us since the first year are Dr Tri(now Pembantu Dekan2), Dr Betty( Our first coordinator) and Dr Setiawan(Our latest coordinator).There are also Dr Sri, both of Dr Ike (pshiatric and pharmacology), Dr Ghozali, Dr Najua and others that i may forgot to mention.

So, last Sunday, Dr Tri along with other lecturers celebrate our farewell at his house at Moh Toba. He told us that they receive us with a feast and now, they want to let us go also with a feast. I always like Dr Tri for his wise words. He mentioned that we are the child of UNPAD and they will let go us to become a foreigner (merantau) at UKM, Malaysia.As foreigners we will struggle more and try harder to succeed. He hope we will meet again as colleague. I'm touched..

However, our UNPAD lecturer will visit us every semester to see how we 'bloom',like what have been done by our UKM lecturer in visiting us every semester. I guess our performance will always be observed till we graduated..hehe

they gave speech..later, they sang for us...DOSEN IDOL...who do you think gets the best vote??hmmm

The local food was great and our ear also are fed with the live 'keroncong' music by a team of musician. As our appreciation, we sang Kau Ilhamku(song by Mumbai) which was the song we sang for them during the first feast..Luckly i memorised it well to accompany my friends sing with playing the keyboard.

the MAIN DISH...

side dish..bakso..nyum..nyum

side dish.....Sate..sedappppppp

SUnBURNED me, with Dr Najua and friends...after netball game earlier that morning.Yup, we have to rush to this farewell party and didn't attend the prize giving ceremony.


hana said...

Gambar kita sekumpulan masih lagi berada di ruang tamu rumah dr tri sama persis seperti dahulu. Yup. Sangat terharu dengan dosen2 kita di sini. Ape2 pun, perjuangan perlu diteruskan. Semoga kita semua berjaya!

nur_aishah said...

To Hana:
Betul tu Ani. Masuk je rumah dia dah perasan frame gambar tu masih ada di tempat yang sama seperti 3 tahun lepas...TERHARU!!

Beruntung rasanya dapat tutorial pertama dengan dia. Kisah yang paling 'memorable' kita se tutor menangis bersama-sama kerana tertekan di dalam menyesuaikan diri(LI,tutorial yg memeningkan). Selepas itu, keluarla kata-kata perangsang dari Dr. Tri yang keren bangat.

Ya, mari kita teruskan perjuangan...