Friday, April 24, 2009

Bye..bye Mr P


Today I have to say good bye for a while for Mr P. We've been together for almost 2years now(",)

I bought the portable Yamaha piano at Braga Music, Bandung in July 2007.It was quite cheap compare to Malaysian price.It cause me some 4 million rupiah including transportation to Jatinangor(45minutes from Bandung city). Well, even though Mr P isn't cheap, i think he worth every rupiah on him.

Mr P and me have a lots of moments together..We did a few performances together.He ease my mind sometimes especially during exams when my brain is 'jammed'.He listen to my voice while i sing without complain..hehe..he practically obey my fingers on him..Any men can't match him(",)

I and my brothers are passionate on music.At home we play duet and trio numerous of time and we did some performances too..However non of us make it as our major studies.(extra info; Both of my brothers are engineers in communication, working with ASTRO).I miss the moment and since i'm coming home we can meet up and turn the house into a studio..sorry neighbours(",)

For Mr P transportation, i asked my brothers help.Since electronic gadgets are fragile,I'm worried with Mr P safety if i send it by shipping.At the same time, the come here for holiday and mission to find Factory outlet Levi's jeans. They manage to find it but unfortunately their sizes are not available.So, they bought Burberry, Hugo and Pierre Cardin instead... Each cost less than 200,000rp(Rm 80)

Believe it or not..this is my 4th time to Kawah Putih at Ciwide, Bandung

Finally..i get to experience something new...GEOLOGY MUSEUM

Frankly,its quite boring.However, i finally know that 16,000 years ago Bandung is filled with water. See the dotted line area that is filled in water.

Dissapointed!! They are not real T-Rex when i knock the bone i can feel it is actually made from plastic

The CREAM of the whole day Trip...SAUNG ANGKLUNG.It was a WONDERFULL experience.Worth every rupiah we spend on the ticket( 50,000rp for locals, 80,000 for foreigners) I will post a special entry for it tomorrow.

End the day with Java Bean Coffee near our Latte' on left, coffee Mocha on right..nyum..nyum

Alhamdulillah the piano is only 15kg.I called my first brother, and he told me that they manage to transport it without extra charge.I hope Mr P will be transported safetly....AMIN

SEE YOU AGAIN Mr P at Malaysia...i will miss you.


A-D said...

hai aishah!!~ ;)
errrrr...... Blueberrry ke Burberry?.. zzzzz... blueberry cam friuts je... hehe

nur_aishah said...

To A-D
hehe..hai eddy mistake.should be Burberry.
at least them rhyme together rite(",)

penat sangat jd tourguide dorg..tak perasan dat mistake..

A-D said...

yah2.. they rhyme ;) hehe

Menggapai Edensor said...

Salam aishah..nak gi saung angklung..huhu..

nur_aishah said...

To Menggapai endesor:

Takpe Nisa..dorg akan buat gak.Harap before kita balik la kan.Dapatla awk dan kwn2 lain pegi.

Apapun entri post terbaru saya tu khas untuk awak..hehe(",)

Semoga awk dpt 'experience' Saung Anklung Udjo..