Saturday, April 4, 2009



I just want to recall back what I've done after finish my final exam during this pass two weeks.Does it compatible with my post exam plans?

Well alhmdulillah i manage to fulfill most of it.

My first project: the art of embroidery...changing this.....

into this....

On Food,instead of making I've decided to be the eater not the maker.hehe...
I experienced Japanese and Korean delicacy around Bandung. On last Monday, i follow a group of my class mate to Paris Van Java(PVJ) for sushi at Sushi Hana.Compare to Hanamasa,Hanamasa is better in term of food choices and price.

crabmeat salad..nyum..nyum

Sadly i can't go to Jakarta and Malang for a few reasons. However, i get to go Taman Bunga Nusantara(TBN) and Kota Bunga at Bogor.

Yesterday i went to a Waterfall and stream recreational area at Citengah with 17 other girls (classmates). We charted 2 Angkot(Angkutan Kota) which cause us 20,000rp each to get there.
Naik Angkot from our house...

The nearly an hour journey is quite adventurous as we go through curve and zigzag roads.

However, the nausea all fade away as we get to experience the true nature of waterfall stream spa..

I had a WONDERFUL time there to ease my mind, experience and appreciate the beautiful creation of Allah

The latest book i bought is 'Laskar Pelangi'. The author Andrea Hirata is an AMAZING guy to wrote such a beautiful novel. This is my first time to explore this kind of novel.I like the way he describe and develop each paragraph.

He used the common knowledge and integrate it with the novel.For example, he used scientific names to acknowledge the plants and trees. He also makes analogy of what he trying to convey by using common known history and civilization.

Lucky i live in Indonesia for nearly three years because i can appreciate it more since i understand Indonesian language.I'm planning to buy the other three books to complete my cllection of the tetralogy of Andrea Hirata books.

However,I'm sure we Malaysian can understand it also because there's isn't much different between Malaysian and Indonesian language.

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