Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Medicine & society..


This is not really a honeymoon posting!! quoted from one of my friend. hurmmm, I have to agree with that.We are now reach the TENSE stage as a lot of assignments to be done and report due date with presentations will be after holiday(Now is the 6th week.7th and 8th week will be the presentation and evaluation week)

UKM student complex at Tanjung Karang

One of our group discuccion regarding specific Survey on the villagers..

However, for me,I experienced some interesting and colorful experience with this posting. First of all, it explains my curiosity of how health care system been manage in a district and kampong area till the state and national level. Our group is special because there are two Japanese (Tomomi and Mariko) students staying with us since 1st week until 5th week . We had fun with them and learn from each other about Japanese language, knowledge on Japan health care and even cooking..

vaccination at school with unit sekolah

The place we are posted to is Tanjung Karang. It is quite boring cause we are trapped in the complex and only go out for food or activities. However, i'm too occupied with activities and assignment to bother with it.

I like the fact that i have the time to jog and experienced the nature more..I love the evening scene during my jogging time at the student's complex. There are lots of herds of birds flying home to their nest. Another sceneric view is the muddy beach 30 minutes walk from our complex or (5 minutes drive). It will be nice if you can see the sunset by the beach.

the beach near our complex

tea break by the beach after survey at kampong

There are some interesting places that i haven't yet get to explore. So far, i've experienced Ikan bakar at Jeram. The restaurant is by the muddy beach and have nice panoramic view.The price is quite cheap too. I've been to kayaking at Sg Sireh (the BEST activity so far)and took pictures at paddy field of sekincan. Not to forget a few episodes of Kerepek shopping at Sekincan.

muddy beach at Jeram

in front of the ikan bakar restraunt at Jeram

Paddy field at sekinchan

our Japanese friends Mariko and Tomomi

kayaking at Sungai Sireh

Basically..these are the honeymoon things i did during this posting.There are a few more places to explore indeed before leaving Tanjung karang...will tell more later.

Wasalam (",)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

End of O&G..welcome to Medicine & Society


TOmorrow will be my 3rd week in Medicine & Society (a.k.a JKM) posting. What happen in between O&G and JKM was my final semester 1 exam. Alhamdulillah i passed (",). Now, moving forward to JKM posting which most of us consider as a VACATION.

1.less stressful
2.the accomodation: aircond,TV room, washing machine and fridge every block canteen to practise ur cooking skills
4.get to play sports & games in the evening(if it doesn't rain)-Jogging-futsal-baling sliper-bola beracun-volley
6.satay Hub
7. very Mobile : have to go around Kuala Selangor/ Sabak bernam( Pejabat Kesihatan daerah,Hospital and Klinik Kesihatan)
8.get to know the health system in district area
9.BBQ (on 6th week..can't wait for it)
10.Kelip-kelip(firely) park..will go there

the list may go on..

This posting become more colourfull as there are 2 japanese students from Nikita University attached to us for 6th week. Become quite close to them. Mariko is good in sports. She jog quite fast..have a great deal to catch up with her. Thanks to her pacemaker (one of her jog partner)for making her to jog that fast.

Intervarsity game is coming up this December. My heart make a summersault in joy as there is futsal for girls in the tournament. Hopefully i'll get some good players as teamates (",)