Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Conquer Cikuda Pool


What do you think about pool party???
Hmmm..the first picture will come out from our mind is pool..sexy bikinis..tropical objects(pineapple,palm tree)...sunburn..

I experienced that except the bikini part okay...Although those with XY chromosome (men)are strictly prohibited, i still feel safer to cover the whole area.

Well..Islam is simple as long as we don't breach ALlah rules. So,last Sunday,girls from my batch(2006) organized POOL PARTY. Strictly for girls only!! . We had a lot of FUN and EXCITEMENT...and also SUNBURN..huhu

You can view a wise opinion about pool part from here

Finally..i get to experience Cikuda pool..usually i go to Al-Masoem pool which quite plain and boring.Here, the pool is surrounded by beautiful scenery from the paddy field

Since this party is for girls only we are free to swim..play games..sing the karaoke without embarrassing ourselves in front of the guys.The objective is to make us girls in batch 2006 closer and also as a farewell for us Twinning programe since we are leaving on May 6-7th to Malaysia.

Sadly the girls from dentistry cannot join us since they are having their final exam.I'm not sure about the absent of the pharmacy girls. Anyway, the food was great and A LOT...good job to 'AJK makanan'....here are some of the food


finger food and fruits


finally..MAIN COURSE

I and Salmi have a special job that day as aerobic instructor..finally my 1st experience. It was quite ok..most of us(who goes to aerobic class) can follow it, while others are enthusiasm first timers..hehe(",)

The games are fun and the prizes are cool(we twinning in charge in prizes and goody bags). What i like the most is the goody back, design by the Dydo the JUNGLE JANE(an award/title given to those who gave the highest participation on that day)...

I always like her drawing which she like to put in her notes for tutorial mates, i call the figure as Memory Lane figure.


Black henna...(in transition of accepting it..feels weird.hmmmmm)

In conclusion,my stomach in FULL load(i didn't take dinner afterwards), i have black henna on my right hand from the henna booth, i got 2 prizes for two games i won and i got SUNBURN!



She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named said...

Black henna!! Cool!!

Nothing like taking a plunge on a really hot day!!!

nur_aishah said...


Dib...miss u.Dh lama x chat.

Anyway i'm still in transition condition(of the henna) because i think the black henna on my right hand looks weird...its like my hand being 'conteng'by black ink..huhu

i still prefer normal red henna..

yes..the pool party was refreshing and cool indeed..

Menggapai Edensor said...

Salam aishah..comel la dydo nye drawing...suke2

nur_aishah said...

To menggapai Edensor

btol2 nisa....
thnx 4 d ziarah n comment (",)

haikal ambri said...

salam..wah bestnya kak..
happy jer..semoga berjaya nanti..

nur_aishah said...

To Haikal:

hehe..terima kasih dik(",)