Saturday, May 2, 2009



I just got back from BALI..Yes..BALI! I would like to describe Bali as a tropical paradise with fusion between west and east. There's A LOT of tourist that you can meet everywhere.

Finally i get to go there.Alhamdulillah! It was a challenge as a Muslim because of the food(the famous food is Babi guling)and there are full of half naked people.Thus,we got extra lesson on ANATOMY of human body.The funny thing is,we became the center of attraction there instead of girls in bikini..hehe.Because its quite hard to find tourist we head scarf on with fully clothes on.

Regardless all of it I'm PROUD to practice Islam in this condition. I also experienced praying inside the car.

Why i want to got there? the first and foremost is i want to experience the beauty of Bali.Next i want to see the culture of Balinese people that have close relation with Hinduism. Third, i want to make my last 10 days in Indonesia more memorable..huhu.

Is Bali suitable for us Muslims to spend their holidays?? Yes, there are a lot of interesting places you can go besides the beach that are full with half naked people or pubs and night clubs..Just ignore those places and spend your quality time on nature and cultural activities like what I've done with my friends. Totally NO drug, NO alcohol and NO sex...

The most memorable thing is scuba diving. This is my 2nd time as explorer diver(without license).My first time was at Perhentian Island,Malaysia with my brothers and we immediately fell in love with it.We planned to make it a family thing as we all will take the course at UKM and get the scuba diving license. Its not cheap but it's worth it.

My total expenses through out the Bali trip is only 3.2 million rupiah for 6 days.if including plane ticket is about 4.2 million( about RM 1,500). We traveled to almost all the tourist spot with 4 days of charted car with driver. We also get to buy a lot of souvenirs at the factory with grocer price( thanks to Agus our driver who bring us there).

So, here is the summary of my trip...

Day 1,Sunday, 26/4- we just walk around Kuta beach

There's no Angkot but they use this colorful mini bus instead for short distance transportation along the beach.

(Charted car with driver from day 2-5)

Day 2,Monday, 27/4
* Water sports: Para sailing,flying fish,banana boat and scuba diving( we did some negotiation on the price and manage to get acceptable price for these 4 activities)

* Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park(GWK)- Watched very big statues here!
* Ulu Watu, watch Kecak dance here!
* Seafood dinner at Jinbara under the star and moon light by the beach, we can see the airplane landing area from Jinbara beach.
(manage to get the cheapest restaurant)
Kecak dance

Day 3,Tuesday, 28/4
* Watched dolphins at Lovina beach have to cross Bali from south(Kuta beach-where we stay) to North.Took us 3 hours journey.Get to watch sunrise here.
* Kintamani and Batur Mountain - still active volcano
* Batik factory,get to take home some specially requested batik painting as souvenirs with cheap price.

At Lovina Beach where the sun started to come out......I'm speechless

Day 4,Wednesday, 29/4
* Taman Ayun- the nicest temple we visited so far

* Alas keraton- monkeys all over the place...scares me..huhu
* Bedugul-nice highland at Bali, a little bit cool like Bandung
* Tanah Lot- a temple on a big rock that looks as if its floating at the sea.

Day 5,Thursday,30/4
* Watched Barongan and keris dance

* Shopping at Bali Creative-factory that produce souvenirs.we shop at grocer price (",)
* Visited Medical faculty of Universitas Udayana

* Watched sunset by the beach..Subahannallah,very beautiful

Day 6,Friday,1/5

*Back to Jakarta..then Bandung by road.

I'm tired but very happy.The moments i had there was unforgettable.Insyaallah I will visit Bali again to experience the beauty of Allah's creation.



Master J said...

mcm best jer..eheh especially scuba n my hsemates kt kuantan pun nk buat lesen next sem insyaAllah =)

nur_aishah said...

to Master J:

Well Jaz, mmg speechless campur cuak bila first time diving. the 2nd time is much more easier.
Dah dpt lesen the first place i want to go is Redang island..Pernah snorkelling situ..Subahannlahh..cantik.(",)

We all at Bandung pon ada Comparative Religon seminar.The same person gave the seminar at UIA,Kuantan(ur place).Started last night.Gagahkan diri juga pegi evnthough penat baru sampai from Bali..very Intresting..tak sia2 pegi.

She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named said...

dearest kak aishah, im sooooo proud of you! u are an inspiration!

nur_aishah said...


Well Dib, puji lebih2 ni nak oleh2 ke?? hehe..(tak minta pon dh sediakan dah)

If I become ur inspiration for something good, then Alhamdulillah (",)

But, keep in mind I'm still learning and make mistakes too.So, just exampled the good one and leave the bad one behind.Kita sama-sama belajar k.hehe

See you soon dear...

fahimahjohari said...

salam ziarah..
nice trip ya~
tq 4 the info!

i study kat medan,
just plan 2 visit there too

p/s: get ur link from lutfi's blog=)

nur_aishah said...

To fahimahjohari:

Thanks for the visit..
Anyone who study at indonesia Should use this opportunity to travel and experience the beauty rite..

if you want further explanation on cheap transportation and where to go..i am gladly too help.just inform me throught my chat box k.

happy travelling(",)