Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friendly comperative religion(FCR).......

Salam(Peace be upon you)

I nearly decided to absent from this short seminar because of the long journey i had earlier of the day (Bali-Jakarta-Jatinangor,Bandung).What can i last days at Indonesia are full with activities.

However, since the seminar is about comparing religions(which is something i never attend before), I finally choose to go. Alhamdulillah(TQ ALLah).. I made the right choice.It opened my mind into something new.

This is the first time the event is done at Universitas Padjadjaran.Thus,I would like to THANK the organizer(Biro Agama Islam Kelab Umno Bandung-B.A.I.K) to organize this wonderful event.However i would be more merrier and exciting if you all can invite the representative of other religion also..not only our other brother and sister in other religion.What's the use of comparison without them rite!Moreover, due to lack of time, FCR modules have to be compressed(tak cukup puas la..).Maybe next time rite(",).Definitely, I will join FCR in in Malaysia.

The presenter is Shah Kirit or well known as Bro Shah. He also bring his younger brother, Dinesh along.Both are Indians and still are.They didn't become Malay(RACE,cause you have to be born into it) but they become Muslim(RELIGION).Alhamdulillah(Thank u to Allah),they converted to Muslim for more than a decade already.

What is ISLAM?? Islam means total OBEDIENT and SURRENDER ,to get PEACE and BELIEVED in AUTHENTIC way to GOD(ALLAH). The similarity among other religion Christian, Hindu, Sikh is we believe GOD is ONE.The prove is stated in the source of the religion which is the Book of each religion(eg:Al-Quran in Islam, Bible in Christian).

Then, why not we just accept all religion since we all believe in ONE GOD??
The answer is worship GOD as how GOD wants us to worship GOD, not as how we think we want to worship GOD.

The source of Islam is Al-Quran and Hadiths. Al-Quran is the word of GOD given to us through the messenger,Muhammad(peace be upon him).Hadiths is whatever Muhammad do, give speech about or whatever happen in front of him that he leave a comment on.

If you compare Al-QUran(exist 1400 years ago)with modern sience, you will astonished to find the similarities. So how could it be the word of devil since Muhammad cannot write nor read.Moreover, modern technology doesn't exist 1400 years ago.

Muhammad also was awarded the title of Al-Amin by the Arabic Quraisy before he become a messenger because of his sincerity and never tell lies since he was a child.He was a very trusted man in Mecca. He is a PERFECT man for us human to follow as an example.You will say nobody is perfect.But,believe it or not, Muhammad(pbuh) was someone that was born with PERFECT qualities.

Thus, what ever that is not stated in the Al-Quran and Hadiths is NOT ISLAM!! Don't judge Islam by the act of their believers,but judge it by the two sources i mentioned above.Even muslims also get confuse!! I hope everyone will go back and use their given INTELLIGENCE to find what is ISLAM from this two sources.

We may born as MUSLIM but we are not sure we can die as MUSLIM. The most important in ISLAM is we die as MUSLIM.Thus, regardless you born as Muslim or non-Muslim, we are the same..Islam believe two phase in life before and after puberty.We all born as Islam,innocent and with no sin.After puberty you will be judge and your sins will be count. GOD gives us the intuition to find him.Let us use the INTELLIGENCE to find the truth.


WAsalam(may peace be upon you)

P/s: Islam comes from word Salam meaning PEACE


Master J said...

byk kali dh dia dtg uia..hehe..still suka pg talk2 dia..

nur_aishah said...

TO: Master J JELOUSAn yg amat..huhu. GOod for you to have dat opportunity.
manage to find Bro Shah's blog from urs..hehe.Thanx(",)