Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm Home


Alhamdulillah..I'm already home for two days. It's steamy here..I keep changing my clothes because I always drain in my sweat.Thank you to the GLOBAL WARMING, my home is getting warmer compare to 3 years ago.

What happen in this 2 days:
1. I become a 'puteri lilin' and keep on staying at home with the fan or air-cond on.So friends if you want to ask me out bring me to a close area with air-cond or fan..hehe.

2. My family is busy with my brother's wedding preparation(about a month away). Thank you Abg yayai, I become your 'buruh kerahan tenaga' managing the bunga telur and wedding invitation cards.My mum decided to make the 'hantaran' and 'bunga telur' by herself with the help of other creative family members. Well, it can cut the cost and you' ll feel more satisfied with the end product if you make everything by yourself. Moreover, my family members are creative with these 'wedding thing'..hehe..Definitely will get their help when it comes to my turn.

3. Another tradition is we usually send the invitation card by hand..Yes, I repeat BY HAND!!...but only to certain people like family and close friend.SO, today they will go out and send the cards whlie visiting people they invite, while I have to stay home managing the other cards to be post and babysit my little brother(which i'm glad to stay in the air-cond home)...(",)

4. My family is also in transition of moving to Malacca(but we still keep the house at KL).The house is still in renovation, so still can't move in yet.

5. My 7 boxes of cargo shipping also arrived safely in the evening on the day i arrived.. Still thinking how to manage all the boxes...huhu.

6. Like to tease my little brother in my free time and swim almost everyday(",)

7. Pasar malam...yeah.And delicious Malaysian food..I'm in food HEAVEN.

8. Busy with preparation on registration at UKM on 13/5...have to pack my stuf from the 7 boxes and try to find some clothes from the boxes for my orientation and 5days camp..hoho

That's all for now.Sorry for babbling too much..Just bear with me (",)


p/s: pictures will be uploaded later.I'm borrowing my bro laptop for this..hehe


She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named said...

aslm cuzzin!

alas, u are back in malaysia!

nur_aishah said...


Yes dear....pinch me..i still can't believe it..(",)


as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

im utterly jealous

nur_aishah said...

To Nadya:
Takpe nad.. ada kelebihannye u 6 yrs kat sana.Btol X? Miss u already.. I named the giraffe as Nody..hehe.U don't mind rite?

ekay said...

are u back home???!!!
sambung kat sini..xblk2 indon dah kan??