Saturday, May 30, 2009

1st week of 1st posting

Salam (peace)

So, I'm sure some of you are excited to know what happened to me during my first week of my clinical year.My first posting is SURGERY! it goes:

In summary:

1. The first week always be the blurry one..The method of learning is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from pre-clinical years..NOBODY is there to tell you what to do. Everything comes from your own initiative and intelligence to find the opportunity. You won't know it till you experience it.

2. Regardless all from the above...I ENJOYED my condition right now in the CLINICAL far...WHY??
* You get to see things that you can't get from books
* You apply and refresh what you learn during pre-clinical into 'real thing'
* We get exposure to real patient...real cases..COOL!!
* We get to know the hospital: how it really works with a lot of people working togather to help those in need
* You get to sharpened your communication skill by doing CLERKING( aka amnenesis)..this job is our main job in the ward..investigating the patients..
Sometiomes, i feel like i'm a police officer..hoho

3. I understand now why people says SURGERY is the 'inspirational posting'
* the doctors mostly are COOL...(get to see some Good looking faces to..hehe)
* watching surgery is a WONDERFULL experience
* less tense in this department
* the Operation theatre(OT) is fully air-cond...have to wear scrubs when entering the OT feel mcm surgeon

4. About the posting..there are 3 places you have to go:
* WARD : there are 2 ward 3rd year students are allowed to go to..ward 1 (men) and ward 2(women)
* CLINICS : here, you can learn a lot here..get to participate more in the procesdures
* OPERATION THEATER (OT): You can-see-only learning process but you should apply what you see with what you learn to make the process more benificial.

5. WOn't I get lost??
* Every students get a log book.This log book is fill with requirements that students have to fullfill during each posting and everything must be confirmed with the doctor or nurse signature.
* The seniors are kind and toughtful to organize the buddy system. Each junior have their own buddy(senior) to help out in surviving the clinical life.So, we can ask them about studies, books etc.

So, in conclusion...
to my UNPAD need to motivated to looking forward to your clinical years at PPUKM.
To my self..i'm thinking of becoming a surgeon..hopefully i can succeed in everything I do and always feel motivated to learn.


Wasalam(peace be upon u who read this)


FaDhLi said...

bila dapat prof hanafiah, posting surgery akan bertambah sernonok. hehe. banyak benda dia ajar. pecahkan rekod kami! haha

F.A.R.A.H said...

mcm best jek posting surgery..yg wat anamnesis tuh cam scary je..yg skill lab pum tersasul2

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

will wait for more posts on ur new life!!enjoy!

Dr Amad said...

Salam dari bumi Jatinangor penuh asap..

Hohoho...bunyik cm sedap je posting sana.

nur_aishah said...

To Fadhli:
hehe..AMIN..kami grup H posting pertama 3rd year 2009 akan 'MEMECAHKAN rekod' anda sbg Prof's Favorite susahla nak reach Prof.dah seminggu xjmpa dia.responsible plak jd grup leader kna cari dia..Gladly he is nice to my disturbing phone calls & SMSes for teaching arrangements..
harap dpt start next week

nur_aishah said...

To F.A.R.A.H:
hehe..btol..ktaorg terpaksa blaja balik dr buku & senior..cara present ke doctor pon lain.
So, dh klinikal nnt kena pandai adapt la k dgn sume bnda.. Insyallah kalau berusaha mesti Ok

advantage ke kta UKM-UNPAD twinning adalah kita ada skills lab yg lebih detail dan kes yg kita belajar pon lg sy byk lupa..hehe.kena baca balik.

nur_aishah said...

To a.i.NADYA:

Nad...thanks for the encouragement!! Miz u and others..also life at Jatinangor (",) Hope u do well in studies always..

nur_aishah said...

To Dr Amad:
mmg bunyi sedap sbb sy dah tambah perasa dan rempah bg bunyi sedap..hehe

kalu baca balik mmg sy bg yg positif itu mmg pandangan sy.kalu nak survive dan tak nak gagal kenala fikir camtu..(",)

P/s: rindu asap jatinangor...hoho

FaDhLi said...

kalau bernasib baik, dapatlah merasa dibelanja makan oleh prof. hehe.