Friday, June 5, 2009

2nd week.


First of all Allhamdulillah(thank u God) for given me the chance to live till now and celebrate my 21st birthday today(June,6th).Key of freedom they say..I think its key to responsibility to make the right decisions in life!!

Second week just ended today.I and my housemate take the half day off,go to KLCC and watched gorgeous Zac Efron in '17 again'.For me, i feel kind of weird to exposed around people after only go back & fro to hospital for the rest of my days. The white coat really have an effect in changing my personality,psychologically in a positive way. With the white coat on I am ready to mingled with patient, seeing dreadfull wounds...Without it I'm just Me someone's daughter, friend and sister.

After a few times reschedule,changing groups we finally settled with our original group during 1st week. I'm very glad with that decision as i really LIKE my group. I am very thankfull to have a nice group members that are dedicated to our group and the most important thing is cooperative and willing to share. Sharing is caring right??

As a group leader, i make sure everyone gets the opportunity to fill up their log books,arrange teaching meet with our busy supervisors and our schedule.Extra thing we do is we set up our own tutorial meet at the end of certain procedure or OT and discuss what we have learned and what we should read more.Thus, i makes the learning process much more benificial to everyone in the group.

This week also,my study group just started our meetings and I learn a lot from it!It consist of 5 members (3girls,2guys).I think everyone should have study group once you enter clinical.

AFter 2nd week, i can see a few ADVANTAGES that i have as coming from UKM-UNPAD twinning programme:
* Our SKills lab really exposed us too the clinical. Here, i had a workshop yesterday and learned 6 skills. Each skills was taught for 10minutes in rotation of seven groups of 10 students. The skills that we learned were:
1. Urine catheterization
2. Pre Rectal examinationa(aka Digital rectal exmntn)
3. Suturing and holding the equipments
4. Nasogastric tube insertion
5. Breast examination
6. Brannula insertion(aka IV insertion)
Imagine how lucky I was to learn one skill for 2 and half hour€s in a group of 10 in a week and get evaluated in the second meet in the same week at UNPAD. Everyone get the chance to memorize,learn and use all the equipments adequately.However, as people have variability, the skills are slightly different but allahamdulillah I can adapt to that.

* We learned more cases.Logically we learned more as the regular students learned pre-clinical for 2 years and ours are 3 years.However, i still have to re-read as i forget some of it..hehe

* Since we know certain things more, we become quite confident to do things.yeke??(kembang kuncup kembang kuncup)hehe..Maybe some of us do...A radiologist told my friend that he heard that UNPAD students are confident.It must be from talks among his colleages since our postings doesn't majorly involved radiology yet.

I'm glad that so far my friends from UNPAD manage to be OK in here. So far i didn't here any negative comments on us..I hoping to not hearing about it at all i the future.

Wednesday was my lucky day as I get to do all the things i planned on that day.What are they?
1. Clearking a very cooperative patient in the surgical clinic.

2. Presenting a case in front of a registrar(doctor that is going to be a speacialist).He corrected me and i'm glad that i learned my weaknesses at last in presenting case.Will try to present case again next time.

3. Watched an operation on removing the gallbladder(cholestectomy)by Open surgery method on a cholelithiasis patient whom i clerk a day before for my case assessment report.After it was removed, a registrar disect it and i get to feel the content(bile stones-moxed type)while collecting it into the specimen bottle. I get to feel a real gallbladder too.It was a WONDERFULL experience after standing for about two hours straight..The patient also a nice lady.She was very helpfull during the clerking me & my friend conduct befor the operation.She also let us practise some general physical examination on her.

So,those are some view of my posting this week..My inquisitive and motivation level is still high.Hopefully it will go on forever..(",)Till then, bubye.


P/S: i got a sister in my family at last...a sister IN LAW (",). May happiness will always be with you Abang Yayai and Kak Yah.Can't wait for a nephew or niece and becoming and aunty..


FaDhLi said...

hope korang dapat tolong2 juga kawan2 yang preklinikal di ukm ni.
sharing is caring, rite?

nur_aishah said...

To Fadhli:

baik presiden Persiap..
sbb tu la Study group members mix dgn student pre-klinikal UKM. dpt juga certain info dr dorg.

memang SHARING is CARING (",)

FaDhLi said...

apa yang korang belajar memang lebih banyak daripada yang kami belajar. so teruskan semangat 'sharing is caring' itu. "medicine is about completion, not competition". dont compete, but pls complete each other..

nur_aishah said...


today i learned a BIG lesson from my own mistake..

apa kah dia??rasanya ko dah tau dari housemate ko..

apapun takde la patah semangat..lg bersemangat utk jd lebih baik ada la.MENYESAL..taktau la dpt break record korg ke x...

will write about it later...

FaDhLi said...

belum tau la...
fekri xcite pun..

ekay said...

i bet u're the lucky one..
somehow, i'm still blurring throughout the week..

nur_aishah said...

to ekay:

taklah...i'm also as blur as u. camne clinical?? USIM buat dengan hospital mana??