Friday, June 12, 2009

Time is EMAS..


Demi masa sesungghuhnya manusia kerugian,melainkan mereka yang beramal beriman dan beramal soleh...I have to agree with this verses from Al-Quran taken from al-Asr(Time).I would like to apply this verses to show how precious time is(not in a religous angle). We never realise it till we get really busy or into trouble.

I realise now that only those who have passion on medicine can survive the life long learning years.Encouragement from parents or intrest alone can't isn't enough to satisfy the needs you have to satisfied in order to be a DOCTOR!

1. STUDY always is the top most priority(after Allah the CreatoR)..i get this habit of reading anytime i can as I always feels that my knowledge is still shallow.

yup, we need to cover a lot of things..

2. Time is EMAS(gold)...everytime is valueble and you have to learn to put 1st thing 1st. Thus, time management is very important. I have to sacrifice my sleeping time..huhu

3. Have to always think POSITIVE and raise up from any failure with dignity and a promise to work harder (This is what i get from stories for those who fail and have to re-sit exam or even repeat their year without giving up).Though, i never plan on repeating year, may Allah forbid that from happening

4. Understanding from people you have comitment for is very important. Alhamdullh i don't have comitments to anyone except my my family so far. Lucky i trained myself to only call my mum once a week or only for important things since i left home to further studies at Indonesia. I always told them my life now is not as easy as before,I hope they understand me..

Regardless all I mentioned above doesn't draw me back so far....because

Alhamdulillah,I have passion on becoming a doctor...

Since i get bored of only watching and clerking,today I assisted the nusres at procedure room of surgical clinic doing wound dressing, removing the suture and changing the suprapubic catheter.

I feel happy doing those thing regardless the smell and view that might cause people have nausea or loss of appetite..This is because i learned a lot(knowing the way of handling equipments) when i do it rather than watching.I'm glad Kak Fiza & Kak Dijah let me assist them..

For me to be good in something you must know everything from the basic till the complicated one. Its a good thing also to learn about the hospital policy and the fee the patients need to pay(saja ngada nak tau lebih2 la pula...",)

Today also i met the patient i clerk during first week of posting. I help up cleaned his wound and glad to meet that uncle again.His wound looks ok and I'm happy with it.

Good communication skill also the key point in becoming a good doctor. I have to get patient's trust and intrest during taking their history of disease. I was told by a Medical officer, to be a good student, you have to clerk at least one patient a day and do general basic physical examintaion on him/her.Since then i try to apply that.

As a clinical student, i have to be creative in finding the opportuninty to learn wisely. Like what i can conclude from Prof Hanafiah(my group spervisor) advice, there's nobody will tell you what to do. You have to find it yourself the opportunity to learn and not wait someone to come and teach you.

I had a valuable lesson earlier this week of not preparing much and not revising well on my basic knowledge.I hope to not repeat the same mistake again an always alert on that. Hope i can perform better.

May Allah make my journey in life smoother and easier..AMIN!!


Ps: I still think that life is wonderful and meaningful in its own way each day..hehe(",).


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teruskan usaha dan semangat tersebut.

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peace~menang visit belog dulu!

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