Friday, June 26, 2009

Sensitive question....


What do you feel when someone ask you about your sexual activity?? In medicine, it is relevent to ask this question to the patient when necessary regarding to the problem.Definitely,we will keep it private and confidential. Today is the end of my 5th week and so far I had some 'shocking information' from two different patient.

I bet you it is not easy to ask those question in respect to the patients' feeling. It is a bonus when the patient really confess to you which means they do really trust you.We in the medical field cannot banned or stigmatize certain group of people(even though we don't agree with their conduct) by treating them differently.It is the rule of ehtics to be beneficience,non-maleficience, justice and autonomy in giving our service.

So, what are the shocking news??

PATIENT 1, an old indian man. he confess having multiple sexual partner since 20 years old.Most of the reason is due to influnces from friends.He admitted that he have high sexual drive. It happend since his early twenties.He said that its common with his Malay MUSLIM friends. He even saw some of them have sex with dogs(tak masuk dek akal btol manusia ni).
He spend some of his money to support the 'prostitution bussiness'.Up till now his family especially his wife doesn't know about his extra activity. He was admitted to the ward because of difficulty in urination due to benign prostatic hyperplasia(BPH).BPH is enlargement of the prostate that constrict the urinary tract causing a person to have slow flow,increase frequency in urination etc.It is common in middle aged men..

PATIENT 2, a 27 years old Malay Muslim man who is practicing anal sex.FYI, he is well educated man with a degree. He admitted to still have feelings on women but not in any relationship with them.He agrees with the idea of marriage and have have kids if he find the women he likes. The activity is painful but according to him,is not painful to do it if he likes the man.He do it at least once a week since the past 3 years.He started with oral sex and then advancing to anal sex due to influences from friends...

out of curosity,i asked him a few questions and here are the summary...
1. each week will be a different partner
2. they meet through their special website
3. some of them are married man with kids
4. it happen to all kind of people: students, teachers and even doctors..
5. muslim men also involve with this...
6. usually they are man with soft personality(usually they will be the receiver)
7. normal looking man also do it(usually they are the giver

He was admitted to the ward due to problem with the fistula of anus(the anal canal is communicating with the skin surface).It happen mainly due to hygienity problem. The predisposing factor in this man is his sexual practice that can cause infection to happen easily on the anus.

Regarding practising anal sex with strangers...he have high chance to get other uncurable infections like HIV and hepatitis B or C. I pray that he will stop the conduct and try to appreciates his live more in a better way. I can only give my advice but the decision is in his hands to change.

My own tought......
I don't know why people still do things eventhough they know it will harm themselves.If they believe in god, don't they think about afterlife(hari akhirat). Don't they care about the sins they've done?? (tekejut juga ramai MELAYU ISLAM yg terjebak)

Maybe the pleasure they have right now win over their guilt of sins..

If you have the will to change, anything is possible.

P/s: tau pasal ni, takut pula nak kawin..huhu.kpd bakal2 isteri diluar sana check background bakal suami anda.kepada lelaki, kami perempuan ada tak payah cari lelaki lain..hehe


mYshah said...

huuhu. xpe2 dik jgn risau. insyaAllah Dia da sediakan yg terbaik n seswai untuk kita. amin...

y masih ade yg wat mende2 ni walaupon taw mende2 ni merosakkan?

heeehe. menarik tol soklan tu. how about we try other question?

y do people smoke even though there are pics of real smoker's lung infront of the ciggaretes' pack?

y do people seldomly exercise even though they know it's good for the health?

hee. same with y do people still make sins (big or simple 1) even though they know about heaven, hell or even God?

zzzz... sama2 la cube muhasabah diri.

nur_aishah said...

to mYshah:

hehe..saja je bang bawa topik heavy sikit. memang terkejut bila dpt tau pasal ni.biasa baca dalam majalah je.THANKS for ur comment

related to what's good for you...
awareness,discipline and your own self-will will motivates you.people keep on doing 'things' because it gives them PLEASURE..

related to religion...
org skrg ramai kejar dunia dari least letakla seiiring ke.

semoga diri ini sentiasa beringat..ingatkan kalau terlupa(",)

Irsya said...

semoga Allah memberikan hidayah kepada mereka2 yang berkelakuan pelik ni.. AMIN....

Anonymous said...


nur_aishah said...

to Irsya:

to AinMusa:
betol..tapi time clerking tu cover2 la.coz tak nak patient rasa xselesa & stop sharing info.kena jd pihak natural jap.

P/s dia pun cam pelik bila kiat tak stigma atau pandang serong kat dia. adala gak bg nasihat tp tergantung tuan punye bdn nak tunaikan ke x.hmmmmmm

Menggapai Edensor said...

Salam aishah..em macam2 ragam manusia yang boleh kite ambil iktibar. reality case yang agak mencabar..gud job aishah..x saba nak gain experience kat ward..sile beri tunjuk ajar..:)

liacharlotte said...

macam2 yek. huhu...wat yg terbaik ye aishah...

nur_aishah said...

To Menggapai Endensor:
Hmm..macam2 ragam kita bolh jmpa di wad..Insyaallh awk akan melaluinye dgn baik.praktis makes perfect

To liacharlotte :
tenkiu (",)