Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our last trip...

When I first learn that I'll have it as our minor subject during my 3years in Medical school...I thought Aah,another boring subject to help us keep up the GPA..

However, it turn out to be an interesting subject that talks about life as doctors, how to treat the patient well.Basically, we were taught to be an ethical doctor.

We have to visit the health care service twice each semester and discuss about it in a mini seminar.

I think, my last Extramural visit in Indonesia was the most memorable one.

We visited Rumah Sakit Khusus Ginjal Ny R.A Habibie. It is the biggest dialysis center in Indonesia not in size but in the number of dialysis equipments( currently 43 machines). It was founded by Ibu Sri Soedarsono (sister of Presiden Habibie-the 3rd President of Republic of Indonesia) in August 8th 1988( 2months older than me)

90% of the patients are under government insurance or charity.The condition is very good like a private hospital or even hotel...
How they manage to be like this?

1. The founder have good relation with the dutch authorities.
they provide used dialysis equipments(cost:500million rupiah each)from Netherlands that are still in good condition.
2. The employee are dedicated in giving good services & loyal to organization.
3. They save their expanses by producing their own sterile water (which is the major usage for the dialysis process-they save about 30% of the expenses).
4. The employee are competent and received training in Netherlands.
5. They get bargain price for the medical equipments because this hospital have high influence in other dialysis center in Indonesia( whatever they used will be followed by other center)

Why dialysis is a burden?
1. Patient with Kidney failure have to do this 2-3 times per week( each week cost 800 rp or RM300-400)
2. Most patient are dependent on others and have to quit their job.
3. Without dialysis patient will eventually die.
4. They have to come to dialysis center and undergo each treatment for 4hours

What impressed me?
1.They give a holistic approach, medically & psychologically:
* If the patient miss the session,they will call up the patient.
* If patient refuse dialysis they will find the reason and try to make them agree to undergo dialysis(without it the patient will die)
* There are nurses & volunteers that support the patient psychologically

2. The equipments their received from Netherlands are also distributed to other places the need the machine for poor and under government insurance patients.

3. They didn't choose their patient

4. Their existence is for charity.

A break:Tea with yummy brownies & crispy kerepek..hmmm
(from left: Alia, Suhaijah ,Inatan & Me)

Something interesting I found in the hospital
Guess,what is this?? A chair....reconsider your answer again,cause it is not just a chair

It is a weight measuring device!!

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