Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Around the world in a day...


What a tiring but wonderful day i've experienced yesterday..hmmm
First of all, i'm not joking about the title above..It feels like you've been around the world when you go to Taman Bunga Nusantara and Kota Bunga at Bogor.
The place is about 2hours by road from Bandung City...

Let me introduce you to it...the Pictures will help me for that. It is a must-to-go recreational area if you come or study here!!

Enterence fee:20,000rp

see the big peacock behind me!! beautifull isn't it??

huge Flower carpet...

these grass from Queensland, Australia..

French garden...

Musical fountain......

American Garden...feels like entering the Secret Garden...

with cute LITTLE teddy..

Welcome to JAPAN..Ni Honen

Mediterranean Garden...beware the cactus

From Mediterranean we fly back to Indonesia..Bali

We end it with Flower clock...

Next place is KOTA BUNGA..There are a lot of houses resemble places around the world.However due to a lot walking with taking pictures for 3 hours earlier at TBN, we became to tired to take pictures with the houses.

we only stop at the Little Venice..Sadly due to lack of time(close at 4.30pm) we cannot have a ride with the Gondola or ferry..huhu

enterence ticket..12,000 rp


America again




The end

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