Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Engagement Ceremony at Indonesia


Alhamdulillah, my last Oral Skill Case Assessment test (OSCA)in UNPAD has over. I'm happy with my result.Finally i can menarik nafas lega.Congratulation to all my fellow friends who passed with flying colors. For those who didn't do it well don't get down...we still have another final test (OSCE) this thursday..

First of all it's not me who is engaged....

I just want to share my experience attending an Indonesian Engagement ceremony on March 8th (SUnday).The future bride is my friend & aerobic 2nd instructor(the 1st one is her older sister who owns the gym with her husband) .

Her name is Euis. Since Malaysia and Indonesia are in the same Malay Archipelago, there are not so much different compare to us (Malaysia).
The wedding will be on August or September.

Me,Euis and the 3 little cute rascals..

I & Salmi are the only Malaysian who attend it.Others are the family members and our fellow aerobic friends.

The ceremony was done at the future bride house

Here are the chronology:

1. Future Bridegroom & family came from Bandung

2. Opening ceremony.There are speeches given by the future bride's side(unfortunately they are in Sundanese language,luckily an elderly women sit next to me kindly translate it to us.

3. The future Bride recite the Al-Quran.

4. Speech from the future bridegroom's father.

5. The future bride was asked weather she is single or not and does she oppose this engagement ...of course Euis says no..what a chaos will it be if she says YES!

6. The ring goes to the finger of the future bride...And vice versa(yup, unlike us the guy have to wear an engagement ring too)

7. Salam and restu from both parents

8.Sundanese food Feast(nyum..nyum..) & silaturrahmi(get to know each other)

CONGRATULATION to Euis!!...she's only 19 and is getting married.

Irony,I'm 20 and going to be 21 and still have no one...hehe..(single&happy me..(",))


She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named said...

salaam cuzzin,

she is 19 and engaged?!! i'm 18 and still mcm budak2 lagi! haha..anyways, GUD LUCK, insyaAllah semua berjaya!

nur_aishah said...

well cuzzin, i think early 20s are too early for me to think about it.
coz like u i'm still not matured/ready enough for it.
p/s:umo smakin tue tp prangai mcm budak lg..

childish is wrong but childlike is fine.