Monday, March 23, 2009

Making my GASTER happy...or stress?? for such a long time i manage to hibernate frm subuh till zohor..dahsyat tak...Thanks to the activity i did yesterday which cause my left feet sakit.Thus i have to abstain from aerobic or jogging for this week..huhu

So, i invite the whole batch(47 of us to join)However due to many reason only 7 people join the activities

1. Main event:MEMBAHAGIAKAN GASTER(stomach) at 80,000 rp eat anything you want

before we start...see..they put an animal fat on the grill to prevent the grilled food sticking on it

the good thing is Mudin(org-kaye-baru) sponsor us 30,000rp each..and become the chef of the grilled cuisine cause he sits in front of it...

what kind of food are there?? mostly Korean & Japanese.I love their Tepayaki. Steamboat & Grilled chicken, meat,fish (u can do it yourself or ask them to cook for you).There's also local desert. My favorite drink is their cuppucino.Vanilla Ice cream with chocolate squeeze. All are included in the 80,000rp

things we grilled by ourselves...

worth waiting...these are the food that the chef grilled for me

delicious ice cream...

AFter 2hours..we all surrender...

2. Bowling at Dago 3 set sraight.The guys want to polish their 360 degree- ball-skill.Ikot jela...

Izmeer menang gaya..

3. BIP&BEC:We spread out.I did shopping a bit.Bought a few birthday gifts for my friends & finally i manage to find something i've been seeking for MP3 holder that can be straped on arm.Its for my jogging purpose.I also bought a Philip earphone which i decide & bought in less than 10minutes.The funny thing is Faizal (kakek) bought the same thing after two hours search...(at SOGO,PVJ we found the same Philip earphone which cause 2,000rp less..huhu)

4. Paris Van Java (PVJ)

had dinner there..since my stomach is too full i can only fill it with sirsak (durian belanda)juice

sunset drink..

something interesting..Fish therapy. 80,000rp for 20minutes..kaya btol ikan2 ni..

we go back home to Jatinangor with 3 Angkot because the last bus is at 5pm. It is my first experience travelling from Bandung city to Jatinagor by Angkot..


hana said...

Amboi..enjoy sakan teman kita ni.
Pak cik ixme tu menang gaya je lebih.
mcm tak kenal.

nur_aishah said...

TO Hana:
tula ani..Nape tak nak ikot..
takpe next time aisha plan something yg satu batch kita dapat join.

Pasal ixme..Hehe..Ani..gelak sakan saya tengok di main..
ada gaya jatuh la..terbaring..mcm2 pose..
dapat tengok gak gambar abng dia kawin dlm Hp..meriahla

She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named said...

salam cuzzin,

waaah sedapnye makan! mmg enjoy betol kak aishah ye..

nur_aishah said...

To she-WMNBN:

Wslm Dib,
..ironic,don't u think so??
coz, my previous post was about eating right and following the food pyramid..hehe

anyway,its in my post exam list to eat at Hanamasa (refer to my previous post)(",)

haikal ambri said...

salam kak..bestnya makan..kat mana hanamasa tu..nak pergilah nanti..mcm best jer..nanti bg info detail ek..tq

nur_aishah said...

To Haikal:

owh..Hanamasa yang akak g kat depan Dago plaza, between pizza hut and Bank Niaga cabang Dago..

akak sarankan pegi sana dgn perut kosong k...sbb nak berbaloi 80 ribu rp tu makan la at least 2jam..

kawan akak ada wat record dr pagi smpai ASar..hoho...taktaula cmne dorg mkn.(",)