Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mission accomplished

This post is the continuation from My family at Bandung..

Finally, the prince(my bro) wed's card successfully produced on time..
On Saturday, March 7th,Agent Aishah have to sacrifice her 'final exam' study hours to collect it at Pasar Baru,Bandung City and drop it at Karmila Hotel (which my mum's friend will stay next week,they will bring it back to Malaysia)
Unfortunately, due to agent Aishah final exam, she can't be their tour guide around Bandung.

The prince(my bro) with the princess (my future sis in law):

The good thing is, the prince agreed to BELANJA Agent Aishah during his visit with his 2nd man(Anas-my 2nd bro) at Bandung during their visit in late April.
So, reminder to the Prince: Make sure you're ready with a 'full pocket'. Credit card is acceptable...hehe

P/S: i'm just KIDDING!!..of course. i'm fulfilling my duty as a GOOD sis nak belanja apa salahnya..LOL (",)

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