Friday, March 20, 2009

We live to eat or we eat to live?

NASI TIMBEL KOMPLIT...Sundanese special cuisine i found in Bandung


Alhamdulilah, i've finish my final exam.The result will come out in 2 weeks time.
Today i want to talk about FOOD & APPETITE

Appetite is one of the desire that human sometimes find it hard to control.
That's why we sometimes craved for certain kind of food..
The result is it can cause the imbalance between food intake and the energy expenditure.

Actually, there are guidelines in eating according to our prophet Muhammad(pbuh).
From one of his hadith it which i conclude that we only eat just to support the need of your body.Therefore the stomach is divided into 3 EQUAL parts:
1.for food
2.for water/drinks
3.for air

The hadith says...
Tak ada wadah yg lbh buruk yg dipenuhi oleh manusia selain perutnya. Dia sebenarnya hanya memerlukan beberapa suap untuk menopang hidupnya. Kerana itu, perut perlu dibahagi kepada 3 bhg; sepertiga untuk makana, sepertiga utk minuman & sepertiga utk udara (Hadith riwayat Tirmidzi, Ibnu Majah, Hakim & Ibnu Hibban)

During my 1st year,I learned about nutrition and food intake in detail.
There are a lot of diseases cause by imbalance intake of food.It is one of the most common environmental cause of disease .Rather than discussing on the effect i would like to share how to prevent it..


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SO, what does the serving means??
generally 1 serving of...
1 slice of bread
1/2 C of cooked rice,noodle or pasta(including spaghetti)
3-4 small or 2 large crackers or biscuits
1 small potato
1 oz ready to eat cereals
(6-11 servings per day)

1 medium apple,orange or banana
3/4 C juice
1/2 C canned fruits
1 C leafy vegetables
1/2 C cooked or raw vegetables or legumes
(Fruits:2-4 servings,Vege: 3-5 servings)

PROTEIN equals to:
1 egg
4 oz tofu
2-3 oz cooked meat, poultry & fish
2 tbs of peanutbutter or seeds
(2-3 servings per day)

1 C milk or yougurt
2 oz process cheese
(2-3 servings per day)

(Guide: oz=ounce, tbs=table spoon, C=cup)

However all of it still depends on amount of fat, sugar, additive substance(perasa)that should be use SPARINGLY..

I don't say you cannot eat chocolates, cakes, ice cream or other fatty yummy food.I like them too (",)
Just eat them in small amount and balance it with some simple exercise...Thus just
Thus, just follow the rules. EAT when you are hungry.STOP before satiety.

A healthy lifestyle keeps the disease away

I always read people blogs and articles discussing about love, coupling,covering their aurah...i hope someone will discuss it deeper in Islamic view and invite me to view his/her opinion on NAFSU MAKAN...

ANy opinion??

1. Praktek Kedokteran Nabi, Ibnu Qayyim Al-Jauziyah (indonesian translation)Publisher:Hikam Pustaka.

2. Understanding Nutrition,9th edition by Whitney & Rolfes,Publisher: Wadsworth


Nurul Amiza said...

Salam aishah,

The issues about love, coupling, and covering aurah are the critical problems in our society.You know why? Just take a look at the newspapers, how many cases about the abortion, newborns were found at waste disposal and divorces, and what do you think the core of these problems? Even there are alot of articles discussing about the issues above but people just read without any attempt to change or help others to change, because they assumed those as weary topics and at the end our society become more worse.

Besides, that’s why there are bunch of hadiths and verses in Quran reminds us about those issues.

I am not saying that control the appetite (nafsu makan) is not important. As we know Islam is syumul, the most complete religion that covers all aspects of human life. Even from the smallest thing such as eating to the largest aspect like politics and economy.

My point here is, some people like to discuss and write about important topics, others like the topics that look interesting as humans are created in varieties characteristics. So, the differences are indeed good because if we share the differences we will complete each other. Thus, that’s a great job that you bring the topic about ‘nafsu makan’ here.

This is my opinion about that:

‘Hai anak Adam, pakailah pakaianmu yang indah di setiap (memasuki) mesjid, makan dan minumlah, dan janganlah berlebih-lebihan. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak menyukai orang-orang yang berlebih-lebihan.’(Al-A’raaf:31)

Not only when we are having meals but in Islam all Muslims are encourage to practice moderate, that is neither to be uttermost nor paucity in everything we do.

So, I think all muslims can manage every aspect specifically here is ‘ nafsu makan’ if we can practice the ‘bersederhana’ in Islam in our daily life.

Maaf kalau ade tersalah bicara, sekadar pandangan~^^,

haikal ambri said...

salam ziarah kak..nice blog..semua ader..pasal makann pun ader..nanti blehlah saya try..gud luck in your exam..

nur_aishah said...

To Nurul:
Salam Miza..
Yes i understand that why people talk more about those things.I'm just curious about nafsu makan (food appetite) because as a medical student we can see most environmental cause are because of the unappropriate eating habit.

Thank you for your opinion...Bersederhana(moderation) concept is what we should apply. It is true Islam is syumul(complete). Based on Rasulullah pbuh hadiths, we have a guide on what can be eat(halal food), how to eat and how to end your eating..


nur_aishah said...

To Haikal:
Terima kasih dik..
Untuk komen membina dan Good luck
blog ni byk pasal akk tp nk selit juga benda2 lain yg bermanfaat kalu orang tengok.

Akk tak sure exam korg bila tapi Good luck & all the best in your studies!!..adik2 twinining yang lain sedang berjuang menghadapi ujian minggu depan(2nd year)& bulan depan(1st year)

Akk dah hbis exam.tgh tunggu result.Plan nak ambik remedial nk improve pointer(",)