Friday, March 13, 2009

Post FINAL exam plans...

This is something i figure out while revising my Genitourinary(GUS) notes..
Its a habit when i think a lot of something.Thus to prevent me from forget about it,i will list down all of it.I guess it makes me feel better and LOOKING FORWARD to finish my exam fast..hehe.Besides, i will try to fulfill whatever in my list.So, i have to post this to make sure i do it and make everyday in my holiday MEANINGFUL..

* Qiamullail every night
* Improve my hafazan

2. ARTS:
* On needle: produce some new embroidery projects..hehe
* On Music : learn a few Piano pieces(Songs) and memorize some of it.

* Aerobic : a least 2x/week & want to joint the advanced trainer class(will arranged it with Tete Aerobik(the trainer)-planned to be a trainer..hehe
* Swim at Al-Masoem at least once a week
* Jogging at UNPAD(bila ada yang nak join la-due to safety reason)

* a bonus living in Indonesia, the pirated DVDs are cheap..will buy loads of movies and watch it...bad part of me who support pirated DVD

* Jakarta(again...)
* Malang...want to 'petik apel' at Gunung Bromo & watch the beautiful sunset..hmm
* Explore bandung more of course

* learn and conduct some experiment(so friends, be ready to be my experimental sunjects)..(",)
* nak makan di HanaMasa,Bandung 80,000rp and eat all you want..mcm2 ada..nyum..nyum

* update my blog
* reorganize my computer data
* eye on to PDA (plan to buy one..(",)-any suggestion??

* revise what i've learned as preparation for clinical years..
* finished up reading all non-medical books i bought

And the list may go on.....
still have two major exam coming up..0ral case presentation(OSOCA)& Clinical Skills Exam (OSCE)

My last preparation before heading to Medical Faculty for my Last written paper..
notice the Malaysian flag pencils(patriotic tak?)& violin sharpener(given by Nody during 18th birthday) an exam
Given by the Doctors
To raise our blood Pressure..

Semoga dipermudahkan jalan kami,menjalani peperiksaan Akhir ini...AMIN!!



Hanisa said...

Salam aishah..haa? syok sendiri?..huhu..neway mantap la future plan awk. sy pon nak wat jugak la..haha..sebok je. aishah jom join case review. ktorang plan cam nak wat review popular cases kat m'sia. so ade la basic sblom clinical ni..huhu..insyaAllah. hope ade penggerak yg menggerakkan. all d best for soca n osce.

tautanhati said...

salam aishah...
wanna join your plan.haha.
nk ikut g hanamasa. pda tu nk survey kt BEC ke?nk ikut gk.

nisa, nisa nye plan tu bleh x nk wt plagiarism?untuk sukawening girls.huhu.


nur_aishah said...

To Hanisa:
TQ Nisa..
bagus juga idea awk..
CASE REVIEW on popular case in MALAYSIA??
blh la tambah dlm Post FINAL exam plans saya..
All the best to all of us(",)

To Tautanhati:
blh2..nak join plan sy free of need to pay.hehe
sy tau ijah nk cri PDA gak,
bgus la ada partner..
ape kta kita g after MAKAN BESAR di HAnaMAsa(nyum..nyum)..blh exercise sikit perut tu.

pasal plan case review to kalu ramai lg buat dicussion lg bgus..
blh kta tuka2..apa kata sukawening pun buat gak..

wslm kwn2..semoga kita menjalani urusan kita di dunia ini dgn bersungguh-sungguh dan tawwakal kpd-Nya.