Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coffee: Lift up your mood

During our last Community Research Program Discussion(CRP), we were asked to present a dummy research problem for our latest topic: Identify Research Problem.Most of my friends choose a bombastic topics like Down Syndrome, Kidney stone & Hypertension. However,I choose a simple topic of interest : COFFEE.

My tutor likes my idea and proudly to say,I receives his attention on it(he is a coffee consumer too). Why i choose this topic? It is because I always wonder why i easily get high (become extra happy, excited & more active) when i have only a cup of 3 in 1 coffee for breakfast.In the dummy research, i want to know about the amount of coffee that can contribute to anxiety and sleeping disturbance.

Isn't curiosity is the best policy in research??

In my family, coffee is always for the adults...tea will be served for all including us the kids. Moreover,i only prefer to drink plain water. So, i became the real consumer when i enter the medical school.It is for staying up at night..Sometimes,I take it in the morning for breakfast to prevent me from sleeping during the lecture or tutorial. Although, sometimes i do sleep with or without coffee.LOL (",)

What makes the coffee special??
1. caffeine ( a psychoactive drug)
2. the delicious aroma
3. there are many ways to have them with: chocolate, marshmallow, milk, caramel..etc
4. it is a social drink...during meetings,hangout(lepak) with friends, serving the guest of your house.. are 10 facts that i found out while reading on about it for my dummy research;

1. Coffee is the most widely used psychoactive substance(mild antidepressant) that lift up your mood, alleviate depression and may cause euphoria.

2. People can get hooked to coffee and craved for it- coffee addiction

3. Morning cup of coffee often bring the smile to our face(happen to me all the time)

4.You'll get the same kick(effect) from the day after day if you took coffee every morning, no matter how addicted you need to increase the dose to get the same resistance effect eh??Cool...

5. People who were given caffeinated coffee performed better in IQ test and less stressed.However...after your brain is forced to work,when the effect ware off it will get tired and you'll feel weak

6.Depending on your tolerance to coffee, excessive drink can cause anxiety,disturb your sleep and wreck your mood

7.If you get headache after suddenly stop consuming coffee(if you are a daily consumer) you may get headache as the withdrawal effect.Thus, we have to stop it little by little. How? decreasing the amount gradually before stopping.

8.Stomach problem people( having gastritis,peptic ulcer) should decrease their coffee intake.Make it as little as possible.

9.Coffee can interfere with some drugs interaction, so if you are a frequent coffee consumer,ask your doctor about it.

10.Smokers need to increase their intake to get the same effect as the non smokers

The key of coffee magical effect is CAFFEINE. In small amount, it improve your mood and performance but heavy intake can disturb your sleep and decrease your mood.

Thus, life is about balance. TAKE IT MODERATELY, DRINK IT HEARTILY!

Hmm...which one i should choose, Carrebian nut or Choccocinno 3 in 1 coffee...

Food your Miracle Medicine: Preventing and curing common health problems the natural way. Author:Jean Carper.Publisher: Harper


Lutfi Fadil said...

Wow, buat research psl coffee ke? Now that's interesting! So what's the result?

coffee has been a subject of so many research tau. not just medicine, sociology, history, economy, n even politics. 4 ur info most of the american presidents from zaman dulu smpai skrg are coffee addicts. maybe u cn do research between coffee and personality

and the best thing about coffee is that it is founded and first promted by the muslims

nur_aishah said... it by the Arabian??
Arabic coffee???

It just a dummy for CRP..
research about coffee & personality??
hmm, dats a good idea

Definitely you'll be the first person i send the participant form when i conduct the research.
My research question will be:Narcissistic and coffee,is there any colleration??

Thanks 4 da info