Friday, February 20, 2009

Ethical issues in clinical trial

This picture taken during our laboratory during learning about diuresis (drugs that helps in urination).We pitied the rabbits of course.We only administered some drugs to it and it still live after the experiment(",)

What do you think of using animals as an experimental subject??
This question arise many arguments and debate on weather it is prohibited or not.

In clinical trial aspect, using animals as a subject is one of the way for evaluating many important aspect for medicine for example:

1. new drugs and treatment
2. new medical/health care technology
3. new methods of prevention
4. new program of screening and diagnosis

Humans are also used as the clinical trial subjects.They are paid volunteers or patience who agrees with participating int the experiment.

This are the volunteer subjects, the gentlemen from group 3 who drank 1 Liter of plain water and salt water during the experiment on diuretic effect on human

Don't you ever wonder how a certain drugs or treatment was approved by an institution like FDA??

There are 2 stages in the clinical trial procedure.They are:
STAGE 1: Study in Animals
STAGE 2: Study in human subject.This stage further divided into 4 phases
1. for safety and tolerence in 20-100 subjects
2. to evaluate effective system & dosage of treatment in 100-200 subjects
3. compare the new treatment with an available treatment
4. evalutate the new treatment in the society for a few years time
Also include POST MARKETING CLINICL TRIAL:to study the side effect of the new treatment.

Don't you see how a certain drugs or treatment is approved takes tedious work and consume time, effort and money? We should give our credit to the researchers.

It is important to use a few life as the benefit of others. In this condition, we should think about risk versus benefit.

Source: Community Research Program (CRP) notes during 1st semester in Padjadjaran University medical school.


She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named said...

salaam kak aisyah,

i think animal testing is not cruel because it saves human lives. advocates of animal rights yg bantah the use of binatang as experimental subjects are totally insane if you ask me. come to think of it. bull-fighting is barbaric, tapi ramai org mcm tak sedar. it is also not our fault that we are more 'superior' than those poor animals. but if humans can find alternatives to animal testing, methods which are reliable, then i believe that would be better (just my humble opinion!). george orwell pernah tulis satu buku, tajuk dye animal farm, pasal a rebellion against humans led by a bunch of pigs. i never finished the novel!

nur_aishah said...

SAlam Dibah,
Thank you for your comment.
Personally i agree with using animal as clinical trial (provided the animals are treated well) since it's for something useful.
We can't treat them as equal as men but we should respect them as a life being.
Don't we kill some of them for food??

Hence, there are reasons why Allah creates animals.We are the 'khalifah' of the earth.We are responsible for other life being too.Its up to us to make it better or worst.