Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cirumcision: A journey to maturity

A few weeks back, before my mum visited me at Bandung, i SMS her for the things that i want her to bring from Malaysia...however i got a different reply...

Me: Salam Ma, Aisha nak...(things i need)..Pesan pada adam,Kakak akan belaja sunatkan org 2minggu lg..hehe.
Adam reply with Mama's Hp:
APa? kakak nak belanja donut( i can't help laughing when i got the reply..i can tell its my lil bro)
Me: Tak,kakak nak praktis sunatkan Adam bila kakak balik nanti boleh??
Adam: Ini tidak adil
Me: Nak besar kenala sunat dulu.(i coaxed him)
Adam: Apa-apa je la...(he surrendered at last) i would like to discuss about circumcision..
Circumcision comes from latin word: circum means 'around' while caedere means 'to cut'.From the word itself, medically, it is a minor surgical procedure to remove the foreskin(perpuce) from the penis.

In Islam,women only have to cut small part of the clitoris.Not the whole clitoris like the supermodel Iman(current wife of David Bowie) have undergo.Google t to find more about it.For muslim, it is a religion practice. Islam is not only a religion, it is a way of life. I think, every man should undergo circumcision( in my opinion as a medical student) .

There are 3 religions that have circumcision as a must for their follower:Islam, Juidism & Christian(some of it).In Islam, it is called 'khitan' in Arabic language terms,it means to cut. There are a few opinions on weather cicumcision or 'khitan' is Wajib or sunat for men And women.In conclusion, it is Wajib in men and Harus in women.Harus means you have to do it if it brings benifit to you(not Wajib or sunat).

In Islamic perspective,
Men: To promote hygiene
Women: To reduce the very high sex drive in women and at the same time prevent fornication & sins

Isn't Islam is Syumul(complete)?? and the way women is protected is beautiful!!

The most important thing is, it promotes hygiene. It is also indicated in certain condition like Phymosis : adherent of the foreskin to the gland.

1. Fewer infection:Uncircumcised male can easily gets infection because after they urinate, the urine can easily deposit under the foreskin leaving smegma(urine that eventually become crystallized) Urinary tract infection is 5 times more in uncircumcised men.
2.Protects against HIV infection:The foreskin is a high target for HIV virus
3.Cut rates of Cervical cancer(in female):Circumcised men are 3 times less likely to carry the virus .
4.Lower risk in prostate cancer
5.Less penile cancer

When is the best time to have circumcision?
I think it is before a boy reach puberty. In Islam, Nabi Muhammad was circumcised by his grandfather(Abu Mutalib) when he was 7 days old.It was a common act during that time in Arab-Quraisy society.
The hukum is
Sunat: before the boy reach puberty(in Malaysia:9-11yrs old).
Wajib: in those who already reached puberty.

There are a few risk & side effect in circumcision.However, it is a fact that every surgery have their own risk.Thus, it should be conducted by a skilled And competent person.

This entry is dedicated to my brothers:

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She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named said...


dear cuzzin, cant wait to see the look on adam's face ble nk kena sunat nanti!

bring on the tuk mudim!


nur_aishah said...

yup, me too.LOL(",)
I'm thinking of watching the procedure of Adam's Khitan

At least i get to see a real khitan plus provide some moral support to my lil bro..
hopefully he approves it

My mum said maybe it will be this year after Abg Yai's wedding...

So Adam....beware..hehehehe