Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Malaysia health care service is unfriendly..is it true??

I came across an intresting topic when i read Berita harian online today which make my hand 'gatal' to write an post today.(taken from berita harian...)

Kementerian wajibkan kakitangan hospital hadiri kursus komunikasi

PUTRAJAYA: Semua kakitangan hospital, khususnya doktor dan jururawat diwajibkan menghadiri kursus komunikasi bagi mengurangkan jumlah aduan terhadap mutu perkhidmatan kesihatan.

Menteri Kesihatan, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, berkata ia juga kerana sebahagian besar aduan yang sering diterima kementerian berpunca daripada masalah kurang komunikasi kakitangan hospital dengan pesakit serta keluarga mereka.

Katanya, sepanjang tahun lalu kementerian menerima lebih 1,000, aduan manakala 34 diterima sepanjang Januari lalu.

Is that true?? I think it is in the government hospitals.There are reasons why these happen(which i can think of):

1. The medical health care personnel have heavy workloads,increasing work time and patients.Thus, they easily gets irritated and 'Malas' to listen to the patient

2. They didn't develop good people skill...A skill is something you master with experience, practice and will power.You won't become a friendly person in a day.

3. They are not ready to work with people.People who choose this career should be someone who are ready to work a lot in caring of people...their altruism must be high

4. They are not taught how to handle the patient in non medical aspect.

5. Being friendly and good in communication skills is not the main priority of the hospital policy.

Thus, i think what the government intend to do right now with the communication skills campaign.It is a good approach.
As a medical student, when we reach the practical phase, we should make the patient as our book.At the same time, learn to communicate with them.

Actually it is not that hard, you can try to talk or 'borak' with any person that you feel comfortable with(people around your circle) like the mak cik who sells nasi campur,bapak who sells gorengan, the tailor who sew your clothes or alter your
jeans or mak cik at kedai runcit (you get the picture)..
Topics?? weather...food..their family...

A smile can create warmth situation...a 5 minutes chat can make a difference.

The key is, when you open to them, they will open themselves to you.
Thus, if you apply it to your patient under your care, you will easily identify their problems and can give good service to them.

With my favorite lecturers during Neuro-behaviour system(NBSS)which i like their thinking and communication skills approach:

The question now is...will i be a competent doctor in the future...i'll faced the clinical phase starting this May..

Can i keep up..can i meet the expectation???


hana said...

Nice point of view. BTW I want to add one thing about so many things to be done, your 1st point of view I think. It's all about our niat. How sincere are we with the job. Here, I think faith play a very important role. We can get tired, lazy but we are here to help people, it's our job. Thus, ikhlaskan hati, betulkan niat.

wallahu a'lam

nur_aishah said...

To Hana:
wslm ani,

I agree with you..hopefully we can get through all the hassle and still provide a good service even though we are exhausted.

Kita ibarat lilin yang membakar diri...
demi kebaikan & kebajikan org lain

What's the benefit to the candle??Isn't being noble is good enough??

It is in altruism people.
Ikhlaskan hati betulkan niat(",)