Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Latest adventure........

DAY 1(31/2/2009,SATURDAY)
The first morning at Pagandaran..playing by the beach:

After becoming a tour guide for the fourth time and have 2 bookings in the future(kak huda next week & mama's friend in may)..i have to rush back to Jatinangor to catch 10.30pm bus to Pagandaran Beach.It is located at sukabumi..east to bandung,about 5-6 hours by road. There are 75 Malaysian students participated in this trip who were either the committee members or performer of Sireh Bayu (a 'big' program we did in june 2008).

The trip is a treat for all of us and we were sponsored..Yes..dats true.
How couldn't i refuse it..However, this will be the second time i visit the place.
The 1st time was during my 1st year with my classmates (about one year after tsunami event at Aceh).Pagandaran beach was affected.This time, a lot of changes i've seen & i get to go to places i didn't go before.Definitely this trip is different and bring more fun & adventure.

A trip to Cagar Alam..

entering one of the 3rd and last cave we entered:

after the cave....boat ride..subahannallh.Nice view!!end the ride with a rojak in banana leaf.sedapppp!!delicious

shopping time....seafood Dinner sampai tak ingat dunia..hehe. me & kak Ain ate 1kg oyster sauce prawn, 2 deep fried squid & one sweet&sour fish looks like ikan bawal..no rice needed
bon appetite'..sedapppp..after dinner because guilt in eating too much we walk back home to hotel instead of taking a becha ride..hehe

DAY 2(1/2/2009,SUNDAY)

After a sleeping with a satisfied & full stomach,we woke up with a very good mood.I had breakfast by the beach with kak Ain.I ate wholemeal bread and nescafe 3 in 1 imported from malaysia given bay cik Mah..TQ Cik Mah(",)..not to forget to become model of the day & took some pictures too!

Next destination: Grand Canyon....boat ride,flora& fauna...cool rocks!Wonderfull

Batu karas...found a swing by the beach...became a 5year old girl again..hehe

Last Spot: Batu Hiu..The name is given because from the sea, we can see the beach looks like 'ikan Yu'.The best view i get in pagandaran is this spot..Subahannllh..cantikk..Magnificent!

Participants from my batch...

We started our journey back home around 3pm.However, our bus broke down at 10pm and we have to wait for an hour by the road which was quite dangerous..Alhammdulillh we reach Jatinangor aroun 1.30am.Thank you for a friend who escourted me back home safely..I really enjoyed this trip.I get to experience Allah's magnificent creation..The scenery was beautifull..Subahannallh. Hopefullly i get to experience more in the future..

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