Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My family at Bandung

My mama & first brother came to Bandung for the wedding card. My aunt(my mum's sis) & her family also come along.I becomes their tour guide for two days.
The first day, i brought them shopping at Pasar Baru. It is a 8 storey building selling wide range of goods. Popular items are: telekung, clothes, indonesian head scarft..etc.Most women can consider this place as their favorite place at Bandung..hehe.
However, if u never or rarely shop there, u'll easily lost because the escalator to go up & go down is seperated and complicated.Lucky they have me as the tour guide..hehe
My brother manage to get his wedding invitation card. Each cost him 2,500rp...about 80sen kot..very cheap.My mum wins against me in choosing the card..huhu..Maybe mom knows the best..Definitely i'll have her as my wedding consultant.Love you mama!

The next day(friday) i bring my family to Kawah Putih at Ciwide about 2 hours from Bandung city.It was so cold..about less than 10 degree Celsius.Lucky i brought along my shawl.The place is actually a sulfuric lake which is an active volcano site( considered as Grade A).It is a must-to-go-place if u visit Bandung.I prefer to go there than Tangkuban perahu(another volcano site). This is the third time i visit the place.Once during first year with my classsmate and 2nd time in 2nd year with my family in 2007.My family love the place.
Happy to make my family happy (",).That night, i rush back to Jatinangor for a trip to Pagandaran Beach with other Malaysian students by bus at 2230.What a busy but happy weekend..hmmm

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