Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Next experiment..

Objective: To serve a homemade Lengkong Pandan to my friends and make them happy..hehe.

Hypothesis: If you follow the instructions & measurement carefully, you will get the right morphology,taste and color of Lengkong Pandan.

Subject: My latest tutorial mates (Group4), Pak Apin(our gardener,guard,plumber..who manage the house & us) & some of my lucky classmates.


1. Cooking is like is important to get the ingredients balance.
2. Experience will help you make something without cautiously measure everything u put inside
3. Practice make perfect.

The experiment was a success .Everything is according to plan.

P/s: my mum,bro,uncle,aunt & cousin just arrived at Bandung today. Will be their tourguide tomorrow & will not attend evening tutorial.Thus, dis a way to bribe my tutorial mates for my absence...hehe
Actually the real reason of this experiment is due to excess padan leaf Pak Apin gave to me(for bubur chacha).I don't like to waste things even they are only leaves..


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Angel Suzy said...

aieee, macam sedap. ni experiment ape ni. eehhe. dont do this kat makmal tau.