Sunday, January 25, 2009

LAtest mission at Pasar BAru..

Agent Aisha...u have a new task at Pasar Baru,
'Find the wedding card for our Crown Prince'
make sure its worth it ( nice & cheap of course).....Queen Mama


just making the introduction interesting..

Even though I'm across the sea away from home, I'm glad that I can help my Mum prepare My first brother's wedding.It will be on May and is the first in my family. How couldn't i be so excited about it? Plus, i like weddings....especially in my big family(involving cousins)

At the same time, my friend & ex-floor mate(at Bale Padjadjaran) also get the same mission from her sister (bride to be this coming July)....congrats King!
So, King & I headed to Pasar Baru(famous shopping center in Bandung)today .

On the way, we met Izmeer with a package in his hand.Out of curiosity, of course we asked him what is it? In summary, he send his books to Malaysia little by little (per 10kg) each week by post(by sea).This is his second week.He have to post it at Jalan Asia-Africa (at Pasar BAru).The cost is cheap...nearly 200,000rp(RM80) for 10kg.He planned not to take the contenna to send his belonging.This is impossible to me because i have a collection of books..clothes..etc.However, i know now how to send things outside Indonesia in a reasonable price.

Ok..back to the weddding card..At pasar baru
First,we skip the ground floor...Next, we explore the first floor.jln2...pusing2..nothing...go the second floor..explore the left side...nothing..try our luck on right side...Finally its there..'Yang paling pojok di ujung'

At first, all the cards i choose is between 4,000-7,000rp/card(~Rm2-3).Then, i call Queen mama for confirmation on price.."Syah,mama nak Sekitar RM1 je..Cik Lia(my aunt) buat untuk Farhan(my cousin) pun RM1.80 je.Kalau bawah RM1 lg bagus.Kalu tak mama buat di Malaysia je. "..
O..K...i already over the budget, so i try to find the cheaper cards..Its not dat difficult because the shop have variety of cards.After some informed consent(informing&getting the permission),I choose some and take the pictures to email it to the bridegroom to be (Crown prince)..

these are my favourite..they are less than RM1.50/piece:

I forgot one thing when i look for the card and think my mum will approve RM2-3 card.
Isn't it a waste to spend a lot on a wedding card??I think, when we get a wedding invitation card, no matter how expensive or magnificent it is, u will eventually throw it away.The purpose of wedding celebration ceremony is to spread the news that the celebrated couple is already married to the relatives, friends & community we life with.I learned that if a person are invited to a wedding ceremony,it is a must for him to come unless there's 'darurat' or something that may prevent him to go. Correct me if i'm wrong.Islam is simple!Wedding shouldn't be a burden to the bride/bridegroom.It suppose to be as simple& cheap as possible. The purpose & advantage of wedding is to prevent 'fitnah on 'zin'a or 'khalwat' about the newly wed and a wedding ceremony is a way to inform people that they are already married.Plus, we get to make the 'silaturrahim'(bonding) among people who are invited & the newly wed couple families tighter.

My parent always try to attend weddings of relatives & close friends.They said, this is the only way that you can reunite with the host,especially after haven't see them for years. For example, i never met my Singaporean relatives since young(been there for a wedding too)till my cousin's wedding a few months back.
Therefore,in conclusion wedding ceremony does make the silaturrahim tighter and makes you get to know your family members better and it shouldn't be a burden economically to the newly wed.

Mission Accomplish at Pasar baru..

Agent Aishah


Anis said...

Salam ziarah aisyah..mission complete. I like the 2nd card with the love in d middle. Hehe sebok lak sy. nway depends kat bridegroom nye. besh besh..bile la abg sy nk kawen nih. leh la nyebok2 sikit cari brg kat cni. x smpat la nmpaknye.

She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named said...

Salaam Agent Aishah!

Dear kak aishah, abg zaid told me of ur blog. Anyway, hope to c u in bandung!


Zaid said...

Aishah, bestnyer dapat pegi majlis kahwin abg yayai! i wish i could be there though... :)

nur_aishah said...

To Anis:
TQ menziarah sy..
sy suka kad 1 dan 2..pegi dgn king mcm ktaorg plak nak kawin..hoho
Semoga abg awk cepat kawin..
takpon, apakata awk potong line dia kawin dulu....hehe

Dibah..Bestla cuti panjang after SPM.Yes,hope to see u in a few days.Can't wait to show u Bandung.

To Zaid
A.Aid,Kesian xdpt dtg a.yai kawin..
make sure u didn't miz memen's in the future.
Will send you the pics..nyway busy eh..u didn't write ur blog for months nw.Thanks for telling Dibah bout my blog.

Ahmad Zulfahmi said...

Wonder,ur turn when??